Jun 10, 2022

Avilo Is Back With 'La Vida'

Today we're joined by Chicago based DJ/producer Avilo, who's back with an EP on NoFace Records after rediscovering and fine-tuning his sound over the last year. Avilo joins us to discuss both tracks on the the 'La Vida' EP as well as the sounds and influences that define him as an artist!  
Avilo, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your upcoming EP La Vida on NoFace Records! It's been a long break of releases, so what have you been up to? Why after so long are you releasing an EP instead of just a single?
Over the last year, I’ve rediscovered and fine-tuned my sound. I have also retained my songwriting and melodic motifs as a producer while diving deeper into the house music scene. Most importantly, I’ve refined my sound design and writing style; where previously there was a commercial topline driven sound, now lies a darker bassline groove focused sound. La Vida, meaning “to life,” will contain my first two releases revolving around my newly redefined sound. 
How would you describe your style as both a DJ and a producer? 
As a producer, I try to push my own abilities as well as the boundaries of the house genre with every production. This effort makes every production of mine different in its own way. My EP La Vida, for example, began 6 months ago with a personal challenge to myself to use primarily Latin drum samples while still creating a house music record. The music took on a life of its own in the studio, resulting in a fitting Latin topline, and a fake drop that I included at the last minute. In my opinion, this recent addition not only brings the record to life, but separates it from other Latin house productions. 
How much would you say that your city of Chicago has influenced your sound?
Chicago has greatly influenced my sound, from the locals that often play here like INPHINITY and Alex Kislov, who I feel as if I’m learning from every time I’m able to catch one of their live sets, to the Chicago artists I’ve been able to get into the studio with like Très Mortimer, Maximo Quinones and Benny Ohm. Chicago is the birthplace of house music and tech house, so it’s a great city to take influence from when being a house music artist.
Living in the city where it all began, what are the current trends that you're seeing in house music, and where do you see it going?
There are two popular trends in house right now that have grown exponentially in the past few months. The first can be seen in progressive house; not the progressive house of old, but a new more organic inspired sound. The progressive house of new is characterized by arpeggiated lead synthesizers and its off-beat bassline patterns. The second, which I see taking the house scene by storm, is minimal Latin house. Latin inspired leads, short sweet drums, subtle builds, short phrases on the basslines, and minimal breakdowns. The rapidly increasing popularity of this sound is unsurprising given the strong support from top tier labels like Repopulate Mars and Cloonee's newly established Hellbent Records. I see both sounds completely dominating the house music scene this upcoming summer.
I actually see house music moving towards what I often like to use in my headline sets – a ravey, tech house based sound. In particular, I appreciate the detuned or acid synthesizers and tech house style basslines that are more focused in mid bass frequencies instead of the sub. And I’m not the only one – Disfreq’s “Gotta Be Big” and Adapter’s “Pattack” are the latest top 10 charting ravey tech house tracks getting big time support in sets. I believe this sound will continue to grow into next year’s top house music trend.
What’s keeping you inspired and motivated on a daily basis? 
More often than not, my inspiration is to show myself I am capable of reaching my lofty goals, so that one day I’ll look back satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. I’m also inspired by my girlfriend, who doubles as my number one fan. She pushes me forward when I doubt myself, and I strive to make her proud to be with me. I’m also motivated by the unwavering support of my close friends and family.
Reflecting for a moment on the past two years, what have been some of the challenges of the pandemic for you, and what have been some of the positives? 
The lack of ability to play live and explore my style as a DJ was greatly affected by the pandemic. It was hard to find true focus in the studio with all of my productions sounding quite different. It wasn’t until everything opened up again that I was truly able to find my sound in the studio. Not being able to maintain important connections in the club scene also greatly affected the amount of opportunities I was able to get coming out of the pandemic. Although those opportunities are picking up again, I had a serious rough patch in getting opportunities when everything first reopened.
With all the extra time I was provided with during the pandemic I had a lot more time to focus on my music production. I was able to work on a lot of fundamental concepts of songwriting as well as producing that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to had I not been given that time. The downtime also allowed me to develop closer connections with those who I was already close to. I believe that developing a great support system and understanding with those close to me will be a strong force with my music moving forward.
Can you share your vision and plans for moving forward? Do you have other releases already lined up? Are there any big collaborations with other artists coming up?
I have multiple label releases lined up actually, and they will be announced in due time. I’m really just getting warmed up with this release; in the next few months you should expect to be hearing a lot more from me. As far as upcoming collaborations, I have tracks in the works with Rory Hope, Anna Sophia, BLUPRNT, ALWZ SNNY, Très Mortimer, St. Sinny, MaTi and Benny Ohm. 
You can stream Avilo - 'La Vida' on Spotify today! https://open.spotify.com/album/0zF8gap5tjpUd1a7BQJ6t5?si=XVQHfpiDRtGJkS9fipsUnw 
Connect with Avilo: Spotify | SoundCloud | Instagram
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