Robert Falcon's Exclusive Mix

Nov 09, 2017
Robert Falcon's Exclusive Mix
Robert Falcon is on a production tear at the moment and he’s delivered an outstanding Exclusive Mix & Story highlighting his new music. Containing 100% Robert Falcon material and mashups, his Mix includes first listens to his collaborations with Suyano and HIDDN, as well as special live edits straight from his sets. In his story he takes us inside his collaborations with Yves V and Sam Feldt, and also shares some of his major touring accomplishments this year.
How’d you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does your track selection compare to your club sets currently?
It was time to make a set with all of my music from the past two years in one mixtape. I’ve also included some small edits/mashups that I use in my sets so the Mix is a good combination of club and radio tracks.

Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in your Mix and why they stand out to you?
1. Sephyx – one of the most promising producers of the moment for me. It was great to work together on “Heart Of Gold” and I really liked that we were able to combine our styles and make two versions of “Heart Of Gold.” I'm so happy about how the release turned out! Check out both the Original and Hardstyle Mix.

2. Suyano – It was amazing to work together on our new track “Loved By You” that will be released December 1 on AFTR:HRS! We spent the day in the studio together to get this track finished after a lot of time sending stuff back and forth over the internet and the workflow and inspiration he had was so cool. It was really special to combine that with my style to create something really unique!
3. Tom Swoon – one of my favorite guys when it comes to putting energy in his productions and being innovative. Still so happy that he did his edit of “Mirage.” Maybe it's time again for a new project together next year! ;-)

Let’s set the stage for your massive collab “Riders On The Storm” with Yves V. Do you remember the first time you heard his music and/or met Yves? What was your impression?
Yves V is one of the biggest Belgian guys in the scene. He's such a nice and kind person in general and it was amazing to work with him on this track. The first time we met in person was a few months ago and then after we worked on the track, we met a few times to work in the studio and to play at festivals together and create some cool promo material! It was always a lot of fun! :D

What brought you guys together to collaborate on the track? Can you talk about the initial inspiration and refreshing such an iconic The Doors vocal?
As soon as I received the vocal idea from Troy, I pitched it directly to Yves. He also fell in love with the vocal and cover idea and then we met a few times in the studio to wrap the track up. We kept the old school theme and added a big drop to it.

Your collab “World Can Wait” with Sam Feldt showcases another side of your productions. Can you take us through the production process for that track? What do you like about working on tracks with more crossover potential?
I’ve known Sam already for a long time now and we've always said we had to do something together that combines our styles into one track. For me it was nice to use some flutes (like I also did in my upcoming track with Suyano) and to try something totally different.
We also felt like the track needed a big club mix to give the record more power to play it in our DJ sets! It was funny to me to see that some guys thought the club mix he played at Ultra [full set and tracklist] was a remix by somebody else. Our club mix of “World Can Wait” will come out before the end of this year!
Celebrating that release, you got to close out Sam’s Heartfeldt Pool Party during ADE, so how was that show?
Amazing! One of the best parties with such a good vibes. It was fully packed and I really loved playing there!! ADE this year in general was really good for me. It's nice to finally meet all of the guys in person whom you worked/are working with!

Among many others this year you’ve played big shows in China and India, and are going to be rocking Maya Music Festival in Thailand. What has your experience been like traveling and playing in Asia? What makes the crowds unique there compared to the rest of the world?
It's always been a dream to play my music live at my gigs, but doing it across the world is something you can't describe. The crowds are always so nice and energetic that I'm already looking forward to my next tour in December! Also playing at Maya Music Festival is a big step for me. If you look at the lineup, it includes guys like Flume and Robin Schulz. I just can't describe how proud I am of this!

What does the future hold in store for you? What are some of your personal goals for 2018?
2018 will be a year full of new musical adventures! I can't say a lot about what's coming up, but expect a lot of new tracks and unexpected collabs next year. My goal is to keep doing what I love, just like I'm doing at this moment. :-) 
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Full tracklist info available at Robert Falcon - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2017-11-09
Robert Falcon & Shaan - Mirage (Tom Swoon Remode) [ARMADA]
21x 1x 1x
Suyano & Robert Falcon - Loved By You [AFTR:HRS (MUSICAL FREEDOM)]
38x 1x 1x
Yves V vs. Robert Falcon ft. Troy Denari - Riders On The Storm [SPRS (SPINNIN')]
52x 1x 1x
Robert Falcon & RIVERO - The End [METANOIA]
3x 0x 1x
Vigel & Robert Falcon - I'll Be Waiting [ARMADA TRICE]
49x 2x 2x
Sam Feldt & Robert Falcon - World Can Wait (Club Mix) [SPINNIN']
7x 0x 1x
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Sam Feldt & Robert Falcon - World Can Wait (VIP Mix)
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Robert Falcon & Quintino vs. Calvin Harris & Alesso ft. Hurts - Under Control Raptor (Robert Falcon Mashup)
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Calvin Harris & Alesso ft. Hurts - Under Control [COLUMBIA (SONY)]
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Robert Falcon - Raptor [SPINNIN' PREMIUM]
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Robert Falcon - F2DB [SKINK]
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Robert Falcon - 100 000 [FREE]
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Quintino vs. Yellow Claw - Underground Shotgun (Robert Falcon Mashup)
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D-wayne & Robert Falcon - Think Of Me [WALL]
24x 0x 1x
Maddix & LoaX - Showdown (Robert Falcon Vocal Edit) [REVEALED]
51x 2x 1x
Eva Shaw vs. The Chainsmokers - Habits U (Robert Falcon Mashup)
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David Guetta vs. Madison Mars ft. Sia - Bang My Atom (Robert Falcon Mashup)
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Robert Falcon & KEVU & Vendark - Kartel [REVEALED]
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Robert Falcon & Sentinel vs. Justin Bieber - What Do You Warru (Robert Falcon Mashup)
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Robert Falcon & HIDDN - This Should Be Over [ARMADA]
7x 1x 1x
Carta & Robert Falcon - Love Shouldn't Be So Hard [SOURCE (SPINNIN')]
21x 1x 1x
Mark With A K & Robert Falcon - Warrior [NOIZE JUNKY]
8x 1x 0x
Robert Falcon & Sephyx - Heart Of Gold (Hardstyle Mix) [REVEALED]
Ghades (58.6k)
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