Mokita: Armada's Rising Star

Feb 20, 2017
Mokita: Armada's Rising Star
Today we are excited to showcase Mokita (John-Luke Carter), one of Armada’s newest talents. His debut Armada release featuring CADE – “Monopoly” has been a worldwide hit with over 8 million Spotify streams, and he’s now followed that up with brand new track “Heaven.” John-Luke joined us to discuss both tracks and his big plans for 2017 including his new live show!
Hearing a Nashville, Tennessee guy is one of the upcoming stars at Armada definitely caught us off guard, but is super cool! Can you describe your journey leading to getting discovered by and becoming a part of Armada?
Once I had finished my second single “Monopoly,” Armada reached out, offering to release the song as a single. I’m new to the dance world, but once I realized how many great artists they had on their roster, it seemed like a no brainer. They were so supportive and encouraging, and once I made the trip out to Amsterdam everything just felt right for me to be a part of their team. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them. It’s really a cool thing when a label gives you space to be creative and lets you have freedom to create music that you really love.
“Monopoly” with CADE really burst you onto the scene and became a hit track. Can you describe the reception to “Monopoly” in your own eyes and how your world has changed since releasing that track?
It’s been incredible to see how the track has been received. I knew from the moment we finished it that it was special, but I didn’t think it would blow up the way it did. The success of “Monopoly” has opened up a ton of opportunities for me, which has been amazing. I’ve gotten to work with a ton of great artists and writers because of that track.
Can you describe to us the production process behind “Monopoly” and working with CADE?
One thing I’ve always loved is minimalistic production. If you can find one or two sounds that make you feel something emotional, you know it’s special. I started that track with a simple electric guitar riff, a pad, and a vocal sample. As soon as I received CADE’s topline on it, I immediately started trying to finish it up. His melodies and his voice on the track just fit the vibe perfectly. CADE and I were hooked up through my manager. CADE is out in LA so we communicated through email the whole time. The first time we ever met in person was actually at the video shoot for “Monopoly.”
“Monopoly” also features a really nice remix package. Is there any particular remix that stands out to you? Why?
All of the remixes are really great, but the Boehm remix stood out just because it was so different. I’ve always liked Boehm’s productions, so having him do a remix of one of my songs was a cool moment.
And here we are today at your big release of “Heaven”! Can you tell us a little about the initial inspiration and songwriting process?
My approach to production is always different depending on the song. There was a basic idea that I had written on piano that I brought into a writing session with my buddy Andrew. I recorded a super basic pad and piano with a minimal drum beat, and then we wrote the whole song to that. I gradually added more elements, but it started from a super basic foundation.
The initial inspiration of the song really just came from this idea that you could have everything in the world and even feel like you are in heaven, but if the person you love isn’t there to share it with you, then “heaven” becomes a lonely place.
Are you doing any sort of live show, acoustic sets, or DJ sets at the moment? What’s it like playing these songs out?
That is currently the next step for me! I’m super pumped to start playing live shows, and the last month has been dedicated to forming a live setup. It’s always fun to create these songs in the studio, but I’m definitely ready to share them to people in a live setting.
What other plans for this year can you share with us?
I’ve been working hard this year! There’s a lot of things that I’m super excited about putting out. I’ve got some really rad remixes coming out this year and have been writing new material for my own project. The transition to singing on my own tracks has been something that has opened so many more creative opportunities for me.
Mokita “Heaven” is avaiable to stream/download on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Mokita: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter 

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