What's New

We've implemented some sort and filter options to our Premium Audio Livesets page.
We are now allowing you to indicate when a non-qualifying DJ played part of a tracklist. If there's a tracklist for both artists who qualify and artists who don't yet qualify, rather than using headline text to indicate if the non-qualifying DJ played part of the tracklist, you can use DJ Select, choose 'Other Artist' and then type in their name.
We've introduced a new Advanced Search feature. Enter a search term for tracklists or tracks, and then you can filter it by date, genre and more! Please contact us via Facebook or Discord if you have any suggestions for enhancements to the search feature.
We've added support for  Deezer Links and embeds. Deezer tracks can be used for tracks, Deezer playlists and albums for tracklists.
We've added support for VK wall links (https://vk.com/wall-123456789_123) for tracklists if it contains audio embeds. Use the "Post Link" value found in the export section of the Share button at the bottom of each VK posting
We published our A State Of Dance Music report for 2021.
We've added FAQs to the website.
We have created a new suggestion type for feature artist suggestions to streamline the process for adding feature artists to tracks.
From user feedback we've changed the tracklist date presentation to a better readable placement and a more compact format.
From user feedback we've introduced an option to hide all track artworks on tracklist pages. You can control the view mode from your user settings here.
We proudly present a design refresh of our site including a dark mode feature, infinite scroll functionality, and a more defined top menu and navigation. Under the hood we've updated our complete html and css to up-to-date technologies for faster rendering and page loading.
We proudly present a design refresh of our site including a dark mode feature, infinite scroll functionality, and a more defined top menu and navigation. Under the hood we've updated our complete html and css to up-to-date technologies with the aim of a faster page loading and rendering.
We've added some new music genres: Bass House, Afro House and Funky / Groove House.
We published our A State Of Dance Music report for 2020.
We now support  Reddit user pages as contact links. Check the contacts page on your dashboard to add your own Reddit profile.
We present the Top 101 Producers 2020
We support Bandcamp embeds for tracks.
We've added two new genres: Big Room and Future House.
We've added Spotify Saves & Spotify Pre-Saves charts to the homepage so that you can see the tracks being saved the most to users' Spotify Liked Tracks.
We present the Top 101 Producers 2019
We present Spotify Save & Pre-Saves: Connect your Spotify profile and save tracks to your collection! If we have the Spotify ID, then it will save the track automatically to your Spotify collection. And if we don't have it yet, you can pre-save the track (including ID tracks), and as soon as we get a Spotify ID then it will automatically be added to your collection!
We introduce copy/paste for shortlinks and did some minor bug fixes & UI improvements.
We've modified the track elements on tracklist pages to simplify and enhance the user experience.
We've changed our messaging system so that for notifications a banner rather than a pop-up appears.
We published our first annual A State Of Dance Music report for 2018.
We updated the search box as part of some changes to speed up the page loading time.
We present the Top 101 Producers 2018
All Users that reach 500 credits with accounts in good standing will automatically receive the ability to edit your own tracklists.
We've upgraded our JavaScript framework. This update lays the foundation for a much bigger update coming soon. Main benefits from this update include:
  • Several optimizations enabling increased performance and page loading speed
  • The suggestion list dropdown feature has been improved
  • We changed our cue time format to support an HH:MM:SS format
We have made many back-end improvements enabling increased accuracy and greater volume of media links added to track pages.
We are now supporting Apple Music embeds on track and tracklist pages.
We have upgraded our servers and optimized much of the site resulting in significantly increased site performance.
For mashup tracks within tracklists it is now possible to add or suggest the used tracks as sub positions. This feature is called "Add/Suggest a mashup part". It helps us to get more accurate play count numbers fo the used tracks.
We changed the position of tracklists artworks from right to left. Together with a date overlay this replaces the calendar icon. As a good effect we save some pixel in width for mobile devices.
