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Dec 18, 2019

Laidback Luke & Unity Celebrate New Collab

Last week Laidback Luke dropped a slapping new collaboration with Mixmash talent Unity. “Make That Thang Go” marks a big moment for both artists who are each wrapping up massive years. Luke, who checked in at #56 in the Top 101 Producers 2019, and Unity, who’s grown into a star on Mixmash, have signaled their big intentions for 2020. Neither is done yet either as on Friday, the 15 Years of Mixmash Remix Album drops including Unity’s remix of Laidback Luke - “Break Down The House.” We sat down with the guys and took a deep look at their work together, and exciting times ahead!
Luke, Unity, thanks for joining us. What an exciting time to celebrate your new collaboration “Make That Thang Go”! Can you take us inside the production – highlighting the initial inspiration and progression to the final track that we hear today?
Unity: Thank you for having me! I take inspiration from a lot of random different things in my daily life. The funny story is that the inspiration for this track is hearing a busted engine trying to start. It all started from there, then I sent the track to the big boss and he added his Twisted House flavor to it.
Laidback Luke: Thank you for having us guys! Such a great question and I can only really answer by redirecting you to my YouTube Channel where I made a full producer tutorial explaining all of this! Might be fun to watch!
Unity, rewinding things a bit, do you remember when you first heard of Laidback Luke and Mixmash Records? What was your impression or memories?
Unity: The very first time I heard of Laidback Luke was his collaboration with Steve Aoki, “Boneless.” From there I backtracked to check out all of the Mixmash back catalog and found out that Mixmash helped launch the careers of Avicii (RIP), Afrojack, and many more big-time DJs. I was thinking to myself at those times, it would be amazing if I ever signed with Mixmash. And I never even expected getting signed. It’s been a dream and hopefully, even bigger things will come next year.
Luke, what do you remember about initially hearing Unity and his music? What caught your attention?
Laidback Luke: It was the Mixmash team that turned me onto Unity. A young and famous Chinese DJ making moves! What really caught my attention was his hunger and how humble he’s always been towards me. He always plays and delivers us such energetic music.
Luke, what do you like most about Unity’s progression as an artist and what makes him a good fit for the Mixmash crew?
Laidback Luke: What we look for most is people who are eager and that are easy to work with. You’d think that’s a simple formula but it’s oh so rare! Over at Mixmash, you need to have a work ethic that matches mine, or else what’s the use, right? Unity has all of that!
Unity, having grown into a key part of the Mixmash family, what do you like most about working with Luke and the Mixmash team? How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist during your time as a part of Mixmash?
Unity: I love my Mixmash Family. They’ve always been helpful and supportive of everything that I do. Every time I need something or need some help I just reach out and they try to help out the best way they can. Luke has given me so much advice that I take with me every time I go on tour or in the studio. They’ve helped me grow so much, not only as an artist, but also as a person.
Unity, where does the release of this collaboration rank in terms of career accomplishments?
Unity: In terms of career accomplishments, this is by far the biggest! It’s always been a goal of mine to do a collab with Laidback Luke and I’m so happy that I achieved that goal.
Luke, you’ve also just unveiled big plans for the 15 Years Of Mixmash Remix Album. What can you tell us about the album?
Laidback Luke: We’ve been teasing it for all of 2019 and we are finally releasing all of these amazing reworks and revamps that a lot of fellow big names have done for it! Mixmash and my classics from these 15 years have been put into modern jackets.
Unity, looking at your “Break Down The House” remix, what elements of the original did you want to preserve and how do you feel that you’ve made the track your own?
Unity: The original “Break Down The House” has always been in my sets for the longest time. I wanted to keep the bassline intact and keep the main feel of the original track. During the production process, I was also trying to experiment with ancient Chinese instruments. It’s very subtle, but if you listen closely you will hear ancient Chinese instruments on the track. And these instruments were recorded live in the studio.
Luke, can you highlight another one or two remixes from the 15 Years Of Mixmash Remix Album and why they stand out to you?
Laidback Luke: An absolute heater and staple in my sets this year has been Mark Bale’s Remix for “Turbulence.” But! We’ll hold onto that momentarily because Steve Aoki’s label has some big ideas for that, so I’d highlight the remixes for “Need Your Loving” by Reebs and the Dannic remix for my collab with Gregor Salto “Step By Step” – both big in my sets too!
Luke, for all the producers out there reading this, what advice would you give them when it comes to remixing?
Laidback Luke: Please don’t call your unofficial remix, a remix. Call it a bootleg! This way, when you finally start getting official remix requests in, you can be proud! When it comes to reworking originals, I always take the parts of the original that I love and then add my own flavor to it. You don’t always need stems, there are ways around to take the kick drum out of a drop. For instance, by using side chain compression or an LFO-Tool and EQing certain frequencies out.
Luke, as you wrap up the 15 Years of Mixmash celebration, what have been a few of the defining tracks for you? Are there any particular moments playing those tracks live that you still carry strong in your memory?
Laidback Luke: Absolutely! The Reebs Remix of “I Need Your Loving” will always remind me of the Mixmash Takeover in Miami. “Oh Yes” with Keanu Silva does that to me too. But the biggest one this year outside of that was my official remix for Avicii “S.O.S.” which dug deep into me again. 
As we look ahead to 2020 as well as the next chapter of Mixmash Records, what are you excited about?
Unity: I’m really excited about my upcoming releases. I have a collaboration with Carta that will be out early next year. I’m also working on some other big collaborations. It’s very exciting.
Laidback Luke: The Mixmash team has done such an incredible job this year. I’m super proud and the team goes so hard! I really feel I can rely on them. I’m super excited about all my new tracks, which we already have stacked until summer. I want you guys to see that I’ve been on fire in the studio and maybe I’ll climb up higher in that Top 101 Producers ranking that you guys have done haha (I’m competitive like that). I can’t wait for you to hear all this good stuff!
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