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Tritonal Celebrates Painting With Dreams Album & Tour

Sep 07, 2016
Tritonal Celebrates Painting With Dreams Album & Tour
Celebrating their Painting With Dreams album release and tour, Tritonal deliver an emotional, inspiring, and uplifting Exclusive Mix and story. Enjoy the mix featuring two album track premieres and learn the story behind the album and mix. Be sure to download or stream your own copy of the album!
Did you have any goals for your Exclusive Mix? What do you hope that it achieves?
We wanted to share highlights of what's fresh and what's new from our upcoming album as well, Painting With Dreams.
Can you highlight three tracks from other artists and why chose to include them in your mix?
Among our tunes in this particular mix, we do like to select tracks that we feel stand out, feel current or even are 'out there' and could be massive!
In this mix, we chose Rufus Du Sol's "Animal" and mashed it with another tune by Madison Mars called "Ready Or Not" which turned out to be pretty unique! We currently drop it in our live sets.
Another is RY X - “Only” (Kaskade & Lipless Remix) - We love this tune! It's just so easy to fall into it and place it on repeat; it connects so well.
We'd have to say, lastly, Slumbajack with “RA” - super cool tune, really utilizes unique artistry within the tune and captures some pretty dope soundscapes overall :)
What does Painting With Dreams, which has been in the making for more than two years, mean to you guys?
A lot to be honest, for sure we've worked a hard two years on this album, but there's so many years behind it that helped cultivate what this album has turned into. We've learned so much coming from other sorts of the genres from the electronica world and adapting what we love about each and implementing them into newer ideas and productions. Painting With Dreams feels like a reality to us now, we have had an adventure leading up to this point, musically and in life. When it comes to art, in this case music, you can do whatever you want, but you can't always get the time to do it or even have the structural basis to push through it - but because of our fans, who we like to call our 'Tritonians' as well as our families, we've been able to achieve goals and write things we've never even dreamed of. That being said, this album has many different feelings to it which is what we wanted to portray; lyrically, emotionally, instrumentally and structurally. Finishing this album now turns us to a whole new chapter for Tritonal.
How would you describe the album as a whole?
It's an album that contains many feelings and emotions. We like to connect to the human element when producing and writing material. We feel this album does just that, delves into heart, speaks truth, and portrays our passion all in one.
How do you think you’ve grown as artists from the beginning of your careers to this point? How do you think Painting With Dreams represents that growth?
Exponentially! We still have far more to grow, but we've learned so much from this album. We've taken risks, we've pushed ourselves, tested our abilities and learned anew as well. As mentioned, we've worked nearly two years on this album, but there's quite a bit we've taken from so many years back. We've grown through different genres of music, as we love all music as a whole - taken what we've loved and moved forward with it. To answer it more simply, we feel that all of the years before this we've worked up to this point with many lessons, not just in music, but in our lives which can have an affect on our music. As we live our daily routines, travel, have families, struggles, happiness - there's just so many new emotions and old ones to take into account and apply to new pieces of music and art. You just kind of fuel yourself on these inspirations and use them as tools to write with.
Did you have a favorite vocalist that you worked with? Are there any personal memories and/or stories tied in with the vocals on the album?
Absolutely! First and foremost, we enjoyed working with each and every vocalist we've had the honor to work with on this album. A big shout out to you guys as well for putting in such killer work with us and helping us get this album to places it needs to be! We really enjoyed our work with Steph Jones, Adam Lambert and Angel Taylor as well - we all made memories together getting this finished. As for personal memories tied to any vocals on the album in terms of the production, we really felt touched by “Broken” with Jenaux and Adam Lambert, “Blackout” with Steph Jones and “Get Away” with Angel Taylor - good times!
Is there any song that is especially meaningful to you guys or one you are particularly proud of? Why?
For sure! We both really love melody and tapping into the emotional side of what music is, vocally and instrumentally. I'd have to say we really are especially proud of “Broken” with Jenaux and Adam Lambert, "Blackout" with Steph Jones and "Nothing Like Them" as they all fall into these categories and not only that, but we tried to be new and unique and just really traced down the heartbeat of each song.
Where does the name Painting With Dreams come from?
It comes from a place that is truly meaningful to us, as we mentioned earlier. We feel that we have so much to be thankful for, so much that we've learned (and still are) and because of the sacrifices that not only our families have made with us traveling, putting in countless hours in the studio to make something we feel is great, but our fans who have supported us to hell and back with this too! It really is a dream, we're thankful to be doing what we do, really! We feel we've put forth not just a collective of songs, but rather a piece of art and true memories to us.
What can people coming to see your shows expect from the album tour?
Definitely a show full of our album tunes, special mashups, remixes and a visual experience that they'll be able to take home and say “now THAT was a great night” - it's exciting!
When you’re approaching your album tour sets, how do you decide between playing the original, a mashup, a remix or an edit of your album tracks? What’s your favorite album track to play live?
Great question! We really love many of our songs on the album, but of course, you have to have a different head on when you're playing live vs. listening for enjoyment. We like to get everyone moving, so you'll probably hear us play a remix of one song and an original of another off our album. We've had such a good time playing "Broken" live - it's so cool to see those already knowing the lyrics and singing along! Just great!
For all the upcoming tour dates head to http://paintingwithdreams.com/. and to get your own copy of the album head here.
Connect with Tritonal: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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Rufus Du Sol vs. Madison Mars - Like A Ready Animal (Tritonal Mashup)
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Dom Dolla - You [SWEAT IT OUT!]
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Dom Dolla - You (The Aston Shuffle Remix)
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Tritonal vs. Martin Garrix vs. W&W - How Many Broken Love (Tritonal Mashup)
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Bali Bandits - SMACK! [HEXAGON]
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Flume ft. Tove Lo - Say It (Illenium Remix) [FUTURE CLASSIC]
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