Aug 30, 2021

JOOLIA Celebrates Launch Of New Label & Single "Crypto Rave"

Today we’re joined by Miami based DJ/producer JOOLIA, who is bringing all of her experiences inside and outside of the electronic music world into the launch of her new project Crypto Rave. Her label was started with the idea to create a new music direction with a powerful sound, devoted to crypto, digital culture & technologies, and the first single dropped last Friday. We’re celebrating the milestone moment in our interview where JOOLIA talks about the music on the label, exciting audio-visual collaborations, creating a new virtual space for events, and her vision for a game-changing future. Enjoy!
Joolia, thanks so much for joining us, we’re really excited to take a closer look at Crypto Rave Records. To get started, can you introduce yourself as an artist and tell us a bit more about your relationship with crypto and NFTs? 
Hi guys, thanks for having me in. I’m JOOLIA – the founder of Crypto Rave Records, double platinum producer & DJ based in Miami. I started my music career in the electronic project named Beverly Pills as producer, artist & label manager. We were the authors of different radio hits, having releases on labels like Axtone, Showland Records, Universal Music & Effective Records. My project JOOLIA appeared in 2019 and at the beginning I experimented with tech house, progressive abd bass house. Besides that I also worked as a project manager running startups in various spheres. As you know Miami is becoming the capital of cryptocurrency & a Bitcoin harbor. With this crypto trend in the air, I started communicating with crypto & NFT communities and started making different projects & NFTs with motion designers. I also became a crypto trader, focused on learning something new every day. So Crypto Rave is really like putting all of my experiences into one project!
How long had you been working on the concept behind the label and why did you feel 2021 was the right time to get things going?
The idea of Crypto Rave is to make the link between the electronic dance music and the crypto world. In the beginning of 2021 we started to see this trend more widespread already because of the Covid crisis, which has caused revolutionary global changes in values and systems for our industry. Searching for new ways of music monetization in the digital world, I studied new trends and possibilities which decentralized finance brings to the music industry. When I realized how many advantages music tokenization has, as well as how many new marketing tools it gives to creators, I started developing this project because I believe that this is the future of the creator economy.
Crypto Rave is also a new music direction with a powerful sound, devoted to crypto, digital culture, technologies and we are open for artists who want to experiment and contribute – no matter what style of music they prefer.
Tell us some more about the design collaborations that you are working on for each release’s unique NFT artworks.
Crypto Rave connects musicians and digital artists in incredible collaborations, where every release is accompanied with a unique NFT drop. For example for our first release, we made a collaboration with Oleg Soroko, our art director and 3D motion designer – he made both the cover artworks & NFTs series. They look extremely cool, like the artificial spirit from the abyss of the blockchain. In the beginning we will mint NFTs on the existing platforms such as, and then will develop our own platform specializing in EDM & crypto art collaborations.
Talk to us some more about the inspiration behind the “Crypto Rave” track. How is it a good example of the sound that the label will stand for?
When I was working on the track I was thinking about it like a new separate genre devoted to the metaverse and crypto. Evgeny Prokhorov, another member of our team, and a well known film composer & sound designer, inspired me to make impressive cinematic elements. I’m sure that this powerful sound will touch every raver’s soul!
You’re quickly following this release up with two more of your own singles. Can you pick one of the tracks and share some more insight about it?
Yes! Look out for two new singles on the 3rd and 10th of September!

“To The Moon” is the second track on Crypto Rave Label. It refers to a strong belief that certain cryptocurrency is soon going to rise significantly in price and it's one of the most popular phrases among crypto traders. 
“Crypto Mantra” is another track in Crypto Rave style. “Crypto, Blockchain, Token, HODL” is a mantra phrase from the track. The main principles & concepts you must deeply understand to be a successful trader. Hypnotic percussion sounds set you up for victory and inspire you to develop. 
What can you tell us about some of the label’s other plans? Are you open for other artists to submit demos? Are you looking to move into any other spaces, maybe digital events? 
We are developing our site right now and are working on partnerships with accomplished artists and producers. All are open to experimenting with genre & NFTs, as well as making collaborations with famous visual artists.
Alexander Popov was the first artist who believed in our idea and helped us to make a promo mix at his beautiful Interplay Studio as well as supported our first release. We are going to collaborate with him in the near future.
Swanky Tunes, Shapov, Volac, Gancher & Ruin and other projects are ready to make experimental tracks especially for Crypto Rave, as well as create NFTs with us and participate in our digital events. Matisse & Sadko is one more project interested in developing NFTs and a virtual concerts series and we are here to help them.
We also understand that you’re working on a Crypto Rave virtual space. Can you tell us some more about that? 
Yes our art director Oleg Soroko is a virtual architect and we are now in the process of making this virtual space where our residents, partners, and participants will have an avatar. You can visit our online events, our residents’ performances, as well as NFT presentations. 
If we were to fast forward one year, what position would you hope to see the label in? What are some key target goals for you with your releases and Crypto Rave? 
I treat our Crypto Rave project as a startup, so our aim is to grow and develop to attract partners and investors from both the crypto world and the music industry. I’m also focused on the development of our own token. In one year we will have our own NFT platform and digital concert space, and I’m excited for our team of producers to grow bigger. We will start making digital 3D avatars for our label residents and there will be a lot of new marketing tools that we can give to creators helping them to prosper in our Metaverse. 
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis?
Nice question! Most of all I’m excited about the people I’m communicating with – my creative partners, venture investors from Silicon Valley, developers, crypto traders, digital artists & music industry professionals. When you realise what new opportunities creators can have and what new ways of interactions with their fans they can afford now due to the new technologies that motivates a lot. We will continue to build the Crypto Rave hype with several cool collaborations so stay tuned!
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