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Jul 24, 2020

Introducing: Yearboox

We’re joined by a brand new artist duo, who today have just released their first track on Sony! Yearbook are veterans of the industry, as you’ll learn in our interview, and the guys have used their quarantine to formally team up under their new moniker. We discussed their first release titled “Twenty One,” and much more, so read on as you get to know Yearboox! 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers? How long have you known each other and how did you come together to form Yearboox? 
We worked alongside each other for a long time and made several tracks and songs for many artists in the dance and pop industry. Then we reconnected during the quarantine time due to Covid-19. It wasn't acceptable to be spending all of our precious time playing video games at home. So we decided to jam out some music via video calls, like the good old days. No plans, no strings attached, just playing around with sounds, beats and melodies we personally love. 
Can you tell us about your backgrounds in the music industry and some of your past work prior to forming Yearboox?
We started making dance music from 2014 together, but also separately. We worked with artists such as Lost Frequencies, Sam Feldt, Deepend, Lucas & Steve, Alle Farben, Mike Williams and so on. Readers might know a few songs, but we decided to begin fresh and start this project a little anonymously. 
Where does the name Yearboox come from? 
It's a collection of all the years of hard work, love and effort that we put into our songs, lyrics, beats and music. And we have known each other since high school. 
What was the process like for you signing to Sony Music? How exciting was it to sign before even releasing a track and to have their backing now going forward?  
It was awesome to see a major label excited to sign us since we started this collective just a few months ago. It's very satisfying to have them supporting us from day one, without having anything released or played any shows under the name Yearboox. 
Can you tell us about how “Twenty One” came to life? What was the inspiration for this track and what was the production process like for you? 
It came to life in just one night actually. We were jamming on Facetime with a glass of whiskey, and “Twenty One” was the result. Neither of us wanted to sing it, so we just tweaked the vocals because we didn't have a singer at that point. After we did this we kind of liked it, so we kept it that way! 
Do you have any other upcoming music that you can tell us about? 
Yes we're working on a lot of new Yearboox songs. Two of them are already in the final stage of the process actually. We can't say anything yet about a release date, but it's definitely coming.
How would you describe your style as producers and the types of musical elements that you're going for with the Yearboox project? 
It's electronic music with influences from hip hop, dance and pop music. Some songs and productions are labeled as melancholic. Also deep basslines and recognizable riffs are some of our typical Yearboox sounds.
While times are really tough for the music industry and around the world, what's something that's keeping you guys motivated and excited for the months to come? 
The love for music. There's always a way to reach people, even in these circumstances. There's better times to come and we just stay positive!
You can stream or download Yearboox - "Twenty One" on your platform of choice today! https://yearboox.lnk.to/TwentyOne 
Connect with Yearboox: SoundCloud | TwitterInstagram
short link 1001.tl/wpkt62
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