D.O.D Gears Up For Debut ADE Event [Exclusive Mix & Story]

Oct 11, 2018
D.O.D Gears Up For Debut ADE Event [Exclusive Mix & Story]
Over the past several years no artist has worked harder than D.O.D to continually innovate their signature sound, and Dan’s trademark Future Jack productions can be heard in the sets of almost every major DJ and at every major music festival. Now firmly entrenched in the Axtone team, his career continues to grow and develop and this year at ADE, Dan will take another exciting step forward by hosting his own debut event. To celebrate we caught up with Dan to get an inside look at D.O.D & Friends, the message and meaning behind donating 100% of the event’s profits to MIND, a mental health organization focused on raising awareness of mental health issues, as well as his new music. Listen closely to his Exclusive Mix as he’s selected some of his favorite tracks from artists included on his lineup as well as some signature IDs!
Dan, thanks for joining us today, and as the excitement for ADE continues to grow, let’s dive right into your own debut event. Can you tell us some more about how long doing your own event has been a goal, and what made now the right time to bring that idea to life?
Doing my own ADE party has been something that I’ve always wanted to do, but the moment has to be right for your profile as an artist. Me and the team decided this year would be great to do my very first event. I’m really happy with how everything has come together. Big up to my management team Simon & Edd from Axtone for all of their hard work on this project.

What can partygoers expect from your event? Is there a certain vibe that you are trying to cultivate?
Expect nothing but good vibes & some HUGE special guests! ‘D.O.D & Friends’ is all about bringing that party vibe back to the dance floor. I feel that a lot of parties nowadays are far too serious (including some of the DJs!). Our industry should be a fun thing to be involved in. I’m going to create a vibe that will make the partygoers forget about anything negative going on in their lives. Straight up house & Future Jack vibes all night long.

I've just announced the second phase of artists playing on the night... Sander van Doorn, Moksi, Merk & Kremont & Magnificence are the latest additions.

I’ll also be doing merch giveaways and a demo drop before the event too. This will be held at Martin's Social Club 21:00-22:00 on the day of the show.

Tell us some more about how you picked the lineup and highlight a few things that to you makes the artists included special.
The lineup was chosen from artists who I respect on a talent level, but also those I'm close friends with beyond the DJ life. There are no egos involved in my event. As I mentioned earlier, nothing but good vibes and great people coming together to celebrate dance music.

In addition to the already massive lineup there will also be some huge unannounced special guests doing surprise sets on the night.

You’ve also announced that 100% of the profits from the event are going to Mind Charity – an organization focused on raising awareness of mental health issues. It’s such an important issue in not just today’s music landscape, but also society as a whole. Can you talk to us about your decision to use the profits in this way?
I've been going through a rough patch the last 12 months with health problems which has made touring pretty much impossible, but I’ve had full support from those closest to me, which has kept me in a positive mental mindset. Others maybe feel like they don’t have that support.

Mental health charities like MIND offer support for those in need. Mental health charity organisations are super underfunded and they need as much help as possible. Even if I don’t raise a ton of money, I’ll raise awareness, which is just as important.

Do you have any advice, stories or encouragement for both music professionals and the general population when it comes to mental health? What helps you to keep balance in your life?
Alcohol & drugs are probably the main factor in the majority of mental health issues in touring musicians in my personal opinion. When you’ve been travelling for 30+ hours, it’s easy just to grab the bottle and party the night away to combat the tiredness, but it only makes you feel worse. What makes you feel better if you feel hungover from the night before? More booze. It’s a vicious cycle, especially with a busy tour schedule.

It’s all about finding the right balance with the amount of partying that you do. That combined with working out, eating healthy and trying to get a decent amount of sleep should keep you on track. This works for me, but everyone is different.

Turning our attention to your music, as we’re sure you’ve got loads of new IDs lined up, what can you tell us about some of your upcoming productions?
You know me too well! As always I’ve been a workhorse in the studio attempting to create the sound of 2019. I’ve been testing the water with a lot of different stuff recently, obviously keeping the basis of my signature Future Jack sound, but in a more developed, forward thinking form.

Within your Exclusive Mix, are there any particularly standout tracks or artists that you wanted to spotlight?
As with the majority of my mixes, there’s a lot of exclusive IDs but also some of my favourite records from each of the artists playing for D.O.D & Friends. I’ve taken a slightly different angle on this mix, warming things up for my ADE show. The mix also features my brand new collab "Let It Go" with Sander Van Doorn.

Anything else that you wanted to mention about your event or the rest of your ADE schedule?
It’s going to be a great week, you can catch me at the Nameless Festival Showcase on October 18th & Sander van Doorn & Friends on the 19th. I’ll also be hitting up all of my DJ friends' parties too, so no doubt you’ll see me roaming the streets of Amsterdam at 6am.
Make sure to join D.O.D as well as the 1001Tracklists team on Wednesday, October 17th at Martin's Social Club by securing your tickets now! http://bit.ly/DODade2018 
If you'd like to support Dan's fundraising efforts for MIND, you can donate here even if you're unable to attend: http://bit.ly/DODadeDONATE
Connect with D.O.D: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Full tracklist info available at D.O.D - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix (ADE Special) 2018-10-11
Too Many Zooz vs. KDA - Warriors (Armand Van Helden Remix) [MINISTRY OF SOUND]
33x 1x 1x
Dombresky & Noizu - Rave Alarm [TECHNE]
56x 1x 1x
Mason Maynard - False Truths [SOLä]
24x 0x 1x
Leftwing & Kody - Snap Back [DESOLAT]
23x 1x 0x
Steven Cee - Somebody (Martin Ikin Remix) [AUDIOWHORE]
4x 0x 1x
Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo pres. Anti Up - Pizza [MINISTRY OF SOUND]
121x 1x 1x
Chris Lake & Green Velvet - Deceiver [BLACK BOOK]
166x 1x 1x
D.O.D - Stop It [AXTONE]
[18-10-11 20:19:54]Guest
GotSome ft. Get Along Gang - Bassline (Acappella) [DEFECTED]
Diriger (81.2k)
50x 1x 1x
Tchami - Aurra [CONFESSION]
53x 1x 1x
D.O.D - Fandango [AXTONE]
Diriger (81.2k)
Sigma - Anywhere (Wh0 Remix) [3BEAT]
6x 3x 1x
PAX - Every Night [ABODE]
17x 0x 1x
Dillon Nathaniel - Riot [HOUSELINE]
5x 0x 1x
Wheats vs. Empire Of The Sun - Walking Kassia (D.O.D Mash-up)
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Wheats - Kassia [TOOLROOM TRAX]
51x 1x 1x
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Acappella) [EMI]
254x 1x 0x
Tom Staar - Flight Of The Buzzard [ARMADA]
113x 1x 0x
D.O.D vs. Chemical Brothers - Hey Sedative (D.O.D Mashup)
Diriger (81.2k)
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D.O.D - Sedative
The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl [VIRGIN]
249x 1x 2x
D.O.D & Sander van Doorn - Let It Go [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
67x 1x 2x
Shapov vs. MEG \ NERAK - Everybody [AXTONE]
303x 1x 2x
Icarus - Echoes [FFRR (PARLOPHONE)]
46x 0x 0x
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