And for log: We have switched over to HTTP Secure (HTTPS) for our shole site and also updated the schema for our URLs. Took care of some technical debt so that we can now work on some more noticeable updates and new features. All old URLs and short links are automatically forwarded to our new URLs and will still be working.
Our media player has been reworked and we now support Mixcloud players. Mixcloud has grown in popularity so we figured that now was a good time to support it!
After years of stricly avoiding any images, we have introduced artwork for several objects like tracklists, tracks, DJs and labels. Hope we bring a bit more color into your life ;)
Goodbye top navigation - after years of having several links on top, it's now time for a change. Together with a new navigation bar, the navigation links are grouped in the "Explore" drop-down.
On tracklists the media links have been moved to the top of the page, grouped in tabs. All embeds (except the first) are now loaded on request instead of loading all of them on page load. This saves some traffic and load time for you.
We have enabled search for stories and redesigned all overlay messages and input forms.
On tracklists, we now display the total number of track plays. As a result you can see which tracks are very popular or rare insider tips.
We have updated our frontpage design. The icons have been updated and we added a field for the duration of recordings. All tracklists containing interactions with you are now marked with red icons.
A new charts type called "Trendings Charts" was added. Here we check the played tracks of the last 2 weeks for the 50 most important DJ/Radio shows.
We proudly present our new Stories section. Read more about it here.
Together with Spotify integration, we've cleaned up the User Interface a bit. The primary goal was to reduce the icon number on tracklists in standard view. We have also removed the direct track page links which caused some problems on mobile touch devices.
The number of genres per artist for each tracklist have been reduced to a maximum of 3.
We've added a new field for tracklist positions called "track/remix edit data." This field should be used for things like "live edit" or "short edit." It appears at then end of track names in () like remixes do. This field is an alternative to adding data in remix fields. Please use it for edits that are unique and will never be released.
We have added daily stored Newcomer charts. The respective day is coded inside the URL like /charts/daily/2016/03/01/index.html. This is useful if you want to tweet about a newcomer chart rank. The frontpage charts will be updated multiple times per day. If you tweet about reaching a chart position, this might have changed meanwhile. It is better to use the stored charts page as a backlink.
In 2016 we'll celebrate 100,000 tracklists. Time to bring some organization to the chaos. Now every user is able to create tracklist groups and make their selection of liveset pearls and unforgettable mixes. We start with a system group called "Year Mixes" to assemble all the yearly best of's. When will you start your own?
For all fans of our site, we now offer t-shirts and other merchandise with our logo. Both shops are operated by Spreadshirt, one for the European region and one for the rest of the world to save shipping costs. We hope to see some of our logos at upcoming festivals and events.
The second important change is free registration for everyone. Next time, we will offer some more community features and therefore it's important to have a user account. To avoid being overflooded with tracklists, there is a new limitation for posts. A user must have at least 5 user credits to add new tracklists.
Under your Profile Contacts section we've added some new entries for state, city and current country (if different from your home country). If you'd like, you can fill out these fields, and maybe you'll find new friends nearby. We may offer free tickets for events sometimes, so would be good to know who lives nearby.
After years of having no graphical logo, we proudly present our new representation: blue headphones with a red question mark. So now we are more recognizable for everyone.
We have cleaned the frontpage side panel. The endless list of tables with stats and charts is now replaced by an accordion menu. This shows only the selected item and hides all others.
It's now possible to set your wished font-size. It works better than browser zoom (no resize of non-text elements) and is a good solution for high resolution displays to set a more readable font size. Go to Dashbard >> Settings to change the size.
It was time again for a design update. Some new colors, some minor UI changes, some bug fixes & mobile optimizations. The user navigation bar has been cleaned with a customizable quick access menu. Hope you'll like it...
To reduce track player spam submits, we are now checking player titles & the name of accounts compared to artist & label names. If the submitted player doesn't match by artist and track name, it can't be added directly and will be manually validated by us. Unfortunately this feature tags some of the correct submits as incorrect, but that's the price. We'll continue to finetune the results.
