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ALOK: Hear Me Now

Feb 08, 2017
ALOK: Hear Me Now
ALOK’s Brazilian Bass sound has been steadily taking over around the world over the past few years. With appearances at a diverse group of festivals across the world including Ultra Music Festival, Burning Man, Storm Festival In China, and Tomorrowland Brasil, his music delights fans from all corners of the globe. His track with Bruno Martini ft. Zeeba – “Hear Me Now” is no different. The track has become a worldwide hit, with over 83 million Spotify plays, and has amassed enormous DJ support with plays from EDX, Oliver Heldens, Pete Tong, and Tiësto, to name a few. To celebrate, ALOK joined us to tell the story behind “Hear Me Now” and look ahead at his plans for 2017.
What has the reception to “Hear Me Now” been like from your point of view?
The response and feedback are absolutely fantastic. It's been unreal to see the track hitting top positions in charts around the world. We have been the #1 track ranked among all genres in Brazil and have gained many top positions within the international charts. These positions represent numbers of listeners and that means that happily, there are a lot of people out there who appreciate our work.
How did you come to work with Bruno Martini and Zeeba?
Bruno and Zeeba had already worked on an instrumental version of the track. I saw a lot of potential in the work in progress and asked them if they would be keen to turn it into an electronic version. They accepted and the result was very satisfying and inspiring to the three of us.
Where were you in your life when you began working on the track?
The track came up in my life coincidentally when my beloved grandmother passed away. It was like an epiphany... it all resonated so much with me and made so much sense to what was happening in my life at that particular moment. Once we decided to join our skills and forces the track was already deep in my thoughts and heart.
Can you talk us through the production process leading to the final track that we hear now?
So the initial instrumental version was already in progress when we decided to turn it into the electronic version which is what is now released. Once we brainstormed about the prospects of the track, I worked on a few arrangements and joined Bruno and Zeeba for a few studio sessions. It wasn't a very lengthy process because we all felt really inspired by the whole idea and everything came up quite naturally and quickly.
When you guys were producing the track did you think you were on to something that would become so massive?
We all thought about the message that the track would send to people. We all had different ideas about the meaning of the lyrics, but this is normal. I think all human beings feel different emotions regarding different songs, lyrics and beats.
I would never have imagined that the track would be the explosion that it has become. People from all over the world have supported and followed our work since the moment that the track was released. It's all mind blowing and motivating.
Looking at your recent Summer ‘17 mix [tracklist], did you have any goals or objectives when you put that together?
The goal was to reach out to the authentic followers and listeners. It all came together in some sort of flash thought that came in my head around the arrival of the summer season.
Can you highlight two artists or tracks from that mix and why they stand out to you?
Bhaskar – “The Hook” is probably one of my favourites as it's a track created by my twin brother Bhaskar and it is a track that was really well worked on and without a doubt it's a bomb.
Another prominent track of the mix for me is "You're Mine” from Raving George. It's very inspiring and somehow it moves my mind.
We hear you’ve got a new track coming next month  what can you tell us about that?
I can only promise that it's very deep and that it will surprise a lot of you.
What makes carnaval time so exciting in Brazil? What do you like most about playing those shows?
It's hard to explain as the carnaval in Brazil is out of comparison with any party, festival or parade. The whole country becomes a collective party and each state has its own tradition, music and costumes. It's a very crazy moment when people are up for partying hard and having fun. Hard not to love being a part of such unique celebration.
What else do you have planned in the run up to Miami this year?
There are several awesome gigs getting lined up for the US and Miami this year. We are currently working on another US tour in 2017. We shall rock America once again.

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