Nov 14, 2016

Kryder: Leader Of The Groove Cartel

One of the busiest and hardest working guys in the dance music scene, Kryder is faced with the challenge of balancing his work between his and good buddy Tom Staar’s new Cartel label on Spinnin’, his independent and forward thinking Sosumi Records label, and his own producing and touring. In addition to this, each week he churns out one of the hottest radio shows, Kryteria, packed full of IDs. We sat down with Kryder to dive deeper into his roles with each label, his relationship with Tom, and look into some of his upcoming music.
You now have the Cartel label in addition to your Sosumi label. How do you balance your time with everything?
That’s a good question! [laughs] It is extremely hard, and I’m just glad I have such good teams working with me and sharing the load. I have two separate teams for A&R and management involved with both labels. We look for two different sounds. The Sosumi sound is pure club music, whether it’s drum influenced or bass influenced stuff. It’s more about giving up and coming artists, in addition to established artists, a voice to be heard on a global scale. It takes our networks, what we believe in and our sound, and gives a platform for DJs to be heard.
The Cartel label is a joint project between me and Tom Staar and a different kind of thing. It’s more of sample based stuff, like Old Colombian folk tracks, and this kind of Latino influenced house but more housey and techy with regards to the sound and style. I love them both, but I think they’re two different platforms.
Do you tend to do A&R for both and then decide if a track fits one label more than the other?
Exactly. Recently I’ve had tracks that were sent to Sosumi, but I’ve found them to be more of a Cartel record. So I will put those in a folder in a shared Dropdox with Spinnin’. Every couple of weeks we’ll choose some releases from those tracks.
What’s it like working with Tom on the label? Obviously you’re close friends and have DJ’d and produced a lot together, but what’s it like working with Tom on this project?
I’ve known Tom for so many years now. Musically, we’re really on the same page. In the studio, we always get results, and it’s a lot of fun as well which I think is really important. We’re kind of selfish and make the music for ourselves and our own sets – what we believe we want to put out in our DJ sets and what it’s about for us. We’re lucky and very honored that people like what we do and like our sound and want to take that sound and use it in their own DJ sets. That’s kind of a bonus, really, when you approach something from making it for yourself.
You have your Sosumi event today. What’s it like to be able to showcase these guys at an event like this?
It’s an achievement for me because it’s something that I wanted when I set out with Sosumi – to give that platform to those artists. It’s good to give these guys an opportunity to play internationally. We do events around the world, and some of these guys had never played in a different country before. For me to be able to offer that, it’s something of an achievement for myself and a good feeling. It’s exciting to create kind of a family that’s all pushing the same sort of sound together.
What does the rest of the year and beginning of next year look like for you?
The end of this year I’m going to be working with some of my all-time heroes. I actually just signed a record to Erick Morillo’s Subliminal label. He was someone who helped me get into dance music a long time ago and it’s an honor to be releasing on his label. I also have another release coming up on Cartel. And I’m currently working on remixes for Bassment Jaxx and Galantis. We have the Cartel tour and are taking the Cartel brand around North America. On top of all that, we’ll continue to sign more music and develop the brand.
You can always find the latest music from Kryder and his labels in his weekly Kryteria Radio show. We exclusively have all of the tracklists for you here.
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