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Sep 11, 2017

Sam Feldt Talks New Single & Album

A few weeks back we caught up Sam Feldt as he prepared to enter the final stretch before his debut album release on October 6th. Before moving on to discuss Sunrise, we first had to take a look at his massive hit “YES” featuring the legendary Akon, and later in the interview we were sure to get an inside look at the Heartfeldt Pool Party coming during ADE.  
How did you and Akon get together to work on “YES”?
It was actually an idea from Akon’s label. I was discussing possible vocals and acappellas to work on with the A&R of his label, who sent me this really cool vocal. It was just sung by a random guy, and I really felt like it could be a hit. I decided to work on it and build the track around the vocal. Three weeks later the A&R came back to me and said Akon had also sung the vocal, and asked if I wanted to use his vocals. I jumped at the chance of course, he’s a childhood hero of mine. We didn’t get too involved in the production process together because basically he just sung the vocal and I built the track from there, but after the track was finished, he came to Amsterdam and we met. He’s a really nice guy.
What makes Akon’s voice special to you?
He has such an amazing tone of voice. When he just sings one word, you know, oh hey that’s Akon. Not every artist has that, and that’s so special. The vibe of the track is dictated by his voice – uplifting, friendly, accessible. That’s why it’s really cool to work with his vocal.
How’s the track been working in your live sets?
I’ve been playing the track a couple times now, and I just finished the club mix as well. It was tough though because my sets are so high energy and the track is pretty slow, but I think we’ve nailed it! The lyrics aren’t that hard so it’s easy to sing along to and I can see the crowds doing that now.
What have been some other big tracks in your sets from other artists?
I started playing the new Throttle track, “Baddest Behavior,” and that’s huge.
Don Diablo – “Momentum” really works.
I would say one that is really old that I still play in almost every set is my remix of Avicii – “Waiting For Love.” We do it with the live band as well so that is like a golden oldie that always works.
On that note, how’s the live show been progressing?
Well I’m going to drop an album in October called Sunrise and they’ll be an accompanying world tour as well. Of course in my album there are a lot of live instruments, a lot of horns, and also guitars. Because of that we might be adding a guitarist to the tour for some select dates. And maybe I’ll start playing the piano live as well. I previously played for eight years, but unfortunately I quit when I was 15, so now I’m trying to get into it again.
When it comes to your sets with the live band, how do you construct and select your own tracks?
It’s part my own club mixes, it’s part remixes and some tracks on the albums will be more clubby so you can play the original. For example, one track I’ve been playing for the last year that will be released on the album is “Sensational.” That’s a track that doesn’t really need a club edit.
After a successful debut last year, what can you tell us about this edition of the Heartfeldt Pool Party during ADE?
It’s going to be the same concept as last year, but bigger and better. We spent more on production. We’ve moved into a much bigger space, and it’ll be in a different area as well which lets us have a bigger dancefloor. Lineup wise we are kind of done, but we can’t announce them yet. You’ll see some names in the coming weeks. Make sure you come by and check it out if you’re in town!
And to wrap it up, we’ve got to ask you about an ID track that you’ve been playing to close out some of your recent sets. Any insights there?
It could have been “World Could Wait.” It could have been another track, but lots of the ID tracks you’ve seen over the past months are IDs or club edits from the album. In the next month you’ll see even more, as over the next month I’ll be introducing a lot of new music into my sets.
Sam Feldt ft. Akon – “YES” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
You can find more details and tickets to Sam Feldt's Heartfeldt Pool Party during ADE here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1938925469664766/
Connect with Sam Feldt: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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