Launching Called Meyer

Sep 10, 2018
Launching Called Meyer
Today we’re joined by a new artist act from Germany named Called Meyer, who should quickly impress with the quality of his productions. Oliver has been producing music for a long time now and it really shows in his first original, “All The Day Long,” as well as his remix of “Soaking Lovers” from BOiCE. Enjoy an in depth look into the launch of Called Meyer and some insight into Oliver’s first tracks!
Hey Oliver, thanks for joining us today. Can you introduce yourself and your Called Meyer project?
Thanks for having me! My name is Oliver, I’m 29 and I am from Bochum in Germany in the Ruhr-Area. After producing music for over nine years now, I was ready to kick-start this new project that is all about my musical influences. I really try to combine the music that inspired me early on such as old school house, some funk and even some disco, and adding modern chilled vibes at the very end makes the project what it is today.
Congrats on a big first release with “All The Day Long”! Can you tell us about how this track came to be and how you came to work with Kinnie Lane?
Thanks! It probably applies to the common “producer-meets-singer” story, but I’ve actually followed Kinnie for a long time already. So I did have this piano riff in my head for a long time, which I tried to combine with classic 909 drums, adding a real modern sound design. While this worked pretty well, I really believed that Kinnie is the perfect match for the record. I reached out to hear and it took her 30 minutes to come back with those edgy, cool ideas. Eventually this became “All The Day Long.”

What was it like working on the production and working with Kinnie's vocal? How did you go about producing the track prior to or around her vocal?
Most of the time, I jam around and come up with an instrumental idea. I reach out to singers and try to build up a connection. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Working with Kinnie’s vocals brought up new ideas. Before the track became what it is today, I’ve been through a bunch of different versions. It’s a fun process.
Your remix of BOiCE ft. Feline – “Soaking Lovers” is another great vocal deep house tune. How did you come to remix this track and what were you looking to achieve with the remix?
Naturally, “All The Day Long” was my first original record as Called Meyer. With the “Soaking Lovers” remix though, the label gave me the opportunity to showcase to people what Called Meyer is all about. So this is kinda special to me of course as well.

Anything else in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
There’s a lot of tracks finished and a lot in the works. Finishing up a record with a Florida-based rapper these days which probably is my favorite of all of my tracks so far. There’s also a collaboration in the making that I’m super excited about with someone whom I’ve been a long time follower ever since I can remember. Definitely a lot of music!
What has been a highlight for you this summer?
Putting out music finally again and rolling out the whole project is definitely a highlight worth the mention. Getting the chance to meet and hang around with great people during Parookaville this summer was pretty impressive too.
Buy or stream your copy of “All The Day Long” on your platform of choice today! 

Connect with Called Meyer: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

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