[Premiere] Edwin Oosterwal - "Bleep"

May 18, 2017
[Premiere] Edwin Oosterwal - "Bleep"
We are excited to bring you a first full listen to Edwin Oosterwal’s new track “Bleep.” Having already been played out by close friend Joris Voorn at Awakenings Festival in April [tracklist], “Bleep” is a nice reflection of the minimalistic approach Oosterwal takes to to his productions. Groove away to his new track and enjoy the story behind the Bleep EP, his friendship with Joris Voorn, and his exciting summer ahead!
What was the initial inspiration and vision for “Bleep”?
“Bleep” was inspired by the Chicago house sound of the early 90s and more specifically the tracks released on Dance Mania by the likes of Paul Johnson, Eric Martin and Robert Armani. I am a big fan of that raw and unpolished jackin' sound. I wanted to create a DJ tool that is fun to play out.
Can you take us through the production process from the initial sketch to the final production that we hear today?
I was playing around with some synths in the studio and “Bleep” just kind of happened. Basically it's saturated Roland TR-808 drum sounds with a mono lead synth and some reverb. Sometimes I tend to overproduce my tracks, but “Bleep” is definitely one of the tracks that took the shortest time to make. Even the final mixdown was done fairly easily.
Can you talk about your relationship with Joris Voorn, who you warmed up for at his Spectrum events before and he dropped “Bleep” at Awakenings this year!?
Joris and I met back in 1996 at Atak in Enschede where we both came out no.1 at a DJ contest. Since that memorable moment we both became residents at the weekly Basic Grooves parties, now one of the longest running club nights in Holland. About 10 years ago, when I moved back to Holland after living overseas for six years, Joris and I started Rejected to release our own music.
Joris has been supporting “Bleep” and “Babe” for a while now and that was one of the reasons to officially release it on Rejected.
You’ve also got “Babe” coming out on the EP. What elements of that track do you feel are signature to your productions?
I have quite a minimal approach to making music. I try not to use too many elements and keep my music fairly simple. Also I am not a fan of massive breakdowns or big drops. “Babe” is actually one of my more arranged tracks to date.
How do you balance your time between your roles with your labels Green and Rejected and your own DJing and producing?
Trying to lead a regular life definitely helps. Normally I do the label work for Green and Rejected in the morning, and then in the early afternoon and the rest of the day I focus on making music and digging for new music. Next to this I have fixed studio days as I am sharing a studio space with a few friends.
What are you looking forward to this summer?
The sun and all of the great festivals in Holland like Awakenings and Welcome To The Future. Let's hope the weather is going to be good :)
Be sure to pre-order the EP here and check out the full music video for “Bleep” below as well!
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