Jun 09, 2022

G-POL Celebrates His 20th Hexagon Release!

Today we're joined by G-POL, an artist who's celebrating his 20th release on Hexagon's labels! Today's track is a collaboration with Costel Van Dein, and George joins us to discuss the milestone, "SAMOKAT," and more! 
Hey George, thanks for joining us today! To get started, can you please introduce yourself and tell us about how you began your music career and how things have progressed to where you are today? 
Hello 1001Tracklists, nice to meet you! I'm G-POL, DJ & producer originally from the small town of Nizhny Tagil, but now based in Moscow. My love of music has been a thing since my childhood. My dad used to write and sing his songs to me with a guitar throughout my whole childhood. I also played drums in a band for a couple of years haha. In 2007 I started to get interested in electronic music, so later in 2010 I was already actively listening to sets from various DJs. Then I heard a track that cannot leave my head to this day… It hooked me so much that I wanted to learn how to make my own music and perform with it too! The track was... Cadence - "Lazy Love" (Hook n Sling Remix). I was just 13 at the time and I couldn't do anything to push my career. I wrote a lot of music which didn't receive any attention, but after many years of hard work, in August 2018, I played my first song live on the stage with Don Diablo and that was freaking unforgettable! Then later it got released on Hexagon :)
How would you describe your style and sound as a DJ and as a producer?
I'm a multi-genre producer, and I don't tie myself to a particular style of music. In my performances I play pumping and deep music from 124 to 130 bpm.
You're back with a new release on Generation Hex together with Costel Van Dein titled "SAMOKAT." When did you connect with Costel for the first time, and how did the two of you come together to work on this track? 
I met Costel on April 20th via Instagram. Costel decided to show me a couple of his demos and I liked his ideas so we decided to write our first collaboration "COLLARS," which was also released on Generation Hex. At the start of this year Costel called me and introduced a brand new banging idea.
Where did the name "SAMOKAT" come from? 
Ha, this is a funny situation. Samokat is a word from Russian. Translated into English, this means "kick scooter." While listening to the vocal acapellas, we heard familiar words that are similar to Russian pronunciation. So we decided to chop this moment and build the whole song from it.
Take us through the production process for "SAMOKAT." How did you take the track from the first idea to the final version that we hear today? 
Due to the fact that Costel and I live in different countries, we arranged a studio session via Discord. I showed him the demo, and he immediately got ideas on how to continue and finish the track. I enjoy working with him, cause we almost never disagree. Mutual understanding is one of the main qualities that is valued in a collaboration .
Do you have a favorite element in "SAMOKAT"? What makes this part of the track stand out for you? 
Would you believe me If I say that I like all the elements in the track? Haha. Of course, I’d like to highlight my deep and quacking bass – it creates the right groove and makes you move your head to the beat. I also really like the crisp lead sound. It emphasizes the rhythm section of the track, and when combined with the bass, it turns out to be a very juicy piece hehe.
This release marks your 20th release on one of the Hexagon labels. What an accomplishment! How does it feel to reach that milestone? What is it like working with their team and what do you think makes their labels such a good home for your music? 
Once upon a time I could not even dream that I would have 20 tracks released with Hexagon, and today I am releasing my 20th track on the label of my wonderful friend, The BOSS, Don Diablo. He believed in me and my abilities, and gave me a chance to share my music with the whole world. I'm happy to be part of the label. And I actually really enjoy working with the Hexagon team, and I mean it! I carefully follow and listen to all of the releases that come out on the label, and I literally have to "look into the future" to understand what will be relevant in 3-4 months. I'm always trying to come up with something fresh. 
Do you have any new tracks in the works that you can tell us about? 
Yeah, of course! On July 9th my new crazy baby "Talk To Me" will be released on the FUTURE (Hexagon) label. More than 800,000 people have listened to my last song on FUTURE, "Stay," via Spotify! I've decided to let the experiment happen and make another tune with a similar sound together with the outstanding vocalist Lacey! You will hear her sound a bit different from usual on this one :) Also let me reveal to you a little secret: in August I will make my debut on the Smash Deep label!
And lastly, what has you most excited for this summer? Is there anything that you're particularly looking forward to? 
My daughter Nicole makes me the happiest man alive! She is just a baby at 8 months old, but now I simply don’t understand how I lived all my life without this wonderful creature :)
You can stream G-POL & Costel Van Dein - "SAMOKAT" on Spotify today! https://open.spotify.com/album/6peIaH1RI09zAV7eM5XXtG 
Connect with G-POL: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
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