Maybe you've realized it, but we've started to tag liveset recordings with premium audio quality. These recordings will be marked with a special icon: An overview page is also available here. It's ordered by the date when the recording has been added, so you'll never overlook recordings supplied later than the tracklist has been submitted.
In the last several weeks, we reviewed every line of code, eliminated some performance bottlenecks and increased site speed dramatically. This work is now completed, let Ultra come! We apologize for all problems that arose while we were making fixes, it was an open-heart operation. Enjoy it!
To complete Beatort integration, we introduced the Beatport embedded inline player. It works the same as the SoundCloud/YouTube players. Together with that feature it's now possible to add more than one Beatport link per track to have alternatives for country restricted tracks. The player feature appears on all new added tracklists or after the next udate of all existing tracklists.
We've moved to new server hardware, as the old one screwed up last time. WMC is also knocking and we want to be prepared. Unfortunately all email features have been disabled for a short time to avoid other email providers blacklisting us because of the involved IP address change.
It's now possible to add Beatport links for tracks, which works similar to SoundCloud/video links. We validate all Beatport links via API. It could be possible that our track/artist names don't match the Beatport values and the validation fails. We'll optimize this behaviour next time.
We have decided to support full UTF8 for all artist and tracknames from now. We will uodate all current names step by step next time. Samples: Tiësto, Axwell Λ Ingrosso.
It's now possible to add (promotional) tracklists provided by clubs and festivals. Now things like aftermovies & teasers can be submitted, which works similar to label related tracklists. There's no minimum duration limitation for media and this type is excluded from track charts.
For better user experience on mobile & touch screen devices we've completely renewed our UI. All user interaction icons have increased four times in size (32px). We know, it looks odd for the first time on desktop systems. But there's no way around it, touch and mobile are the future. To avoid heavy icon salad we now hide irrelevant interaction icons with use of mouseover or click events to display them.
Our internal audio player now supports YouTube videos, similar to SoundCloud integration. Unfortunately YouTube offers no waveform and no access to preview images via API to make seeking a bit easier. With this feature you are now able to grab cue positions from YouTube players. And from these cue entries, our users are able to play tracklist positions within this video directly.
To avoid collisions (and chaos), suggestions are now disabled if a tracklist is being edited. For HOA we have often had problems if someone posted redundant track suggestions while the tracklist editor/creator completed this tracklist. Addionally you'll get a "please reload page" notification if you submit a suggestion if the tracklist has been changed in the meantime.
It's now possible to post tracklists for Labels without any involved DJ. Some labels are posting interesting podcasts / promo mixes. All Label based tracklists are excluded from most played tracks statistics.
Because Mixcloud has become more popular, we now have a special import format added for copy & pasted tracklist data of Mixcloud sets.
To mark ranked tracks / charts on tracklist (weekly top 3, etc.) there's a new field called "charts rank" on our edit pane. The number inserted here appears with # before a track name on the final tracklist.
There are now two mobile view versions of our site. Both have better support for all kinds of mobile devices. The version called "small" is optimal for smartphones, the other one for tablets. Unfortunatly there are so many devices with different rendering behaviours. We hope that one of our mobile view versions matches what you need for your device. The link to switch between desktop and mobile views can be found at the bottom of the site. We are happy to receive any feedback and will continue to optimize this.
Now we begin to log when you start to create a tracklist. This is to avoid users starting tracklists before a live broadcast show is over (Hardwell On Air, without words). Users breaking this rule will lose the right to create tracklists for these shows. Addionally we offer a list of all current tracklists in progress on our submit page. We hope this reduces the number of duplicate tracklists created at the same time.
Direct Links to the hottest shows are now on top. The list is ordered by average views per show.
For track videos we now support VEVO.com. Official videos in several countries often run into YouTube country restrictions, but VEVO seems to not have that problem.
