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Behind The Album With Lost Frequencies

Nov 07, 2016
Behind The Album With Lost Frequencies
After bursting onto the dance music scene with his hit “Are You With Me,” Felix De Laet, better known as Lost Frequencies, has continued his rise into one of dance music’s superstars. Drawing influences from a variety of genres to cultivate his unique sound, he’s performed across the globe and has hosted a variety of Lost Frequencies & Friends parties from places like Tomorrowland to most recently ADE. We caught up with him to get the story behind his album, Less Is More, getting a deeper look into the inspiration, production, and integration of his album tracks.
What's the reception been like to your album Less Is More since the release?
It's been amazing. My Twitter account has been bumping. When I woke up the morning of the album release, it was like waking up on your birthday. You turn on your phone and get all these messages and receive all this love and I was just so happy with all of the feedback. A lot of people are listening to the album all the way through. I'm really looking forward my shows in one or two months and having people singing all of the tracks from the album. I'm just really excited.
How did you come to pick the title, Less Is More?
Two years ago when I did my first promo radio, I went to this Belgian radio station and had a discussion where someone from a label said to me, "You know, your track "Are You With Me" - it's such a small production and it's such a big hit, it's really less is more." And then six months ago when I was trying to decide on the name of the album, I thought about that discussion. It's not necessarily how I feel, it's just the description of my sound.
What do you think unifies the tracks on the album?
I like an album because it allows me to show my whole world. You can go crazy on some tracks, try stuff, and do other things you can't with just releasing singles. On the album, there are Lost Frequencies tracks and then there are some Lost Frequencies experiences tracks where I tried stuff. So yeah, I just love the concept of the whole tracklist I did. It's a good step for people who don't know electronic music, feel out the vibe a little bit and then go further into deeper stuff. It's really broad and meant for everyone. I'm doing a deluxe version that will have more deep house and club vibes. I had some tracks that were really hard, but couldn't put on the album because I didn't want it to sound weird. That's why I'll have the Deluxe version with a remix of every single track.
What's the process of integrating your album tracks into your live show?
I make a lot of mashups and bootlegs all the time because nowadays there are a lot of good DJs who can do a set. If you don't have special edits, they may be able to do the same set as you. I'm a producer so I have to go forward and do other stuff, have special edits, VIP mixes, etc. I always do deluxe edits of my tracks.
I often try the original version and then mix into the remix version. It's a little bit slow and then it goes more into the club vibes to get people to hear the songs. I've been playing the deluxe edit of "Are You With Me" for the last year and a lot of poeple ask me what the version I played in my set was. They don't expect it to be my own because it doesn't sound like me. I like that it doesn't have to be the same sound in the deluxe version. We will have some more tech house and bass house type tracks with the Deluxe version. I really just had fun in the studio creating them.
Are there any other album tracks that you really like playing in your sets?
"St. Peter," "Wake Me Up," and I have a deluxe version of "Dance With Me." "Footsteps In The Night" and "Beautiful Life" as well. I don't usually play them all. I'll play some deluxe edits and some in their original form to try to maintain a nice balance.
What was it like hosting your own event during ADE?
It was so exciting! I had some special guests too like Zonderling. I love the productions they've made. They made a remix for "What Is Love" which sounds great! I don't know how they do it, they're sound is just so unique. I love the edit they made of "Domino." I asked them to send it to me and I play it all the time now. And then we had Netsky too. Drum n bass is really new for me, but Netsky is also a friend so it was fun. There were a lot of people from Belgium coming over for The Magician too, and they know how to party! I liked the fact that there was a live room at the event too. I think the live acts are very important in the electronic scene and it was so exciting to have them as a part of The Lost Frequencies & Friends party.
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