Dechard: Starting The Year With A Bang

Jan 06, 2020
Dechard: Starting The Year With A Bang
Dechard, aka Riccardo, is an Italian producer living in the States and has a unique background in his journey to dance music. We caught up with him fresh off the release of a massive new single, “Light The Way” featuring Kriss Kiss to get some inside scoop on the track and the latest happenings in his world. 
Hey Riccardo, thanks for joining us today! For any readers unfamiliar, can you please introduce yourself? What kind of sounds are you going for with your productions currently? 
Hi guys! Thank you so much for having me. I’m a music producer based between California and Italy. During the past few years I’ve been making soundtracks for TV productions and some clothing brands, so I’m happy to drop this single at the end of 2019. It's a dance music track including many EDM influences that inspired me over this last decade, I hope you like it! 
Let's jump right into “Light The Way”! How did you come to work with Kriss Kiss and how do you think the vocal complements the production? 
Kris Kiss is a very talented singer who collaborated with many popular artists such as Steve Aoki, Hardwell and Don Diablo. When I heard his previous works I definitely wanted him on the production, he accepted and did a great job on the track. The lyrics are very uplifting and I think he nailed it. 
Have you had the chance to play “Light The Way” out in your sets?
“Light The Way” has been released this week so I’m planning some events to promote the single while I’m in Italy these next two months. I recently had the chance to DJ at some venues back in LA like Universal City Walk, Avalon Hollywood, Egyptian Theatre and LA Fashion Week. 
How did you first get into producing and DJing? How old were you and what has your evolution been like from then to now? 
I started my journey as a producer so in this case DJing is complementary in order to show what I’ve been doing in the studio. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 23 and during the first two years I had the chance to experiment, grow and get confident with my skills. After having produced tunes for other artists/brands I just wanted to express personal thoughts and experiences through my own stuff. 
Who are three artists currently inspiring you the most? 
I’ll tell you three artists I find really inspiring in chronological order: Quincy Jones, Daft Punk and Diplo. 
If you could pick any artist to collaborate with, who would you choose? 
Maybe I would search for collaborators in places you don’t expect, where the music scene is prominent but not saturated yet. I've seen many artists from Latin America coming out recently and I think in the upcoming years we’ll have more of those international vibes besides the USA and Europe. 
Are there any upcoming releases that you can tell us about? 
I can feel a lot of changes lately and took the whole year to give a solid direction to the music project. I prefer to keep it as a surprise for 2020, so stay tuned and you’ll see :) 
What is your favorite career accomplishment to date, and what is one goal that you're hoping to achieve in 2020?
Even though I feel grateful I’ve already had the chance to go through different projects and situations in the music industry, I think the best moment of my journey is still to come. I think 2020 will be a very interesting year for me and many other music creators. 
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