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AVIRA's 'Top 101 Producers' Exclusive Mix

Nov 20, 2020
AVIRA's 'Top 101 Producers' Exclusive Mix
You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger breakout artist in 2020 than AVIRA! Launching his new project in February, the Canadian producer had an outstanding output of melodic and progressive productions that earned him a place in the Top 101 Producers 2020. To celebrate, AVIRA delivered us an ID loaded Exclusive Mix featuring many of the productions he’s been working on during the COVID times, and talked with us about the defining elements of AVIRA, collaborating with Armin van Buuren & Tom Staar, and much more! 
Youhanna, thanks for joining us today! We’re so excited to celebrate your incredible year and debut entry in the Top 101 Producers! What was your reaction when you found out that you were in the Top 101? 
It's always a great feeling knowing that DJs around the world are enjoying your music. My team and I were all really excited to find out!
How does the accomplishment rank relative to other career milestones? What makes your inclusion in the list important to you?
1001Tracklists has always been something I check regularly and being on this list meant quite a lot for me. Being in my first year as AVIRA, it was incredible to know that I am on the right path with this sound.
It was only this past February that you released the first production under the AVIRA name. What made it the right time to start the project and how has the response been through your eyes?
The response has been absolutely incredible! So many people from around the world are enjoying the sounds of AVIRA and being in the Top 101 Producers this year really shows that.
One of the defining factors of AVIRA’s launch has been massive collaborations! Let’s look first at your work together with Armin van Buuren. When did the idea to work on some music together get started, and did you have any idea you would release three tracks together?
I've always been a massive fan of Armin. We fortunately got to know each other through my past work at Armada, and when I heard he was a big fan of AVIRA I reached out and he was excited to get started. I think after the first one we just felt a vibe between us and wanted to do more!
Can you pick  two of your tracks together and explain some of your favorite elements or a cool story around them?
“The Worship” and “Hollow” definitely have a special place in my heart. “The Worship” was sort of my first big single and I still think the track has a long way to go before it's done. I especially love that the lead melody in that track is really just a bassline, which is a kind of an unconventional way to go about things, but it worked out well I think.
“Hollow” of course was the first single taken from my Hollow Mask Illusion EP with Armin. When he started playing that as an ID on his radio show, it just felt like a really special moment, the birth of something bigger.
“In My Soul” together with Tom Staar was another huge release! What was it like working with Tom, and how do you feel that you managed to find a nice blend of your styles in the track?
Tom and I are both producer nerds so we worked insanely fast and simply understood each other's vibe right away. We both have different backgrounds, but our ears are on the ground for what sound would work best in 2020.
Most recently you’ve started a new series with the release of the Unplugged Mix of “Miracles.” Tell us some more about this new concept.
With everything happening in 2020, we quite literally are unplugged from our beloved dancefloors. No sound, no lights! So I thought to myself, how can I still make my records in a way that people can enjoy at home in their PJs, maybe hanging out in the park (isolated of course haha). That's the idea behind unplugged, a way to cope with the times.
Tell us some more about how you approached crafting you Exclusive Mix. How does it compare to a set you would DJ live as AVIRA?
I really wanted to showcase what I've been up to in the studio during lockdown. Funny enough I feel that this lockdown actually gave me a chance to evolve as a producer and really find the essense of where I want to go.
For those who may not be familiar, you also release music under the alias Assaf. How do you see the balance between the two projects as you move forward?
Assaf and AVIRA have a very interesting relationship. I always say that AVIRA needs Assaf to keep my mind fresh, to explore other sides of me that don't quite flow with AVIRA.
And finally, after creating such incredible momentum in the project’s debut year, what’s coming up for AVIRA? Do you have any specific goals that you’re hoping to accomplish in the future?
I'm fortunate enough to work with an incredible team at Armada Music who are constantly working with me on new, fresh ways to push the scene forward and develop my place in it. We have so many projects in the pipeline I wouldn't know where to start, but I am super thankful for it all and I think people will be interested to see what comes next.
You can download/stream AVIRA's Unplugged Mix of "Miracles" on your platform of choice today! https://armas1850.lnk.to/MAUMYA
Connect with AVIRA: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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