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Jan 02, 2022

CANITROT Kick Starts 2022 With Epic Set For New Years Eve

Throughout all of the pandemic DJ & Producer CANITROT has impressed with his historic, Monumental Tour. Uniting his two biggest passions, music and heritage, CANITROT drives forward with a two fold approach – to democratize electronic music to an older audience and conversely allow a younger audience to value the heritage that is around them (Check our interview from August to learn more).
Most recently dazzling with his set from Château de Pierrefonds, CANITROT returned to the turntables for a big fireworks display on New Years Eve from the Château de Chantilly, broadcast exclusively on national TV in France. Unlike previous performances, CANITROT's New Years Eve set was compacted into 10 minutes with synched pyrotechnics to the music, making for a mesmerizing welcome to 2022.
France 2 and France.TV., faithful to its commitment to heritage, called on CANITROT specifically to offer the public this unique performance. After a year of putting the most beautiful sites in France to music and light including at the Baleines lighthouse on the Ile de Ré, the Pierrefonds castle and the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, CANITROT took advantage of the end of the year to celebrate the conclusion of his 2021 Monumental Tour stops at the Château de Chantilly with a special set, combining electronic sounds and cinematographic atmospheres, for the for the New Year's fireworks.
With this performance, CANITROT once again showed his commitment to music and heritage. Without a doubt, viewers will marvel at this fireworks display, a unique evening to discover from your home!
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CANITROT Falling Artwork
CANITROT ft. Coco & Syon - Falling SO HAPPY IN PARIS
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M83 Midnight City Artwork
M83 - Midnight City NAIVE
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CANITROT Niteroi (Orchestral Special Edit) Artwork
CANITROT - Niteroi (Orchestral Special Edit) SO HAPPY IN PARIS
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Wielki & CANITROT Contemplation Artwork
Wielki & CANITROT - Contemplation SO HAPPY IN PARIS
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DJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic Knights Of The Jaguar (Monumental Orchestral Final Edit) Artwork
DJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic - Jaguar (Monumental Orchestral Final Edit) UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE
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