Roger Sanchez: Recapping Summer 2017

Aug 08, 2017
Roger Sanchez: Recapping Summer 2017
The summer of 2017 has been a busy one for Roger Sanchez. Right at the beginning he made a big and exciting change, bringing his labels Stealth and UNDR THE RADR to Armada Music, and at that time releasing his massive Cari Golden collaboration “Work 4 It.” Throughout the summer UNDR THE RADR has been churning out great music and Roger just recently released two official remixes of “Work 4 It.” We caught up with him to focus in on all of the above as well as some highlight summer shows in Ibiza and Tomorrowland.
Can you talk about some of the key factors in making the decision to bring your labels to Armada Music?
I felt that Armada had the structure and resources to expand the scope of reach of my labels and they showed me they were committed to our sound.
At that time you also released your latest single “Work 4 It.” Can you take us through the production process and working with the outstanding Cari Golden on the track?
I had wanted to work with Cari for some time and as soon as I finished a rough sketch of the track I sent it to her. She sent me back the vocals and I completed the production. Because of my tour schedule a lot of collaborations are done this way lately. 
With the two remixes of “Work 4 It” from ZDS & Christian Nielsen, what do you like about their takes on the track?
Both of them had very different approaches and I like the range of sounds these remixes encompass. I think they add to the reach of the song. 
UNDR THE RADR has been turning out some nice EPs over the summer. We love Mike Vale’s work, but you could highlight one or two artists releasing on the label and what makes their tracks stand out to you?
I think Carnao Beats has consistently delivered solid tracks and Flashmob's EP was a killer. We have another one coming soon from him too!
You've gotten to play at Hï in Ibiza this summer, so how do you think the venue stacks up compared to Space?
I think they have taken clubbing in Ibiza to the next level. That is a seriously well thought out and executed club. It's setting the new standard. 
At Weekend Two of Tomorrowland, you played on Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s Sexy By Nature stage [full set + tracklist]. What was that experience like?
It was interesting because I was in-between two very EDM and more commercial artists, so I was curious how my set would go down and it was actually great! Amazing vibe from that crowd and it kept the energy of my set high. 
Keeping focused on your sets this summer, what have been two must play tracks or artists for you and why?
“Work 4 It” has been pretty big for me this summer and pretty much every remix or track Andrea Oliva is dropping now is killing it.
What’re you looking forward to most for the rest of summer?
I have a tour in Asia later this month and I'm really looking forward to playing Japan again. It's been a while since I have played Tokyo!
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