Sep 17, 2021

MARTEN HØRGER's 'We're Back Tour' Exclusive Mix

September marks an exciting new chapter for the ultra talented German DJ/producer MARTEN HØRGER as he kicks off his “We’re Back Tour”! The self proclaimed prince of good vibes and creator of banging house music also just dropped a massive collaboration with fellow Top 101 Producer Nitti Gritti. Read on to get an inside look at “Want You,” remixing David Guetta and maintaining an infectious positivity, while MARTEN HØRGER’s Exclusive Mix represents 18 months of work in the studio and is filled to the brim with fresh IDs ready to rock stages and clubs across the globe on his upcoming tour. Let’s go!
Marten, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate the “We’re Back Tour”! How’s the excitement level heading into this run of show?
So happy to be here, my friends. Thank you for having me. Excitement Levels are at 4000!! Haha. Life is good right now and I’m incredibly grateful!
How are you preparing for the tour, and what can concert goers expect from your sets musically?
When the whole Corona Situation unfolded, I made the conscious decision to dedicate ALL of my time at home to writing music. Not knowing that it would be 18 months. But I pulled through. And now I’m bringing 18 months worth of energy, love and music with me. I’ve never been so prepared and ready in my whole career! 
Are there any particular dates that stand out to you in the upcoming run and why?
So, so many!! Most of these shows are in the US, which is always a treat. In just over a week I’m at Bootshaus, which is my fav club in the whole wide world. Also starting my new event series in my hometown of Stuttgart in October! 
But the big one I’m looking forward to most is my first big co-headline show at Academy in LA. It’s still a secret who’s joining me on that one, but I’m sure people will love the line up.
Earlier this summer you played your first shows since the pandemic began in Russia, what was the experience like? Did you feel any difference behind the decks compared to pre-covid?
Being home so much made me realize a few things. Amongst them was that I truly understood how precious life really is. Ever since, I’ve been even more motivated, prepared and on point with my shows than I was before. I’m fully focused on being the best I can be! 
That being said, Russia was probably the most emotional gig of my career so far because I got to play all the new music I worked on for the first time. And it all worked. I honestly cried a little… haha. 
Release wise, you’re just off a huge remix for David Guetta & Mistajam. How’d the chance for the remix come about? What elements of the original did you want to preserve, and how do you feel you made the track your own?
David hit me up on Instagram and asked me if I could turn his new single into a banger for him. I loved the piano house vibe of the original and left that pretty much unchanged, but turned the drop into a big, bangin, bass house song.
We saw that you mentioned on your socials that David even joined you on FaceTime to work on the remix. What was that like?
While making the remix I got stuck because I wanted to make it super special for David. So I sent him all of the ideas I had and asked him for advice. He video called me straight away – we had a great chat about life and music… and then he helped me finish the remix. He’s an incredibly awesome dude. A real inspiration!
You’ve also got a massive collab with Nitti Gritti. Do you remember when you first heard his music and/or met? What was your impression?
I have never met Ricky, but I’ve always been aware of his music. He’s a reeeeeally talented producer across all genres. Again, very inspiring to work with. Our song turned out to be super unique and epic!
What led you guys to work together on this track, and how do you think you’ve found a good blend between your sounds?
Similar to David Guetta, Ricky just hit me up on Instagram. He followed up with a few song ideas. "Want You" was the one that stood out for me. His original version was a 100 bpm thing. I flipped it on its head and turned it into what it is now. It's the perfect blend between the two of us in my opinion. I only realized way later that it’s him singing on the record too. 
Are there any other IDs in the mix or upcoming tracks that you can tell us about?
It's full of upcoming tracks of mine, my new collab with Neon Steve, the one with Nitti... and a really special remix that I was asked to do by a big UK drum n bass legend. I also sprinkled in IDs from my friends. You guys will love it!!
You always stand out for your smile and energy, so as we close things out, we’re curious if you have any tips for maintaining such a positive outlook and always bringing the good vibes?
I set myself the goal to create a life where I only do what I want, when I want... and with whom I want. And amazingly, it became a reality. So there is literally nothing left that I could be sad about. It's good vibes only 24/7!
You can find all of MARTEN HØRGER's tour dates here:
Nitti Gritti & MARTEN HØRGER - "Want You" is available on your platform of choice:
MARTEN HØRGER's remix of David Guetta & Mistajam - "If You Really Love Me" is available on your platform of choice:
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