DUBOSS - Voyage, Voyage (Imanbek Edit)

Mr. Afterparty Launches Stream City Live

May 21, 2020
Mr. Afterparty Launches Stream City Live
Today, we’re excited to share the news of Mr. Afterparty’s new live stream series. Partnering together with BSH Events, get ready for a spectacular musical journey through the cultural treasures of the world’s best cityscapes, with Stream City Live.
The first event launches in Dubrovnik, Croatia at 6pm CET this Sunday, May 24th from the ancient walls of The Pearl of the Adriatic. Emphasizing the cultural heritage of the city, its signature character and unique architecture, never before seen drone footage shot during this time of quarantine will dazzle.  
The stream will feature live DJ sets from two separate locations – the Lazzaretti, as well as the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik, while taking you on a cultural journey to the most beautiful spots of the city. Starting with Mathame's “Nothing Around Us” on Afterlife played by a pianist and a violinist from two different sites, you will be introduced to the DJ sets at sunset as you are shown the two perspectives of the city by day and by night.
All proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the International Red Cross and local charities in aid of COVID-19.
Stream City Volume 1:
Dubrovnik - The World’s 1st Quarantine
Sunday, May 24th - 6pm CET
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