Joe Stone Talks New Radio Show

May 25, 2016
Joe Stone Talks New Radio Show
On the heels of hits 'The Party', 'Freak', and 'Man Enough', we caught up with Joe Stone to talk about his new Sound of Stone Radio show, some of the tracks in the first episode, and some of his works in progress. Enjoy the mix as you read away!
Starting the Show
I’ve been waiting for a good moment to start the show. I started with Joe Stone last year so it’s better to start the show later once people know a little bit of your name. Getting the blueprint out for the radio show took the majority of my time. It took a while to finish the intro and voiceovers and it all takes time. Now finally I’ve managed to finish the first episode.
What to Expect in Sound of Stone
You can expect variety - a little of the underground sound, the house sound, some old classics, and the new future house sound. Although I don’t want to emphasize future house, you can’t go around it; it’s there. Even I’ve made a future house track and you can hear some elements from future house in my tracks with some effects. I think I’m going to show listeners what house music is all about on the whole scale except for electro house/EDM. I want to get people in the mood with the radio show, and showcase what’s new and also some old classics. The radio show can be tracks that you listen to in the car or at work, it can be a little bit different, and more easy going tracks that I wouldn’t play in a live show.
Maybe the first section is a little bit of the more commercial section, the middle section is more underground, and afterwards is more uplifting, weird or experimental stuff. Most of the tracks are from promos. I get a lot of promos so I want to let people hear the latest stuff. The music has to be interesting enough for the mainstream crowd at least to get introduced to house music and later I’ll take them to the underground stuff.
Joe Stone & Ferreck Dawn - Man Enough
The first episode was more like an introductory episode to Joe Stone so I wanted to put some more of my own tracks in there including Man Enough, The Party, and my remix of Freak by R3hab & Quintino. Ferreck and I met a few times at some parties and clicked immediately. Ferreck is very good with vocals and the inspiration for Man Enough was the vocal.
Odd Mob ft. Starley - Into You
Those guys are from Australia. They really have their own sound. It’s future house, but it’s different. I don’t think you can compare them to other future house producers.
Boeboe - Robbery
It was one of the last tracks. It’s very basic, very tight, and very simple, but I love the track.
Ghetto Blaster Section
I loved the sample when I was a kid. That’s a cool sample you know, “drop the ghetto blaster,” so I was thinking it would be cool to make an item out of it. It’s a little different from what other DJs are doing as well. Hopefully this brings something unique and a little bit of nostalgia. I love nostalgia as you can hear in my tracks. The Ghetto Blaster track can be anything though. For now I picked an old song, a drum & bass track. I loved drum & bass as a kid, so that’s why it was nice to put in the amazing track Incredible from M-Beat ft. General Levy. It brings back old memories.
New Collaboration with Ferreck Dawn
We went in the studio together again and for this next track, the sound is pretty different. Not an organ sound this time. I think I want to leave the organ sound behind so I will use maybe more piano or synth sounds. It’s very catchy and it’s a good vocal again. It’s more diva-like and the vocal is bigger. Man Enough is more laid down and this vocal is more powerful. Again, it’s a sampled vocal because Ferreck and I love sampling. I’m very excited about the release which should be very soon. I hope next month, but I can’t promise anything.
Works in Progress
There’s a collab with Lucas & Steve, but we don’t know where we are going with it, so that’s in the fridge for now. I’m busy with a very different track. It’s not experimental, but it sounds very different so I hope it works out. I’ve got some other IDs, but none are definitive yet, but you can definitely expect more new music!
Also be sure to give a listen to Joe's latest remix of EDX - Missing (ft. Mingue). Out next week on May 30th!

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Netsky ft. Digital Farm Animals - Work It Out (Digital Farm Animals Remix) [SONY]
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eSQUIRE & PETCH ft. Sian Evans - Losing My Mind [MWR]
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Humain ft. Donny Anderson - Empire (Made Of Gold) [SPINNIN' TALENT POOL]
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Joe Stone & Ferreck Dawn - Man Enough [SPINNIN']
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Toby Green - Everytime [HEXAGON]
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Joe Stone ft. Montell Jordan - The Party (This Is How We Do It) [SPINNIN']
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Axel Knox - All Night
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R3HAB & Quintino - Freak (Joe Stone Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
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Semedo & Curtis Gabriel - Some People Say [SELECTED.]
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Boeboe - Robbery [BLACK RAINBOW]
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Lucas & Steve - Can't Get Enough [SPINNIN' DEEP]
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Ghetto Blaster
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