Andrew Rayel Celebrates 50 Episodes Of Find Your Harmony

Aug 24, 2016
Andrew Rayel Celebrates 50 Episodes Of Find Your Harmony
On the heels of his Find Your Harmony 50th episode celebration special live from the Armada Headquarters, we had a chance to talk with Rayel about his show and training in classical music. You can check out our previous chat with Rayel discussing some of his 2016 productions, mashups, and track selection here.
It’s pretty cool that you’ve now passed 50 episodes of Find Your Harmony.
Andrew Rayel: Yeah we had a special celebration in Amsterdam in July at an intimate club with a broadcast. It was one of my dreams coming true. It’s not 100, but it’s still something. It’s always nice to give something to the fans of the radio with a special celebratory episode.
Your productions are more trance-focused, but your radio show includes a lot of progressive and house. Can you talk about your music selection for the show?
Andrew Rayel: For me, the music is obviously very important and I’m one of those people that doesn’t really care about genres. If the track is good, I have to play it in my radio show because my radio show isn’t called A State Of Trance or Trance Around The World, it’s called Find Your Harmony. There’s many ways to do that through different genres and different types of music. I make a selection of different amazing tracks that people are sending me that I find very attractive and I play them. For example, sometimes my favorite may be a very trancey vocal. Other times it may be a “banging” track. It doesn’t really matter, and I’m trying to show people that there’s other amazing music out there that doesn’t necessarily have to be trance music.
Where do you get most of the music?
Andrew Rayel: I am not the person in charge of promos. The show is growing and my team is growing, and I have to spend a lot of time in the studio creating my own music, so I don’t have time anymore to check hundreds of promos each day. I have a dedicated person for that, but he selects 50-70 tracks every week, and from those tracks I select 22-25 tracks. It’s someone that I trust who has a similar taste to mine, so that’s why I’m not worried that a track will be missed.
Did you ever attend a show as a fan that made you want to become a DJ/producer for a living?
Andrew Rayel: Well, my journey started out in a different way from many other producers. I am trained in classical music. I always wanted to create my own music, not necessarily electronic music. I was always into the creative process of music since I started in musical school at nine years old. I was constantly creating my own melodies on piano, but I didn’t have my computer back then. It was just the piano, me, paper, and pen. I never knew where these melodies would go, if they’d become electronic music, pop or rock music. When I discovered all these programs and started recording my melodies, for me, it was incredible to make my melodies into something. I didn’t start with trance music. I was make 140 BPM, but it wasn’t even electronic music. It was just weird beats. Then I got into electronic music, but I never would listen to separate songs because electronic music wasn’t that popular back in those days and the radio wouldn't play separate songs. The radio would play an hour mix, and as stupid as I was, that’s how I thought it had to be. I used to create one hour mixes. I was creating songs, but mixed together. I would create a song mixed from separate songs. I was 12-13 years old, I didn’t know, I thought that’s how it had to be. After that, I realized that it’s not how it’s supposed to be and started to break out the mixes into separate songs. But they were just random melodies, beats, everything in together. As I was growing and listening to more music, I discovered trance music, and that’s when I realized that this is the perfect music for me. I was learning classical music which was the perfect music for me, and trance music is the combination of classical and electronic music with breakdowns with strings and pianos. At the same time, trance has involved into trance 2.0, 3.0, 4.0... I don’t know what it’s at now.
As played in his set from Armada Invites, be sure to check out "Epiphany," the third single from Andrew Rayel's second full-length studio album due for release in early-2017 and the Andrew Rayel remix of Armin van Buuren ft. Eric Vloeimans "Embrace" out now on Armada!
For more information, visit and connect with Rayel on Facebook or Twitter. 

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Full tracklist info available at Andrew Rayel @ Armada Invites, Armada Office Club Amsterdam, Netherlands (Find Your Harmony Radioshow 50th Show Celebrations) 2016-07-20
Luke Bond - Before The Story [GARUDA (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel - Epiphany [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Chris Schweizer - Erinyes [ARMADA CAPTIVATING]
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ARTY & Andrew Bayer - Follow The Light [ANJUNABEATS]
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Fais ft. Afrojack - Hey (Matisse & Sadko Remix) [WALL]
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Feel & Two K - The End Is Near [SUANDA]
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Pjanoo (503.9k)
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First State & Digital X ft. Aloma Steele - Weightless [ARMADA CAPTIVATING]
rayelfamily7 (295)
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Armin van Buuren ft. Eric Vloeimans - Embrace (Andrew Rayel Remix) [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Breathe Carolina & Husman ft. Carah Faye - Giants (Festival Mix) [ARMADA CAPTIVATING]
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MNEK & Zara Larsson - Never Forget You (Danny Avila Bootleg) [TEN]
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Andrew Rayel ft. Kristina Antuna - Once In A Lifetime Love [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Simon Lee & Alvin - Revenger [ACE OF CLUBS]
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Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Ørjan Nilsen - Iconic [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Andrew Rayel & KhoMha - All Systems Down [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
RocketJaxx (1.5k)
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Mark Sixma pres. M6 - Fuego [WHO'S AFRAID OF 138 (ARMADA)]
Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Alan Walker ft. Iselin Solheim - Faded (Dash Berlin Remix) [NCS]
Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma vs. SASH! & Olly James - Chased Ecuador (Andrew Rayel Mashup) [ARMIND / SPINNIN']
Pjanoo (503.9k)
Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma - Chased [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
SASH! vs. Olly James - Ecuador [SPINNIN']
Armin van Buuren vs. Human Resource - Dominator [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
Pjanoo (503.9k)
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Armin van Buuren ft. Christian Burns vs. W&W - This Light Between Us vs. If It Ain't Dutch (Andrew Rayel Mashup)
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Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star ft. Betsie Larkin - Again (Andrew Rayel Remix) [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Ørjan Nilsen - Kilowatts [IN MY OPINION (ARMADA)]
maiorBoltach (1.6k)
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Andrew Rayel & Digital X ft. Sylvia Tosun - Winterburn (Craig Connelly Remix) [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior (Andrew Rayel Dreamstate Remix) [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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