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Giving It A Shot With Boehm

Feb 02, 2017
Giving It A Shot With Boehm
Boehm is an artist on the rise. His name has gained prominence over the last year and his collab “Back 2 U” with Steve Aoki really put his name on many people’s radars. He kicked off 2017 in a big way with his release of “Let’s Give It A Shot” on Armada. Featuring the standout vocals of Brandyn Burnette, the track garnered over 200,000 plays on release day and has only continued to climb since then. Boehm joined us to discuss “Let’s Give It A Shot” and his plans for 2017.
What was the initial inspiration and sketch like for “Let’s Give It A Shot”?
I remember I received a few demos from Brandyn's team a few months ago with this track included. Originally the track was called “Holiday,” but after I finished the song, I suggested changing the name to "Let's Give It A Shot.” There were several good ideas in the pack that I received, but this one stood out from the start. It had something that inspired me and gave me goosebumps right from the beginning. The first sketch was more of a pop song but I was convinced that I could turn it into a pop-dance banger and I am very happy about the final product. :)
How’d you come to work with Brandyn Burnette? What do you think stands out the most to you about Brandyn’s voice and why do you think it’s so well suited for this track?
I've known Brandyn for more than one year now. I remixed some songs that featured him both as a single artist and as a part of Cosmos & Creature. I always liked his voice and I think that he is unique. He has a nice and warm voice and I've always wanted to do a track with him. Although we knew each other from messaging online, we’ve never met in person, but thanks to the internet nowadays that's not a problem. So the production was made under the same conditions, via internet, going back and forth till everybody was happy about the track. And I really think we did a great job and hope to work together on some more projects in the future.
Do you see this track as one that you can play in your sets?
It depends. In some occasions I can play it, in some I cannot. But to be sure that I can play this every time, I've made a VIP remix that fits perfectly with my live sets. On the other hand, I think that nowadays we can play whatever we want in our sets. That's the beauty of the present dance scene. It only depends on how and the time you want to insert a certain track in your sets, but everything is possible.
What was it like on the release day when the track surpassed 200K streams on the first day?!
It was amazing! I had a similar feeling when I released my collab "Back 2 U” with Steve Aoki last year (the track got 350K in the first day). Steve has a huge following in the electronic scene so we kind of expected the track to blow up very fast. That's why the feeling with "Let's Give It A Shot” was more intense.
When’s the next Road Trips Mix coming?
I am thinking of turning the Road Trips Mix series into a weekly radio show this year, but this involves a lot of time and energy. I am now preparing my original songs for 2017, and when I get those done I will be concentrating on this project more.
Last year was a whirlwind experience for you and your first time heading to Miami. What does the run up to Miami this year have in store for you?
My first Miami experience was incredible. Doing a show at Story alongside Steve Aoki and the Dim Mak Family was something magical. Miami has a unique vibe and during MMW, everything is amazing. I am sure I'll have similar moments this year and I can't wait to be back there!
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