Now we have a new short url for our tracklists: 1001.tl. Together with the tracklist number this URL forwards to a special tracklist page. Sample: 1001.tl/32576 forwards to Hardwell's Tomorrowland set.
Because we have had some trouble with tracklists posts (esp. for Hardwell On Air) we introduce a submit limitation feature. Posting tracklists for Hardwell On Air from now on requires special rights. You may see a limitation warning message that you can't upload tracklists for this source. We hope this "I want to be the first in posting" now ends. If there will be more problematic sources in the future, we reserve the right to enable the same limitation for those sources. Please don't try to avoid this restriction somehow.
To optimize the layout for mobile devices, the side banners on our frontpage and all tracklist listing pages have been removed. We do now use vertical banners inside the listings, that saves 160px screen width for the main content.
Because we have now enough relevant data for trance tracklists and we now offer separate weekly charts for this style. Additionally we introduce annual overall and trance track play count statistics.
Our SoundCloud player control now offers the track waveform and you're able to skip by a click onto these. This helps for grabbing cue times on long tracklists as a scroll down to the standard players on the bottom of the tracklists is no longer necessary.
After the chaos of Tomorrowland tracklists, we'll implement some changes to prevent this from happening again. First step is a new poll choice of "spam" for suggestions. If at least two users mark a suggestion as spam, the entry will be hidden. Please use it advisedly! The new choice appears on all new / updated tracklists.
We've implemented a SoundCloud player control for all tracklist players. Now these players have a volume control and the best thing is that you can jump directly to tracklist tracks if they are correctly cued. See a good sample here. Another benfit with that control is that you now easily grab cue positions on the tracklist create page. Just move the player indicator to the right position and press the new grab button besides each cue field. This feature is in beta mode, so please report problems or suggestions. As a next step we'll implement a tracklist cue importer so all tracklists could be enhanced with cue values.
After we have had some performance problems in the last few weeks, we decided to buy a new server. Now we have double the power than before, hopefully enough for the next one or two years. As a new server may have some initial difficulties in the first days, we appologize for any trouble ;) Please report all bugs to us!
Our page layout has been optimized for mobile devices. Now it scales better beginning from 800px width. Along with that we are testing some layout variants, don't be suprised if the layout is changing a bit from page to page.
New tracklist sorting options of "most liked" and "most viewed," sorting now enabled for style pages.
Profile page has been renamed to dashboard, dashboard landing page is now the personal overview of all relevant tracklists for you. It's now faster to switch bettween this personal view and the global view. Idea from user suggestion.
WMC/Ultra Miami is just around the corner and all hell is breaking loose here next week. Time for some speed improvements, particularly for tracklist create and edit actions. Hope that's enought and WMC/Ultra won't blow us aways ;)
The embedded players on the bottom of tracklists have been rearranged, same sources will be grouped together and SoundCloud always appears on top.
Cue values are now possible for rebroadcast positions.
DJ info boxes have a backlink to track artist pages and vice versa.
There is a new suggestion type for correcting label entries.
We are now supporting seconds for cue values (suggestions and tracklists). Useful for mini mixes and sets with fast track mixing. Cue seconds will be added on tracklist submit page by using ':' after cue minute value (sample 3:12 = 3 minutes and 12 seconds)
Each DJ now has a most liked tracklists table in the info boxes, similar to the current DJ's most viewed tracklists feature.
Search bar with new layout, query for DJs implmented
User suggestions feature has been reworked, SoundCloud/Beatport/other links can be submitted
Favourites sources feature added, works like favourite DJs (by user suggestion)
Individual tracklists page, combines all tracklist which are releveant to you
Search bar with new layout, query for DJs implmented
Label sub pages enabled
Label edit field on tracklist submit form added
We have a newly designed user interface. The user content on the right side has moved to the top of the page as a new navigation bar. The reason for this change is better support for mobile devices / smaller screen sizes. We can't offer a special mobile version of our site at the moment and have to optimize our design fitting from full HD screen to smartphone display (it does). If you'll find any bugs / problems or have other suggestions, please let us know. Hope you'll like the new design...
