Catching Up With Anderblast

Jul 23, 2019
Catching Up With Anderblast
We caught up with Italian duo Anderblast, who have enjoyed a relaxing summer away from gigs, while remaining busy in the studio and running their Rambla Records imprint. Their label has just released a bomb of a track called “Mycra” by Synthed Minds. The guys gave us some insight into all things Anderblast, so read on to learn more! 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today. How's your summer been going so far? What have been some of the best moments? 
Thank you for having us! We took a summer without gigs, just working in the studio and relaxing. Honestly the best moment of this summer was having signed one track with our favourite artist’s label.
Are there any future releases and/or collaborations that you're currently working on that you can give some hints about? 
Yes of course, we are collaborating on a track with the Italian producer duo Game Over DJs. They are very talented, and in the future they will do great things.
How are things going with your label Rambla Records? Are there any upcoming releases that you can tell us about? 
They are going very well. The next release is really a bomb for the dance floor. It’s a techno song produced by Synthed Minds and the track is named “Mycra.” There will also be a remixed version from T78.
What do you like about working with each other in the studio? What are each of your strengths? 
Surely one of our strengths is experience, we have been working in the studio for 10 years. Another very important thing that we learned a few years ago is that we should produce what feels right, without taking inspiration from anyone.
Can you highlight a couple of your favorite tracks for the summer from another producer, and tell us what you think makes this track so good? 
The first one is “Piece Of Your Heart” by Meduza. In the simplicity of the song they made a real hit, and everyone knows it. A less commercial track that drives the dancefloor crazy is “The General” by Mark Knight.
And lastly, are there any shows or exciting things planned in the months ahead that you're looking forward to? 
Yes, we would like to do a week in Ibiza for the closing parties, and we are planning to attend ADE as well. 

You can grab your copy of the latest Rambla Records release, "Mycra" by Synthed Minds, today! 
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