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Alex Preston's On A Roll

May 04, 2017
Alex Preston's On A Roll
Alex Preston has been on a roll of late, consistently turning out quality dance tracks including his remix of Thomas Gold’s “Magic,” his Dave Winnel collab “Never Meant To Last,” and most recently his original “Don’t Grow Old.” We caught up with Alex to look closer at the work behind all three tracks and try to unlock the keys to his recent success!
Can you talk a little about the initial inspiration behind “Don’t Grow Old”?
As soon as I got the vocal I was so inspired to work on the track. I didn’t really have a concept in mind as such, I was just like, “This is one of the nicest vocals I’ve ever heard.” I wanted the track to perfectly accompany the vocals so I did about five or six versions trying to make it right before I was happy with it.
What made the vocal stand out to you and how did the vocal factor into the production process?
The vocal stood out to me because it’s got such an amazing eclectic feel. I was instantly hooked the first time I heard it and I wanted the production to complement it and not take away from it. I came up with the chords first and then kind of worked from there. I think the hardest thing with a track like this can be the arrangement, getting each section to flow nicely and also keep the energy building throughout. I had so much fun though working on this track, I learnt so much from it.
Your collab with Dave Winnel - “Never Meant To Last” has seen incredible artist support. What has the reception to that track been like through your eyes?
I’m so stoked with the support we’ve been getting on the record. We had such a great time working on the track so it’s so nice that people are playing it and listening to it. I listen to a lot of podcasts and it’s so crazy when I hear my favourite artists playing the track!
What was it like working with your fellow Aussie on the track?
Dave is one of my really good mates, and it was so awesome working with him. We both love dance music, food and Star Wars (haha!) but we live on opposite sides of the city here in Sydney. We would do a session on the track at my house and then I show him somewhere mad for lunch up my way and vice versa. So yeah it was an awesome experience, working on music with your mates is like living the dream.
Your remix of Thomas Gold’s “Magic” is standout as well! How did you approach that production? What elements of the original did you want to preserve and how do you feel you’ve made it your own?
This is actually a really funny story! In the lead up to ADE last year, before leaving for Europe I made sure I had all of my music finished and ready to show peeps in Amsterdam so I could, you know, hang out and enjoy the trip. But the day before I left I got asked to remix Thomas Gold and I was so excited because I’ve been a fan of his since like 2009. So I wrote this in my hotel room in London! The original has so many nice parts, so I wanted to preserve the feel of the original track, but give it my own cruisy house feel. The vocal and little vocal chops were amazing, and Thomas’s parts had such nice space around them so I wanted to preserve those verb vibes!
Of all your tracks, what’s your favorite to play live and why?
I think my favourite track to play is my track “Get SO.” It has such a random fun drop and it goes pretty mental in a club.
With such a strong start to 2017, we are excited to see what’s planned for the rest of the year! How do you plan to keep the momentum going? Is there anything in particular that you feel is enabling this strong run of productions at the moment?
I’ve been working on trying to develop a ‘sound’ over the past few months and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve got a few records that I’ve been working on that I’m really excited about too. Outside of my music I’ve been surfing everyday and keeping really healthy which is putting me in a really good frame of mind when I’m working in the studio or playing at gigs. It’s really easy when you spend so much time and energy working on music trying to build your career to get caught up in it. At the start of this year, I made a conscious decision to enjoy it so that’s what I’ve been doing!
Any big events this summer that you are really excited about?
We’ve just had our summer here in Australia and it was amazing! But I am really excited about getting back over to Europe this year in October for ADE. I love going to Europe and ADE is always so much fun. That’s the big thing I’m looking forward to on the calendar at the moment!
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