Jay Hardway Talks Massive The Him Collaboration

Apr 24, 2018
Jay Hardway Talks Massive The Him Collaboration
Last Friday, Jay Hardway dropped his eagerly anticipated collaboration with The Him, “Jigsaw.” Featuring in his live sets significantly over the last year, the track’s been a hot ID for quite some time, and after finally unveiling the official details, the track shot up our charts to the #1 Trending Track while it was being promo’d. With such a buzz around the release, we were psyched to catch up with Jay, and get a long look at the collaboration!

It looks like you’ve been playing “Jigsaw” for quite some time now, as we’ve got the first play down 13 months ago on Slam! Can you talk to us a little about the evolution of the track to the version that we hear today?
Yes I have been playing this track for about a year now! The Him and I started this project because we liked each other's music and we were curious to find out if we could blend our styles together in one track! So once we had the first version we decided to road test it to check out the response and find out if we should make some adjustments. At that time we only had one break, and because of the busy summer for both of us, we couldn't finish it until late 2017. So that's why it took so long!

Going back a bit further to the start, do you remember the first time that you met the guys from The Him and/or heard their music? What was your impression?
The first track I heard from The Him was “Feels Like Home” which I really really liked. I loved how they picked their sounds and the way the mix sounded as well. We also had the same publisher (Universal Music Publishing Netherlands) so we got in contact really easily.

How did things progress from there? What brought you guys together to work on this track specifically?
I always look for collabs with people who inspire me, musically and personally. I loved how down to earth the guys from The Him are and I loved their music. So we weren't really pushing for a collab, but we decided to have some fun in the studio (this usually works the best when making music in my opinion). I had a break melody and chords which they really liked, but it was still very basic. So we decided to work from there. In a couple of hours we already had the project that turned out to be “Jigsaw.”

What’s your favorite element of “Jigsaw” and why?
I really like how surprisingly the drop comes in. It's not really hard, but it also isn't really 'deep' so to say. So it's a track you can play in an opening set or a headlining set. If you plan it well, it always works haha!

The early support has been out of this world, and the track surged to #1 on our Trending Tracks chart. Did you have any indication that the DJ support would be so big when you were producing the track? What do you feel makes “Jigsaw” so accessible to other DJs?
I did not expect to have so much DJ support this early on! Mostly because we have been playing it ourselves for a year already and then you kinda forget how much you like the track yourself. So to see all of this support immediately after the promo went out is amazing. I think it's really accessible to a lot of DJs because it works well in a club, at a festival or in the car. I think it’s hard enough for a mainstage set, and “soft” enough for cruising around in your car haha.

How have you been using the track in your sets and what’s the response been like?
Like I said, it's a track which can work really well if you plan it right (like with almost every track when you DJ haha). I usually play it towards the end of my set, give people a little break, but also give them a bunch of energy again when the drop hits. In my opinion the track just has a really good energy.

We’ve got to ask you about another ID while we have you as there is a recent Jay Hardway and Mesto ID that is popping up on the site. Can you confirm that and/or tell us any more info there?
Can't tell you anything about that ID yet I'm afraid ;) BUT I am working with Mesto in the studio and we are really happy with what we are working on :)

And as we start looking ahead towards the summer, what are some tour dates that you are particularly excited about?
Sziget is one I'm really looking forward to. I played in 2016 and I'm super excited to be back. There are some other unannounced festivals, including a HUGE one I'm really excited about, but unfortunately I can't tell you yet. More info about that very soon!
Jay Hardway & The Him – “Jigsaw” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
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