1001Tracklists Spotlight: 15grams

Apr 26, 2021
1001Tracklists Spotlight: 15grams
Australian DJ/Producer 15grams steps into the 1001Tracklists Spotlight today to celebrate the new VIP edit of his original “Heat Of The Moment.” Brendan’s career has really taken off since becoming a resident DJ at Paradise Club in Mykonos, and we recount the incredible journey he’s been on to go from everyday clubber to opening and closing for Hardwell, Afrojack, and many of the DJ Mag Top 100. Read on to get a closer look at his work since then including his latest originals, music videos which he writes and stars in, as well as his new party concept 15grams Playhouse, which has sold out its last two events! 
Hey Brendan, thanks for joining us today! To start off, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your background in music production and DJing?
Hello, thanks so much for having me! My name is Brendan aka 15grams and I’ve been DJing for just over 10 years and producing for about half that. I grew up in Sydney, Australia learning how to mix on vinyl after being interested in music for most of my teens then moved onto CDJ’s soon after and playing house parties then moving onto clubs soon after turning 18. I have always been involved with music playing the trumpet since I was about five and bass guitar in my teens, so music production was a natural progression for me as my DJing career has progressed.

How long have you been working on the 15grams project and what have been some of the defining moments in your career?
I have been working on the 15grams project for just over a decade now. The meaning of 15grams is the weight of a cd as I always had a cd in my pocket to play my mixes at friend's places or anywhere I was going pretty much and the name stuck. So this shows how long ago I started as cd’s are definitely a thing of the past now!
After playing the nightclub scene in Sydney and gaining popularity I secured a summer residency at a popular pool club called ‘Marco Polo’ at ‘The Ivy.’ Soon after finishing this residency I traveled to Europe for the summer and my last destination was Mykonos, Greece. I met the owner of a super club on the island called Paradise Club, Mykonos (voted 20th best club in the world at the time) briefly through my friend Karim. One night I was standing in the club near the DJ booth and a DJ was warming up for Hardewell in front of a packed crowd. A couple of hours into the night the owner turned and pointed to me and told me he wanted me to take over, he wasn't happy with the current DJ he had on a guest spot that night. I was shocked at first as I was just standing there in a singlet, board shorts, and flip-flops with a vodka red bull in my hand enjoying the night as a club-goer. I ended up taking over from the DJ that was playing with a usb I had in the coin pocket of my wallet and warmed up for Hardwell in front of a full club of a couple thousand. I ended up also closing the club after Hardwell that night as the owner was impressed by the way I played in my warmup. I also played with Laidback Luke and Axwell later that week before I left to go back home to Sydney.
The owner called me a month or so later offering to bring me over the next season and become the resident for his club the next summer and that’s what I did. Throughout the next two summers, I played with nearly every DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 from Avicii to Afrojack, to Martin Garrix and even Snoop Dogg! My time there was amazing and I grew and learned so much, also making so many great friends throughout the couple seasons I played there and this really set the pace for my career.
 I then lived in Barcelona for a few years, then I moved back to Sydney and became a resident at Marquee Nightclub and toured around Australia. This brings me to the present day being signed to Sony Music Germany with my last two songs released on Famous Recordings and working on the most exciting music of my career which I can’t wait for everyone to hear!

What sounds do 15grams represent today both as a DJ and as a producer? Are there any major inspirations and influences on that sound?
As a producer I have been working really hard at creating songs that will be able to stand the test of time and be listened to and played for years to come. As a DJ I have always moved along various sub genres under the house umbrella and enjoy being versatile moving with the styles I am enjoying most. Today in my main sets I play my originals and a mix between Brazilian bass, slap house and minimal. I have many DJ’s I look up to. Illiusionize from Brazil was what got me into the Brazilian bass scene and in terms of production and moving with the times in their sound artists like Tiësto and Martin Garrix are great examples of how to do this well both commercial sounds and club play.

Your latest single "Heat of the Moment” (VIP MIX) is out now. Take us through the production from initial inspiration to the final track we hear today!
Really excited for this release as the VIP really compliments the original but gives a sexy spin to it. The baseline is smooth, simple but full of body with a nice deconstructed breakdown which absolutely kills in the shows I’ve played it at and other DJ’s alike.

You’ve starred in both your “Pieces Of You” and “Heat Of The Moment” music videos. Can you pick one of the two and discuss some more about your artist vision for the music video and executing that?
Keeping on the subject of “Heat Of The Moment,” this video clip was co-written by myself and the director. I wanted to go with something fun and sexy complimenting the theme song and I think we did a great job of that. We started by writing the plot and then going through locations to shoot and then casting. We ended up shooting this in one day from 1pm till 5am that morning, so it was a massive day but it was pretty much a party the whole time and was a lot of fun to do and can’t wait to shoot the next video for my next release!

Recently you started up your new party concept 15grams Playhouse. What’s the vibe you’re looking to create with your event series and how’d the debut edition go?
15grams Playhouse has been really successful so far with two sold out shows back to back, being nothing short of wild times. My parties are a lot of fun with maximum vibes all round. We bring props to each event like silly glasses and headwear which has been a really fun part of doing these parties and keeping things different. The DJs I choose to play with me for these events are artists that I love and are amazing at what they do with their own productions and have amazing taste in music. So coming to my parties you will expect amazing new music and nothing but good times that always get buck wild! It also has come at great timing with things getting back to normal in regards to restrictions in Australia.

Looking closer at your DJ sets, who are a few must-play artists for you at the moment and why?
One must-play artist for me is Illusionize. I love his production and love the vibe his tunes bring to my sets. Another Brazilian artist is Lowderz who has been a long time standing artist in my sets. I usually move between Brazilian bass, tech house, and some tough (Melbourne) minimal tunes to keep things exciting and the energy high. There are a lot of really great artists coming out of Australia within the minimal genre that I love playing out. At the moment Tunesquad and Fezza have been some staples in my headline shows lately.

And as we look ahead, how’ve you adjusted your goals for the 15grams project following the pandemic? What’s keeping you excited and motivated?
I have been working hard in the studio and am sitting on some huge records which I am super proud of. I’m really excited for the year ahead. I have just signed my next single with Famous Records which I am super excited for everyone to hear! I feel it is a great time for a big release now too as we're super lucky in Australia as things have been slowly getting back to normal. I recently played four shows in a weekend to large sold out venues and the energy was insane! It gives me a lot of optimism about things not only becoming normal again but being even better, and in hopes that touring won’t be far behind which I’m sure will be back better than ever in no time. So watch this space, plenty coming from 15grams in regards to parties that I hope to take globally and plenty of new exciting music!
You can download/stream 15grams - Heat Of The Moment (VIP Mix) on your platform of choice today! https://15grams.lnk.to/HOTM_VIP
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