Tindaro & Jim Cash - "Masai"

Feb 16, 2017
Tindaro & Jim Cash - "Masai"
Jim Cash and Tindaro are a duo out of Switzerland who have just released a super energetic and groove track on Art&Music called “Masai.” Get the lowdown on how the guys decided to work together, how “Masai” was born, and where they hope to take their project this year. Be sure to also grab your free copy of “Masai”!
How did you guys come to work together?
We met by chance during a gig in a club; we were playing in different rooms and had never met previously. When I ended my set I went to take a look around and heard Tindaro playing – that moment is when everything started. Our music was in sync and our ideas and styles matched beautifully. Initially we started playing together as duo and after a while, driven by passion and by consciousness of the fact that without proper productions you can’t aim to become a big shot in the music industry, we started creating new tracks as Tindaro & Jim Cash.

What do you like about working with each other?
Jim Cash: Aside from his patience, I like his dedication and professionalism in following through with his projects.

Tindaro: I like his ideas, and his ability to find the humour in everything. Moreover, I am thankful for his kindness.

We have very similar ideas on many things. This also reflects in our productions: even if we seldom have contrasting ideas on what to produce, we always find a way to make something that works for both of us in a constructive way.
How does it feel to have your debut single on Art&Music and already have support from Promise Land, Quintino, and other big artists?
We are very satisfied by the hard work that we put into actualizing our projects. Hearing big names playing our track is a huge honour, something that is paying us back for all of the sacrifices and energy invested into the production process. We owe all of this to Art&Music Recording for believing in our projects.
Can you talk about how you went about producing “Masai”? Seems like you were aiming to merge big room electro with groove.
We wanted to create a particular groove, different from all others. Something that can make our track easily recognizable on the first listen. We were looking for an energetic sound: something that drags you around without making you want to stop dancing and with a breakdown to die for. Indeed, we believe the breakdown is the strongest part of our track. We called the track “Masai” because the vocal is from an African tribe and so we’ve searched for a title fit for this vibe.
How has “Masai” been going down for you guys in your sets?
We believe that this track has a great potential. One of the things that satisfied us the most is watching people dancing hard to it when we play. As DJs, you can immediately see if the dance floor loves a track. By checking all of the support that we’ve received we also noticed that DJs easily mix it, making the track drop with lot of energy.
Who are some of the artists currently inspiring you?
We are inspired by artists such as Kryder, WILL K, Tom Staar, and Eddie Thoneick! We love their groove and the innovation that they put into their productions and this is the reason why we are really working hard. We want to make our own sound and create a strong sound identity, one thing that has also happened with the help of Art&Music Studios.
Any big plans for you guys in the next couple of months?
It was always hard for us to get out of Switzerland. This is why we chose to release on a great label such as Art&Music Recording. Here in Ticino where we live, there are really no opportunities to emerge. Our project is turning our passion into a job. We already have lot of new tunes that we are developing and nice gigs where we will play, but now our main goal for this year is to keep on producing quality music and gain as much support as possible. Create a strong musical identity and finally break down the global musical market.
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