Fabian Mazur - "Young Once"

Feb 17, 2017
Fabian Mazur - "Young Once"
Fabian Mazur has a diverse set of interests and is capable of many different production styles. Fresh off of his Two EP, Fabian is back on Spinnin’ with “Young Once,” a song that’s quite different from the harder tracks on the EP. We caught up with Fabian to celebrate the releases, gaining some insight into his productions, style, and excitement in getting to play the tracks out on tour.
“Young Once” is a little more laidback and a really vibey track. How did this one come about and what was it like for you working on this track in the studio?
It sure is. I’ve always had a passion for more soulful and vibey stuff so “Young Once” came pretty naturally. Sometimes I like to dim the lights in the studio and just vibe out with more acoustic and organic production elements and that’s kinda what happened with “Young Once.” At first I did try to make it harder, but I quickly found out that the vibe of the track needed to be more laidback to get the right feel to it!
How did you come to work with Dia Frampton on “Young Once”? What did you like about working with her and how do you think her vocals fit into the track?
So I was in the studio one day going through some of the vocals I had gotten from my manager and one of them was the “Young Once” vocals from Dia. At that point I actually didn’t know that it was Dia Frampton singing, but I instantly knew that I needed to work with that vocal right away. She’s such a beast on the vocals! I then proceeded to build the entire track from the acapella that was sent to me and that’s how “Young Once” was crafted!
Have you had a chance to play “Young Once” out in your sets? What has that been like?
Right now I’m all about studio time so I haven’t been touring much. However, I did play one show here in Denmark where I got to play the track and it worked very well. It’s obviously not a big festival-type record, but more of a set-breaker track to set the mood.
Your recent Two EP is quite a bit harder compared to “Young Once.” What can you tell us about these tracks?
Haha it is, right? The Two EP was a project of mine where I tried to bridge melodic breaks, big vocals and harder drops. My vision with the two tracks was that I wanted to make something that felt warm and organic during the breaks and then transitioned into a big drop, so that the tunes would be playable at live shows. I love playing “Shoot Em Down” at shows – people always go crazy for that second drop!
How would you describe the type of sound(s) that you go for with your productions? How do you balance staying within a certain style while still experimenting with different elements?
It’s hard for me to describe the type of sound I go for because a lot of times I kind of go where the vibe takes me. Up until now I’ve been doing a lot of hard trap stuff, so then I was used to knowing which type of sound I wanted the tracks to have when I started them. But recently, I’ve been working in a more commercial direction and that challenges the concept of working on a specific sound because I’m not as used to making music for a broader audience. It has been really challenging, but I also love the way I’m beginning to get a feel of it. For example, with “Young Once,” I tried to keep the elements of the harder electronic genres, such as the big bass and brasses, but then combine it with more organic sounds (for example the drop guitar) to make a more vibey track!
How does it feel to be consistently releasing music on Spinnin’? What does this mean to you?
It feels good, of course! And it sure does mean a lot me. I’ve always been dreaming of releasing music on Spinnin’ so it’s a dream come true! Back when I was a teenager making house beats in my bedroom, I dreamt of joining the big league and releasing on Spinnin’... and now I’m here – It feels kinda surrealistic!
What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
Playing a lot of shows! I haven’t been touring that much with my new music yet and I can’t wait to get out there and throw down some live sets! Of course I also have a lot of new tracks and collaborations coming in 2017! Stay tuned ;)
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