Frequently Asked Questions

What are the user types on 1001Tracklists?
  • Guest - Someone using the site without being logged into account. This is a read-only viewer of data, and has the ability to make suggestions on tracklist pages.
  • Basic - A user account has been created and the user doesn't have credentials to add tracklists. 
  • Standard - Standard users can submit tracklists. Standard account level is reached either by correctly identifying 5 tracks or by requesting and being granted the ability to submit tracklists. If you're seeking to contribute, you can reach out via our Facebook page. Please let us know why you'd like to be able to submit tracklists and we'll be happy to accommodate you! 
  • Advanced - The Advanced account level earns the ability to edit your own tracklists after 5 submitted tracklists if your account is in good standing (meaning that you have been submitting clean tracklists without mistakes). 
  • Special - The Special account level is awarded after a significant volume of accurate submissions and tracklist editing. Users are provided the ability to edit tracklists under specific genres. If you think that you're ready to help edit tracklists throughout the site, please reach out and we'll consider your request! 
  • Superuser - This is for site admins. We manage the track database and more protected data in order to maintain accuracy. If there's an issue that you don't have the credentials to fix, you can leave a suggestion on the site or reach us via our Facebook page. 
How can I have a track added to my catalog / artist page?
We manually validate tracks after they've been played in tracklists that get added to ensure accuracy and prevent duplicates, prioritizing tracks played multiple times. If your track was not played in any of our tracklists there is no chance to add it here.
Why is my track not clickable or searchable if it's been played in a tracklist?
This is because we haven't yet validated your track.
I'm a DJ - can I have my tracklists added?
In order to have tracklists added, artists need to have 3 tracks in the database and support from 3 DJs, or at least one track and support from 10 DJs. If you meet this criteria and would like to be able to add tracklists, please contact us via our Facebook page.
Can I claim my artist page?
There isn't any claiming of artist pages at this time, but we can credential an account for you to be able to add tracklists if you're a qualifying artist. If you need something changed or added on your artist page (like social links), we can handle that for you. Please contact us via our Facebook page.
I'm a qualifying DJ, but I don't see my name in the DJ list when I try to add a tracklist. How can I add a tracklist?
The DJ page for qualifying artists gets created the first time that someone goes to add a tracklist for this artist. When adding a tracklist, just type the artist name into the DJ field and hit 'Set'. As long as the artist qualifies, it will create the DJ page and allow you to create a tracklist.
Can you validate my mashup?
We only validate mashups that have been played 4+ times, including plays from different artists. Mashups are more tricky to sort out in our database and interfere with the search engine, for this reason we tighten the requirements around mashup validation.
Where can I find instructions for creating tracklists?

You can find instructions for the tracklist creation process here

What does unique DJ support mean?

Unique DJ support refers to the number of different DJs who have played a track, not the number of tracklists that it's been in. So if 1 artist plays a track 3 times, and another artist plays it 4 times, this counts as 2 unique DJ supports because it's been played by two artists. If 5 artists each play the track once, then this counts as 5 unique DJ supports.

What types of DJ support count towards charting on 1001Tracklists?

For charting, we count DJ support from qualifying DJs in the 1001Tracklists database. For radio shows, we count shows which have demonstrated consistent listenership and distribution. We regularly review all shows on the site to determine the shows that qualify for counting towards the charts. The numbers for charting will not always match the numbers of unique DJ support seen on track pages.

What is the 1001Tracklists Top Overall Tracks Chart?

All tracks are eligible for the Top Overall Tracks chart. The main chart counts unique DJ support from the past 4 weeks. 

What is the 1001Tracklists Newcomer Tracks Chart?

Only tracks that have been first played within the last 21 days are counted, and tracks are in the chart for a maximum of 21 days. Early plays of the track are excluded to preserve the "newcomer" status, like those from the producers themselves, when calculating the first play date for chart eligibility.

What is the 1001Tracklists Trending Tracks Chart?

This chart is based on the tracks played within the last 2 weeks by the 50 most viewed DJ/radio shows on 1001Tracklists.

What is the 1001Tracklists Most Heard Chart?

The Most Heard Tracks chart is a little different in that it is based on how often users on 1001Tracklists open the track player to listen to a track. The total plays of each track within the last 5 days are counted.