Mar 13, 2017

Catching Up With Ofenbach

On the heels of their chart topping single “Be Mine” and one of the biggest shows of their career at Minsk Arena in front of 20,000 people, we caught up with French duo Ofenbach. The guys discussed the inspiration and creation of “Be Mine,” touched on the official remix package, and gave us a look into their live sets.
“Be Mine” has been blowing up since it’s release, racking up loads of plays, getting added to hit Spotify playlists, and climbing charts. What has been the reception to the track through your eyes?
We are so happy to see that people liked "Be Mine.” We changed our style from our last singles which can be risky, but finally with “Be Mine” we had some incredible reactions.
Can you talk us through the production process of “Be Mine”? How did you go from initial idea to final production?
At the beginning Dorian sang a vocal test on a bass loop. It was awesome so we decided to keep it. We wrote the lyrics together, produced the drums, added some piano and organs (César) and some guitars (Dorian). It was a really long process and we built the track like a huge puzzle!
Are there any particular artists or other music that you guys are looking to for inspiration currently?
We found our inspiration in old rock bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Supertramp.
Can you highlight a favorite remix of “Be Mine” and why it stands out to you?
We think they are all interesting in their own way. We wanted different styles of remixes so there is one for everyone's taste :)
What was the experience like playing recently at the Minsk arena?
It was awesome to meet a new kind of audience. It was crazy to play in front of a huge arena of 20,000 people and we were so happy to see people on the other side of Europe knew “Be Mine”! It was really cool having the crowd singing along with us.
Looking closer at some of your sets, what are some must plays for you at the moment?
We love to play some remixes of old famous rock songs! We don’t specifically follow the trend, we play remixes of “Black Betty,” “Another One Bites The Dust,” etc.
Any big plans for 2017 that you can share with us?
We plan to release a second single before the summer and we are working on an album for the end of 2017!
Connect with Ofenbach: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter 
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