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Catching Up With Melsen

Apr 02, 2021
Catching Up With Melsen
Melsen joins us to discuss his brand new track “You” out now on Be Yourself Music. He goes in depth on this new release and also discusses his sound, favorite performances, and a location that he can’t wait to tour as soon as the world opens up again! 
Hey Melsen, thanks for joining us today! While 2021 has been a tough year so far, what have been some of your highlights from the first few months of the year? 
A big highlight was my first release of the year with Lee Morris on Generation HEX. I also released a more clubby track called “You Did Me Wrong” on Hardwell's label Gemstone, which got a lot of great DJ support.
Let's jump into your latest release, “You.” How did this one come about? 
As you said 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and so far 2021 is not much better. I think in times like these it's good to listen to music that lifts your spirits and gives you a positive vibe. With “You” that's exactly what I've tried to do. 
Where does the vocal come from for “You” and how did you build the track to pair with the vocal?
It's hard sometimes to find the exact right vocal/topline for the track you want to make. This vocal is actually from a vocal library that I bought quite a while ago. I was just going through all of the sounds and vocals in my sound library that I had built up over the years. And then I came across this one. The next step was finding the right chord progression for it. When I had that right, the rest of the process went pretty fast.
You're working with the Be Yourself team for this release, who you've worked with a bunch of times previously. What do you like about working with them? 
Be Yourself Music is a great company that really knows what they're doing, and they have proven that over the years. My previous releases on their labels did well and they believed in this track. Sometimes artists overlook how important it is to have a close connection to the label you're releasing on. And my connection with Be Yourself Music is as close as it could possibly be right now.
How would you describe your style and sound as a producer and DJ? 
My music is uplifting, energetic and full of melodies. You can hear this in my own releases but also in my DJ sets. In some of my tracks I am leaning a bit more towards pop/dance and in some other tracks it will be a bit more housey. For me it's that combination that defines my sound.
Do you have any other new music that you're working on and can tell us about? 
Right now I am finishing some collaborations with other artists. In the past I have seen what collabs can do for you as an artist and it can also spark creativity. But besides those I am also trying to set up some sessions with singer/songwriters to write new music.
Thinking back to the world of live music, what's your favorite performance that you had the opportunity to play, and what made it so special? 
I remember playing a set in a club in Greece a couple of years ago. It was just a perfect night, there was an amazing energy there. For me it is a dream to play festivals with 50,000 people, but I also think that smaller events/club nights can be just as good and memorable.
Once touring comes back, which cities and venues are you most excited to travel to? 
Anywhere that is not my home would be great! On a serious note, I get quite a lot of messages from people in Japan loving my music. So I'd love to play there for sure.
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