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Dec 02, 2020

Britt Lari Releases JackEL & Bobby Duque Collab

Today we’re joined by the super talented Peruvian vocalist Britt Lari, who this year has also begun producing music under the name BIMINI. We discuss both her vocal work and new project, and also go in depth on her brand new track with JackEL and Bobby Duque titled “Get This Right.” Britt is an artist to watch as we head into brighter times in 2021! 
Hi Britt, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? What has your music career been like so far through your eyes?
Hi 1001Tracklists, thank you so much for having me! I am a Peruvian electronic music artist based in LA. I grew up in sports as a competitive gymnast for the National Team of Peru. Once I retired while attending my university, I decided it was finally time to give into my musical passion. I’d post short videos on Instagram with my creations until a producer reached out wanting to collaborate. I never really considered myself a songwriter until they sent me a track and I wrote an idea on the bus ride home from my university which they ended up loving. We released our track in late 2017 and that was enough for me to dive deep into the world of EDM. Since then, my music has earned features from hit music radio stations like SiriusXM Chill to Spotify editorial playlists like Shuffle Syndrome. I’ve also collaborated with high-profile artists from all over the world and signed music to multiple labels including Warner Music’s sub-label KnightVision, NCS, Sirup Music, and Ego Music.
Let's discuss your latest track, “Get This Right.” How did the collaboration begin for this new song with JackEL & Bobby Duque, and what was the creation process like with them as producers?
Jack and Bobby got together at a California studio to produce some beats. “Get This Right” was one of those beats and it got built around the guitar. This instrumental initially had a hip hop / vibey pop feel to it before becoming an EDM tune. Jack and I then connected on social media and while I was listening to the instrumentals, I instantly vibed with that specific beat. I wrote and sent them a demo hoping they would dig the idea as much as I did. They got back to me super stoked and began cooking up the EDM remix to the song which turned out to be the official single that people hear today. Working with both of them has been so exciting and inspiring, it’s always great linking with artists that share such creative musical chemistry.
Tribal Trap · JackEL, Bobby Duque & Britt Lari - Get This Right
How did you come up with the vocals for “Get This Right”?
Writing “Get This Right” took me on quite the ride. Having fallen into this sort of dysfunctional cycle before, the writing process was fueled by a nostalgic feeling of wanting to save something that had clearly reached its limit. We’re human and our deep attachments often lead us to believe that we’re fighting for the right thing.
Do you have any songs coming in the future with JackEL or Bobby Duque?
Yesss! We’re very excited to get back in the studio together.
Can you tell us about the difference between releases under Britt Lari & releases under BIMINI? What made you want to separate the projects?
BIMINI emerged from the times of Covid-19 quarantine in Peru. Being away from LA and having no music gear other than Ableton, I decided to create this bedroom pop project that incorporates ethereal instrumentation infused with LoFi production to accompany my poppy vocals. I produce, write, and record all of my own stuff on this project. Though it is still new, I’m super happy that it has already crossed some major milestones! And to put it simply, I decided to separate the projects because BIMINI represents a different side of me.
Thinking back to the good times of live music, what's your favorite show that you had the opportunity to attend, and what made it so special?
2015 Lightning In A Bottle was one of the most memorable festivals I’ve been able to experience. Among many others, I got to see Flume and Odesza give an incredible performance that just left me craving the idea of getting myself into the music world.
If you could spend 24h in the studio with any artist in any genre, who would you choose, and why?
Flume. I think he’s a brilliant musician and it would be an adventurous studio session considering his exciting variety in music. We could also take a break with a little surf session maybe? Haha I’m just very into his whole vibe.
And lastly, as we head into 2021, what's one goal that you're hoping to accomplish next year?
To continue growing my fanbase and cross over that million monthly listeners mark!

You can stream or grab your free copy of "Get This Right" today! 
Connect with Britt Lari: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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