There's a charts box for the monthly most liked tracklist, together with links to the last 6 months charts.
It's now possible to search for tracks directly from each page, this should help to find our track detail pages a bit easier (implemented by user feedback).
Our internal track search (what you use by drop-down lists on tracklist creation page) was significantly accelerated (by factor 3-10) and improved, it's now easier to find the right tracks for short terms like "be" (Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be).
You now have a tracklist overview page for you favourite DJs, check out here (implemented by user feedback).
Because some view count / user credit number has reached values > 10,000 we have indroduced the kilo format (k after number means x 1000)
For every user there's an iLike tracklists page (you'll find a link called iLike on your profile page), you can share this with your buddies to keep them up-to-date with all your liked tracklists
Now everyone is able to add linked IDs, there's an icon besides each ID track.
For tracks now SoundCloud links can be added by everyone, like YouTube videos
two new suggestion types: track was played with (/w) and track wasn't played with.
After so many days with server problems we've checked every line of code to optimize page loading & server load. One week of hard work, but now all runs fine and fast.
We have now a like function. This like function is similar to Facebook, etc. In the future (enough data collected), we can suggest "if you like this, maybe you'll like that." We decided not to have a "dislike" function to avoid bashing like on YouTube because someone just doesn't like the genre. Simply, you'll like something, or not. All favourite tracklists got a like automatically.
The icon design was updated, icons with actions now have spacing to make it a bit easier on mobile devides to click on it.
We offer now our weekly DJ Top 30 charts based on our tracklist data with history until 2011. Check out here
Our database was extended to store label info for tracks. We are now filling our label data, if we've collected the most common labels, a new field will be availabe on the tracklist submit page.
On the tracklist submit page, some icons have been changed: The red exclamation mark was replaced by a blue question mark that'll change into a blue check mark icon if you click into the field to check entires. Reason: some users removing tracks aren't in our database from the tracklist because they are confused about the red exclamation mark.
It's now allowed to add video (clips) for tracks. We hope to speed up the validation of some suggestions.
User suggestions have now become more restrictive: now the cue minute is required for each suggestion - we spent so much time with skipping through the recording to find the right position. It's now mostly necessary to submit a video for suggestions on video-based tracklists (for new added tracks or to ID positions that don't already have a video).
Because of increased suggestion count last time (and WMC is comming next week), the guest poll was activated. We hope to clear suggestions faster with that and other improvements in the next days. Because the guest poll isn't generally trustworthy, the count of guest polls will be displayed separately in parentheses.
The old "favourite tracklists" feature has been changed to new functionality: favourite monthly DJ set. You can select up to 3 tracklists per month as favourite (the date of the tracklist defines the month). Selectable are all tracklists except video based ones and rebroadcasts. At the end of year there'll be a vote for the "DJ set of year" from all monthly most selected. Please select only sets where a good recording quality is available. At this point: sorry, we have deleted some old favourite entries if there were more than 3 per month.
New added tracklist import format added: trackname (remix) - artistname. Some DJ's use this format and so it will be easier create tracklists with this format.
New poll option "unsure" =>. Next time we'll check all users for their help to hold their submitted tracklists up to date. Therefor it's required to check all suggestions for own tracklists (by "your tracklist suggestions" link on right user panel). If a user has too many unpolled open suggestions for his own created tracklists, the tracklist submit will be limited somehow. It's a hard step, but we don't have any benefit from bulk uploading of tracklists. This usure poll option is for unclear suggestion (no sound sample, etc.) and gives you an alternative response without a final commitment. Later you can cange your poll to correct / incorrect.
New tracklist page layout, saves width for mobile device screens & future label tag besides trackname.
Reworked rebroadcast feature: Rebroadcasts can now be places on top / bottom or inside tracklists. There's a drop-down box to select the exact position. Check sample here