Jun 17, 2022

On The Rise: Mylonrae

Mylonrae is an artist on the rise, and is back with a massive new track together with Romy Dya titled "Body." Now signed exclusively to Chill Planet and AT Publishing, Mylonrae's excitement for the future shines through in our interview, so enjoy while you dance away to his new track! 
Hey Mylonrae, thanks for joining us today! To start out, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? How and when did you get your career started, and what has your progression as an artist been like through your eyes? 
Hey everyone! My name is Mylonrae and I started producing and DJing when I was 12 years young. I saw my best friend's brother producing his own music and I fell in love with the idea of creating your own music and sound! So I got FL studio on my computer and started making some hip hop beats, but then I saw Martin Garrix and he inspired me to make EDM! The feeling he gave me was unreal and it's still the same reason why I love making electronic music today. 
My progression as an artist through the years has been crazy. I've helped a lot of people learn how to produce music, and some of them have even been signed by very big labels. The thing I learned from helping others is that you create your network this way and you can reflect on yourself to see what you can improve on to gain the same result. It's a big thing that people should do more often!
How would you describe your sound and style as a DJ and producer?
It's always funny to think about your own style and sound, and my sound is a combination of multiple genres. If I were to name the genres, then it's tech house, big room house, retro house, future house, hip hop, and pop. Because I have worked with many people before, I've gained a lot of knowledge in different genres. That is something I would recommend everyone to do, even if it isn't something you made before or listen to! You learn a lot from other people and their perspectives/tastes, and you can implement what you learn in your own sound! It's almost like cooking an awesome dish that everyone likes!
Let's dive right into your brand new track, "Body" together with Romy Dya. How did you come to work with Romy on this one? 
The way that Romy and I got in contact was really dope. My manager recommended that I send her a DM and ask if she still had some pre-made vocals to work with. Romy replied super fast and was also super sweet on the idea of working together. So she sends me a playlist with multiple vocals that were fully done. The one I fell in love with was "Body." I asked her for the stems and started creating the song! Everything went really fast, then I sent her the track and she loved it! It's an awesome feeling when everyone is happy with the result.

Take us through the track – where did the initial idea come from and how did you build the track into the final version that we hear today?
Usually, when I hear a vocal I get the chords in my mind. So I wrote them down in FL Studio and if the chords are feeling awesome together with the vocals, I can start building the track around it. Things like the drop melody and the break atmosphere. This way it's almost always a great sounding track! Also, something I kept in mind was the feeling of the song, Romy sings about intimate stuff so I kept the track a bit dirty and sexy. Romy and I actually made a breakdown video of the song that will be posted on the same day the song comes out. So everyone that would love to get more details on how the song was created can look it up on our socials! 
Do you have any other upcoming tracks that you can tell us about?
There are so many amazing tracks to come! It's insane to think about a few of them and the reaction we already got from people. I can't really describe the feeling I have at the moment, all I can say is that I am super happy with all the music that's to come!
Recently you signed a management and exclusive publishing deal with Chill Planet and AT Publishing, so huge congrats on that! How does it feel to be signed with them, and what's it like working with their team? 
Thank you so much!! It feels so so crazy to be signed by such an amazing team. It's a dream come true. The people at Chill Planet and AT Publishing are people you would dream of as an artist to work with. Everyone is super nice and works with you on ideas and songs. Something I noticed when I started working with both teams is that your work ethic improves insanely and feels way more professional! I would recommend everyone to find a team to work with that also feels good in your gut.
And lastly, as we look ahead, what has you most excited about for the summer months this year?
The biggest thing I can't wait for are the shows, I'm dreaming almost every day about them. Seeing myself on stage, playing the set, all of the people dancing and vibing with each other. GOOSEBUMPS!! I really feel like this is the last piece of the puzzle that's missing. But I know this is something that we are working on and it's just a matter of time! I'm super happy with how everything is going at the moment and can't wait until we can inspire as many people as possible.

You can stream or download Mylonrae ft. Romy Dya - "Body" on your platform of choice today! https://fanlink.to/mrbodycp 
Connect with Mylonrae: Spotify | SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter
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