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Dec 14, 2017

Matt Fax's Exclusive Mix

In October, Matt Fax released his debut album Contrast on Colorize (Enhanced Music) to much acclaim, and the album has since crossed over 1 million streams on Spotify and earned plays from artists such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery, and Pete Tong. Featuring star tracks such as “Synopia,” “Aura Lusia,” “Phantom” and “Close 2 U,” the album is a true journey showcasing his range as a producer from more electronica and atmospheric works to driving progressive house tunes. He’s delivered his Exclusive Mix & Story to celebrate the album, its reception, and some of his favorite music at the moment.
How’d you approach your Exclusive Mix?
I tried to make a selection of tracks that I was listening to at the moment alongside some tracks from my album. There’s some deep but also clubby tracks in there and I think they build a tension from the smoothest vibes to a clubby style towards the end of the mix.

Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in the mix and why they stand out to you?
First, Farius. I loved his track “Echo Chamber” as the melody easily can be stuck in your head. Then I’d say BT, because he been an inspiration since forever and it’s amazing to see he keeps releasing tracks when he could have stopped several years ago. Lastly Fatum – “Chocolate” is one of my favorites at the moment. I think it sounds awesome on a big sound system.

In October you released your debut album Contrast. What did that achievement mean to you? In a world where singles are becoming ever more prominent, what were some of the driving factors in deciding to release these tracks as an album?
I think you summed up the whole point of this album. I mean, nowadays music has become a quickly consumed product – you’ll listen to a track once or twice and never get back at it. I’ve always wanted to make an album and tell a story. I think there’s still people that might be interested in an LP and who could come back at it in a few years. I wanted to tell a story, and I think people who analyze my music a bit know the story that’s being told in this album.

How’d you decide to name your album Contrast? What do you feel is a uniting theme musically behind tracks on the album?
Actually this album draws a separation mark between now and the future. I think this album is a retrospective of the last four years of my music, and I felt Contrast was an accurate name. The overall theme is looking back at things I think, there’s this kind of nostalgic vibe in the tracks.

Can you pick a couple of tracks from the album and tell us about the production process that went into them?
Let’s choose “Hide” and “Aura Lusia.” “Hide” was made when I moved to another state, and it’s the first track I wrote when I arrived. I think I wanted to make a deep and organic record, so I went for guitar loops and acoustic drums mixed with my usual electronic sound. I contrasted the track around an acappella from Protocol Recordings and then I sent the instrumental to Enhanced who gave me the vocals from Laurell which sound amazing.
“Aura Lusia” was written on the road one year ago, and was first released on the Circles EP this year. The main synth is a loop that I reworked to give it this moody feel, and then I added this filtered synth that plays throughout the track. I never thought people would love it that much, I even felt it was my weakest record at first.

Is there any song that is especially meaningful to you or one that you are particularly proud of? Why?
In my whole discography, excluding remixes, I think “Aura Lusia” is my favorite track of mine. As I said, I was not feeling this record at all, and funny enough it got played on BBCR1 and is one of the fan favorites. I mean, just because you don’t feel a track, doesn’t mean that people won’t feel it. That’s what I’ve learned from this one.

In celebration of the album you got to be the guest mixer on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy as well as appear live in studio alongside Armin van Buuren as part of A State Of Trance. Can you talk about each of those experiences and what they meant to you?
It’s my third guest mix on ABGT, but it’s always exciting to have the opportunity to play your music over thirty minutes on a big trance show. I was even chatting with people during the show so it was very nice to see all of the positive reactions.
As for ASOT, I didn’t really even have time to process things as everything went pretty quickly. I was asked on Monday to appear on that Thursday (day of the show), so I couldn’t step back and think about it much as I was in the rush to get some tracks done for the show, etc. Even when I was in front of Armin and chatting with him, my brain was in another place and I only realized on the plane home like, “Wait, I met Armin, he told me he loves my music, I was in the ASOT studio!” So for me, it’s my biggest achievement yet and I never thought it’d happen at all. I have to thank Ruben de Ronde for suggesting me, him and Armin are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

What has you excited for 2018? What are two goals you hope to achieve next year?
I don’t have goals really, but I just want to keep making music. I’ll keep the quantity low, but will make the quality super high. There’s some tracks and remixes planned that I’m excited to unveil. Hopefully I can make some gigs as well. A festival like ASOT would be a great milestone, I did the radio show, so why not? Ruben and Armin, I hope you’re reading this.. :)
Matt Fax's debut album Contrast is available to buy or stream on your platform of choice!
Connect with Matt Fax: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
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