Andrew Rayel Celebrates Moments & ASOT800 UMF

Mar 31, 2017
Andrew Rayel Celebrates Moments & ASOT800 UMF
Photo Credit: Tom Doms 
Earlier this year Andrew Rayel announced his second studio album Moments (Armada) much to the excitement of trance and electronic music fans worldwide. After announcing the full tracklist in February and releasing standout tracks “I’ll Be There” ft. Eric Lumiere and the pumping “Tacadum” from the album, the excitement for Rayel’s performance at the A State Of Trance stage at Ultra Music Festival Miami this year was palpable. We caught up with Rayel shortly before his set on Sunday to get an inside look at the new music he would be blessing us with on the day.  
What does it mean to you to continue your string of appearances at ASOT Miami here at Ultra?
 Andrew Rayel: It’s become a tradition. It’s now my fourth year playing Ultra Music Festival at the megastructure for the A State Of Trance stage. It’s just awesome.
With the Moments album upcoming, what tracks do you think you will give us from the album in today’s set?
Andrew Rayel: I’m going to give you a lot of the tracks. I don’t know if you will be able to name each one, but since the title tracks and vocalists are out, maybe you will. 
So how do see your album tracks making their way into your set? Originals, mashups, remixes?
Andrew Rayel: Today I’m going to play pretty much all originals. I’ll give away more than half, probably eight tracks, exclusively. That’s what I’ve been planning for, honestly, since I finished the album in January. All of that music has been sitting on my laptop and I’ve wanted to play it, but I couldn’t. This is the moment to do it!
What’s it like playing a vocal track out for the first time when no one has heard it? It can always be a challenge, right?
Andrew Rayel: It’s exciting, it’s challenging, and I’m a little bit nervous since nobody has heard those tracks. What if it doesn’t work? Still, I have to try them all.
Photo Credit: Tom Doms 
We know you’ve got incredible vocalists on those tracks though that the crowd will know –  Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli, Angelika Vee, Eric Lumiere and Jonathan Mendelsohn – which vocal today do you think will do the best?
Andrew Rayel: I’m very excited to check out how the Emma Hewitt and Christina Novelli tracks will do. I really want to know. These are two vocalists who I’ve always wanted to work with and I finally did it. Really excited to see how people react on those.
Switching gears with your music to “Tacadum” – sick track! That’s one we know will go off today!
Andrew Rayel: Thank you so much! That will be played for sure. I’ve been closing my sets for a few months with “Tacadum” so I think that will be one of the last ones in my set today.
What was it like working on that track at a higher BPM?
Andrew Rayel: It was amazing. I produced this track almost one year ago. It’s funny to see a lot of people, not a lot, but some people, saying on my Facebook feed that I’m following the trend producing a psy [trance] track because it’s popular now. But to be honest, I started this track almost a year ago and I played one of the first versions at Dreamstate Beyond Wonderland one year ago, so I’m actually not following anything. I’m ahead of the trend.
Any other must plays in your set today?
Andrew Rayel: The Eric Lumiere single, “I’ll Be There,” that was just released and is the first single from my MOMENTS album. My collab with KhoMha - “All Systems Down.” Also, some surprises that are not on the album but are ID tracks. I’ll do a remix for “Dark Warrior”…..I can’t tell you which remix or by whom. A remix for “Once In A Lifetime Love,” which I also cannot tell you who is the remixer. And then a brand-new track that is not on the album. I just finished it a few days ago and I cannot wait to play it. I don’t care it’s not on the album. I will play it!
For more information, visit and connect with Rayel on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #ARmoments. 

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Full tracklist info available at Andrew Rayel @ ASOT Stage, Ultra Music Festival Miami, Miami Music Week, United States 2017-03-26
Andrew Rayel - Moments (Intro Mix) [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel - Mass Effect [INHARMONY (ARMADA)]
yanhcik (20.1k)
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Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior (Willem De Roo Remix) [INHARMONY (ARMADA)]
yanhcik (20.1k)
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Gareth Emery & Standerwick ft. Haliene vs. Alexander Popov - Saving Light & Substance (Andrew Rayel Mashup)
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Andrew Rayel ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - One In A Million (Club Mix) [ARMADA]
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Andrew Rayel ft. Emma Hewitt - My Reflection [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
yanhcik (20.1k)
61 Save
7 2 1
Andrew Rayel & KhoMha- ID
[17-05-11 01:29:31]bakayuka
Crystal Lake - Roots (Blasterjaxx Edit)
[20-02-01 11:44:34]reap3r
Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli ft. Kye Sones - Heavy Love [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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ID & Abstract Vision - ID Of Bombshell (Andrew Rayel Mashup)
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Andrew Rayel ft. Eric Lumiere - I'll Be There [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel & KhoMha - All Systems Down [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel ft. Kristina Antuna - Once In A Lifetime Love (Exis Remix) [INHARMONY (ARMADA)]
yanhcik (20.1k)
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Andrew Rayel ft. Angelika Vee - Never Let Me Go [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
yanhcik (20.1k)
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Zedd & Andrew Rayel ft. Jon Bellion vs. Alesso & OneRepublic - Beautiful Now vs. If I Lose Myself (Andrew Rayel Mashup) [MOSLEY / INHARMONY]
yanhcik (20.1k)
Alesso vs. OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself [MOSLEY/INTERSCOPE]
Zedd ft. Jon Bellion - Beautiful Now (Andrew Rayel Bootleg) [INHARMONY (ARMADA)]
Andrew Rayel ft. Mike James - Back To The Moment [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
yanhcik (20.1k)
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Andrew Rayel & Christina Novelli - Lighthouse [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma vs. Alan Walker & Dash Berlin ft. Iselin Solheim - Chased & Faded (Andrew Rayel Mashup)
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Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma - Chased
[20-06-25 17:55:48]Guest
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Alan Walker ft. Iselin Solheim - Faded (Dash Berlin Remix)
[20-06-25 17:55:57]Guest
Armin van Buuren & Garibay ft. Olaf Blackwood - I Need You (Andrew Rayel Remix) [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
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Andrew Rayel - Tacadum [WHO'S AFRAID OF 138 (ARMADA)]
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