Tom Swoon's Exclusive Mix

May 18, 2017
Tom Swoon's Exclusive Mix
Since releasing his massively supported rework of iconic track “Atom” with Teamworx, Tom Swoon is showing no signs of slowing down. He has rebranded and relaunched his radio show to Tape Me Radio and is in the midst of a huge world tour. On the production front, he’s keeping pace, returning to Maxximize Records for the first time since his standout “La Fanfarra” release with his new Maximals collaboration “Helter Skelter.” In the middle of all of the excitement, we caught up with Tom to get a look at his sets and new music, reflect on his recent five year world touring anniversary, and look ahead to what’s next in his career.
How did you go about making your Exclusive Mix? What was the track selection process like for you? How does this mix compare to a DJ set for you?
My DJ set is definitely more spontaneous and depends on how the crowd reacts to what I actually play – sometimes I end up playing completely different vibes than I initially planned to play! And in the mix you can here now, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I usually love to play, so there are some of my favorite set tracks as well as my own mashups, which work on the dancefloor like crazy!  

Can you highlight three tracks or artists you included in your mix and why they stand out to you?
1. Tom Swoon & MAXIMALS – “Helter Skelter.” A bit of shameless self promotion here! [laughs] My upcoming release on Maxximize is something I like to play in the very beginning of my mixes to set the energy level for the rest of the night and ask the crowd, “Will you come with me on to this helter skelter?” :)

2. Loopers – “Playing Games.” Somewhere in the middle of my set, when the crowd thinks it can’t go any harder, here comes “Playing Games.” I love the vocals and how ridiculously crazy the drop is.

3. Vigel – “Children.” An amazing rework of Robert Miles’s (bless his soul) classic “Children.” Great combination of emotion and energy, which happens to be a part of my grande finale of my sets, where I’m taking the crowd on the uplifting melodic journey.

You’re back at it already with another big release – “Helter Skelter” with MAXIMALS. How did you guys come to work together?
I’ve been following the MAXIMALS guys since they came up on the radar with their first Protocol release. They wanted to do something together, and I had this sketch of a groovier record with vocals laying around, so we finished it off together!

Can you take us through your production process, going from initial inspiration to road testing to final tweaks?
The initial inspiration can happen pretty much anywhere. Whenever I feel like having something on my mind, I launch up my FL Studio, compose a hook or a small drum loop and I work with that later when I’m back in my studio.

Because of the distance and my heavy touring schedule, the production process in collaborations is mostly just sending stems back and forth, having some Skype calls in between.

I don’t really road test unfinished material. It’s a bit of a different approach, but if I feel the track is not ready yet, I don’t play it out because I want people to hear the final, perfected result. Let’s say that the road testing part happens in my car, alone :D And that’s when I eventually come up with notes-to-self about some final tweaks to do.

What does it mean to you to return to Blasterjaxx’s label Maxximize with this release?
After the success of “La Fanfarra” and the major support that it received, I feel thrilled to be back on Maxximize with another groovy record! I feel really great about the fact that no matter what direction my music goes, it always finds its home, and for groovier records – that’s Maxximize.

Your current World Tour features a lot of China dates. Can you talk about what it’s like playing there and how it compares to other shows/markets across the world?
One thing that stood out for me the most is the amount of respect you feel from the moment you get out of the airport – it makes you feel really welcome and special. The vibe in the clubs is really crazy too! I feel like the energy is higher with every visit to China! If I had to compare the scene to other parts of the world, I’d say the Chinese are still pretty crazy about typical big room vibes, while Europe got housier already – at least that’s how I feel about it.

You recently hit a major milestone, five years of international touring. Do you have a moment in that timespan that you are most proud of? 
There were just too many moments to name one I’m most proud of. Instead, I can definitely say that spreading the positive energy all over the world and having people across the world following you from day one and knowing all your songs by heart, or people telling me that my music and actions motivate them in their own lives… that’s something you can’t buy and I’m super thankful for that.

Is there something that you haven’t achieved yet that you are striving for?
My own album. A very personal and emotional piece of a journey that I want to take myself and people on. This idea has been in the back of my mind for a while, but I don’t want to rush it. When I feel the time is right, I’ll put 100% of myself into it.
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Tom Swoon & MAXIMALS - Helter Skelter [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')]
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Sikdope vs. Kid Cudi - Day N Snakes (Tom Swoon Mashup)
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TJR & Chris Bushnell vs. KSHMR - JAMMU State (Tom Swoon Mashup) [SPINNIN']
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TJR & Chris Bushnell - Higher State [SPINNIN']
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Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Maurice West Bootleg) [FREE/ROULE]
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Loopers - Playing Games [WOLV]
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Tom Swoon & Teamworx - Atom [SPINNIN']
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Sunstars vs. John Dahlback - Blink Flames (Tom Swoon Mashup)
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Roc Dubloc - Plata O Plomo [REVEALED]
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D.O.D - Satisfy [SIZE]
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Hiisak X Tom Swoon vs. Calvin Harris vs. Corey James vs. Rob & Jack - Blame The Fanfarra Freak (Tom Swoon Mashup)
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Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Wildvibes 2k17 Remix) [FREE/PRYDA]
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Martin Garrix & Brooks - Byte [STMPD]
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Florian Picasso & Raiden - Hanabi [PROTOCOL]
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Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman - Legacy [BUCE]
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DallasK x Rowland Evans vs. Oasis - Superfuture Wonderwall (Tom Swoon Mashup) [CREATION / FREE]
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Oasis - Wonderwall [CREATION]
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DallasK - Superfuture (Rowland Evans Remix) [FREE]
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Andrew Bayer vs. Eric Prydz - Opus Lydian (Tom Swoon Mashup)
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Vigel - Children [ARMADA TRICE]
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