Tita Lau's Exclusive Mix

Apr 05, 2021
Tita Lau's Exclusive Mix
Today we’re joined by one of the rising stars in the tech house scene! Tita Lau has impressed with her debut releases, and most recently “The Sequel” has taken the dance music world by storm, featuring as the #1 track in Spotify’s Housewerk playlist and earning Beatport #1s in both Overall and Tech House releases alongside the other tracks on STEREOHYPE’s Label Sampler Vol. 2. With her weekly live streams, she’s continued to impress with her stand out transitions, and her skill set is on full display with her Exclusive Mix! Turn it up as she goes IN for 60 minutes and read on to get an inside look at her music, love for the STEREOHYPE family, and much, much more!
Tita, thanks so much for joining us today! We’re so excited to celebrate with a massive Exclusive Mix, but before we jump into that, let’s look at your latest release “The Sequel”! Most recently, you featured as the #1 track in Spotify’s Housewerk playlist, and have seen huge support across Beatport, Apple Music and more! What’s the reaction to the record been like through your eyes? 
Hey 1001! Thanks for having me! Wow, where to begin, “The Sequel” is my second ever release and the reaction has just been insane. The track has had amazing support from some of the biggest DJs which has been incredible, and I’m super grateful for everyone who has been streaming, downloading and playlisting it! I honestly wasn’t sure what the reaction to “The Sequel” was going to be when I released it because it’s so out there lyrically and musically, but then it hit Beatport Top 10 Tech House and hasn’t moved since, which is awesome. “The Sequel” has also been added to some massive playlists, people have been tagging me on Instagram playing it in their sets and to see how people are reacting to it and wanting to hear it at festivals when we’re allowed is just the best reaction I could’ve imagined. 
Can you tell us some more about the track, taking us through the production from initial inspiration to the final version that we hear today?
I remember having the idea for “The Sequel” first, it had to be a big follow up. Well, it was the sequel to my first single “2x2,” which is bass driven, and has acid and techno influences, and it was almost tongue in cheek to begin with, “It’s the M*f*kin Sequel” was outrageous! But when I recorded the vocal, it just made sense. I recorded my vocals first just to a kick and a bassline, and once that was in, the rest actually came quite quickly. I knew I wanted high energy, and if you know me you’ll know I love a hard, heavy in your face bass sound, and an epic breakdown. When I’m making music, I imagine how it would feel to be in a crowd hearing it for the first time, and the anticipation of the first drop. 
During the pandemic, the STEREOHYPE family has seemingly grown in strength and you’ve brought so many moments of happiness to people during this period with your regular streams. What have been a few of your personal highlights around the STEREOHYPE family over the past 12 months?
The STEREOHYPE family moves differently! I’ve had two releases on the STEREOHYPE label now and currently live stream every Friday on their YouTube platform which I absolutely love! I think it’s great that in such a male dominated industry the guys have been supportive and really let me shine. I tend to get a lot more hate online, mostly about what I look like or what I’m wearing, but I haven’t felt out of place at all, which is refreshing, and it’s opening doors for other female DJs and showing other girls who may just be starting out that we can do what we like in life! I can’t wait for more female DJs / producers to start releasing on STEREOHYPE!
The STEREOHYPE brand has an amazing following, and it’s been so much fun getting to know everyone via streaming. It’s also given me a great platform to play my music to a “crowd” and try to gauge a reaction. Usually I’d do this in a club, so it’s been a great alternative for our current situation. I’ve been involved in some amazing streams alongside the best DJs, they’ve really helped me to grow as an artist and allowed me to always stay true to myself.
A personal highlight for me has to be the second STEREOHYPE store launch stream. It was my first stream alongside everyone, and the first time I was properly introduced to the Hypefam. It was one of the biggest streams to date and the most people I’ve played to live on a stream, which was super exciting and terrifying! Playing to a camera without being able to see the people took some getting used to! But luckily we interact via the chat which is always fire!
Can you pick three other members of the Stereohype crew and highlight both one thing you like about each of them personally and one thing you like about each professionally?
R3WIRE is a really skilled DJ and producer. His scratch mixing is lit, and his productions are always on point.
  • James Hype is second to none on the decks, an insane producer and inspires me to work hard at my craft.
  • Gucci is the sickest videographer, and is great with social media.
How would you compare and contrast DJing for your weekly live stream crew versus a club show? How does the preparation for a set compare?
It’s completely different! It’s hard to compare because in a live stream situation I have supporters from South America, Europe, the US and Australia all together from all over the world in one place, whereas in the real world you would play to local people in their own city.
Preparing for a live stream set differs from a club set because of a few things, such as copyright issues, you would never have this issue in a club where the music gets cut off for playing someone's track, that would be mental! But one thing I love about preparing for a stream set is I can really be true to myself and play the songs that I really love, whereas in a club setting I would be more conscious of playing to the crowd in the club. 
You always seem to interact so well with the chat. Iis it a similar feeling to interacting with a crowd for you?
It’s actually way more personal, and I will really miss it when I go back to the clubs and festivals. When you perform to a crowd you can’t really speak to each other so you make a connection through the music. Imagine having a chat in the middle of a set in a club haha, I love having a chat with everyone and in a way I guess the feeling when people drop fire emojis when you’re playing an insane song is similar to a crowd going wild!
Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix, can you highlight three tracks included and why they stand out?
I really enjoy Cloonee’s infectious sound, it has amazing energy and you’ll hear me drop multiple tracks from him in my set, my fave at the moment is “Gucci Suit.” I love songs that have real ‘moments,’ like Sono - “Keep Control” (ARTBAT Remix) and Disaia - “Cubbe.” All featured in my mix and have a festival vibe when it comes to the breakdown. Even though I’m only playing to a camera right now, I like to perform every set as if I’m playing to the biggest crowd, because in the internet world it might end up being THE biggest crowd I’ve played to!
And finally no set would be complete without a James Hype VIP! “Whoopty” is one of many world class remixes done by James Hype, I’m glad there is a version I can play that fits into my sets!
With the massive success of “The Sequel,” you've launched a remix competition. Can you tell us some more about what you're looking for when picking a winner? Do you have any advice for any of the producers out there interested in participating?
I’m looking for something that would fit into my set, but also brings a different vibe to the original. Everyone is a winner even if we don’t pick your remix, because just by gaining the experience and finishing a record (as all us producers know) is a victory. So just go for it! The stems are released now so I’m excited to hear everyone’s different visions for their remix! Let’s gooooo!
What’s next for you on the production front? Are there any artists out there that you would like to collaborate with?
I am currently working on finishing about four tracks that I can’t wait for you guys to hear. I go to the studio nearly every day, so hopefully it won’t be too long before you hear more from me! I’m super excited to have a collaboration with James Hype that’s just been signed to SOLOTOKO, so keep your eyes peeled for that one, it’s epic! That’s exclusive btw, so don’t tell anyone lol.
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated? 
The end of lockdown, and finally being able to be around people again listening to loud bass heavy music blasting to crowds! I’m biased but I want to hear my track “2x2” on a festival sound system… I’m really excited for that. 
Download/stream Tita Lau - "The Sequel" on your platform of choice today! https://lnk.to/TitaLauTheSequel
Join the official "The Sequel" remix competition: https://bio.to/SequelRemix
Connect with Tita Lau: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Biscits - Talk To Me [THRIVE MUSIC]
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