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May 04, 2017

Lucas & Steve: Up Till Dawn (On The Move)

Last week saw Lucas & Steve release “Up Till Dawn (On The Move),” a rework of the classic Barthezz track “On The Move.” Taking the classic in a whole new direction while preserving the iconic melody, the Dutch duo have created a summer pop crossover hit. We caught up with Lucas to get the story behind “Up Till Dawn,” look at their recent Pep & Rash collab “Feel Alive,” and get the inside scoop on their exciting upcoming plans!
“On The Move” was a really popular track by Bart Claessen some years ago. Do you remember the first time you heard the track and what you thought about it when it first came out?
I do not remember the first time I heard it, but I do know that it is one of my all time favourite records. I even have it on vinyl. I bought it as soon as it came out.
Major props for taking the track in a totally different direction – where’d the idea to create a new track around that melody come from?
The melody is iconic and as I said I have the track on vinyl. Steve and I both started DJing with vinyl and sometimes we browse through our vinyl collection and come across big records from back in the day. Barthezz’s “On The Move” is definitely one of those records and we’ve always wanted to do something with its melody. We felt that the track had a different additional potential besides of its original trance purpose, so we decided to create a full song out of it.
“Up Till Dawn” seems like the perfect crossover song for summer! Was making something more pop-oriented one of the goals when you approached this production?
Yes, definitely. Next to our club tracks we’ve been making a bit more of pop-oriented records since last year. We’re always looking to expand our sound and the pop direction is something we really like.
Do you guys see this song making its way into your DJ sets at all? It’s definitely a bit softer, do you have a VIP edit or have you been making a mashup of sorts?
Yes of course we have a VIP edit! We call it the club mix and it will be out pretty shortly. It has all of the energy that you would expect from a Lucas & Steve club track. This is a thing that we really want to hold on to. For every radio-oriented track that we make, there will be a club mix. We come from the club scene, so we will never make a track without making a version with maximum energy that we can play live.
Feel Alive” with Pep & Rash has been a smash hit. Can you guys talk about the production process behind that one – going from initial inspiration all the way to final production?
This is already the second track that we’ve done with Pep & Rash. We always have a great studio vibe, so making music together with them feels great and is an easygoing process. So it’s no surprise that creating “Feel Alive” went pretty fast. We had the festival season in mind and we wanted to produce something that could be a climax in all of our sets. It feels great to see the track’s effect when we play it in our shows.
Now there are some other big collabs floating out there that we know our users are excited about. What can you tell us about your potential collabs with Firebeatz, Mike Williams, and Curbi?
Yes, there are tracks coming with Firebeatz (maybe even two), Mike Williams and Curbi, but also one with Bassjackers. They’re all gonna be big and they’re all finished or almost finished, but apart from that I cannot reveal too much unfortunately. What I can reveal is that our collab with Bassjackers is going to be the first collab to be released.
What are you excited about most for this summer?
Big festivals of course and travelling. We’ll be visiting so many amazing places next month. We’ll be doing some of the biggest festivals in Europe (Sunrise Poland, Summerburst Sweden, and a couple of other really really big ones that we cannot announce yet), but we’re also really looking forward to our trips to North and South America and Asia in the upcoming months.
Lucas & Steve - “Up Till Dawn (On The Move)” is available to buy/stream today!
Connect with Lucas & Steve: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter 
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