Catching Up With Scorsi

May 04, 2021
Catching Up With Scorsi
Brazilian producer Scorsi joins us to discuss his latest release, “Sober,” which has an impressive remix pack upcoming, and he shares some details about a couple of the remixing artists. He also goes in depth on career highlights to date and tells us about the places he can’t wait to travel to once life gets back to normal. 
Hey Scorsi, thanks for joining us today! While things aren't quite back to normal yet, what have been some of your highlights so far this year? 
Hi guys, thank you for the invite. Feels like we’re stuck in a loop here in Brazil. Nothing has changed since March 2020. BUT I’ve managed to accomplish a few good things. I mastered the art of origami and figured out 26 different ways to crack an egg using only a fork. But I have also used the time to push my record label (RushPuppy Records), finish a lot of new music, build a new studio and spend time with my family. 
Let's jump right into your latest release, “Sober.” How did you come to work with Gabi Saraceni on this one? When did you guys first meet? 
It was through her father. We actually met a couple of years ago, he showed me some of her songs, but she was doing things mostly in Portuguese. I was the one who started pushing her for a more global approach on the songs and my God I was happy I did that. We made our first song (“We Are One”) together last year.
What was the production process like for “Sober,” and how did you take the track from its initial idea to the final production? 
Gabi wrote the lyrics with Brian (from Selva) and sent me the sketch. I really wanted to do something with her that would translate across dance music heads, old school, and the pop realm. So I’ve mixed a bit of all those things on this song. A more uplifting vibe, house pianos, and a more modern beat. I’m super proud of the vocal processing. There’s a few tricks hidden in there that I didn’t try before.
There's a remix package that's due out on May 14th featuring remixes from Brazilian artists. Can you tell us about each of these remixes and what you like about the different takes on “Sober”? 
I was always about giving a platform for new artists, and I had the same idea for the EP. But lucky me, I end up getting two of the biggest up and coming artists from here. One is DEADLINE, who recently released a collab with Kryder, and is the main name on the Future Rave sound here. And the other is Pirate Snake, who’s the new tech house don in Brazil. I love their interpretations for the song, how they mastered the idea of taking it to their genre.
Do you have any more new music upcoming that you can tell us about? 
I have a ton of new music, collabs with Tropkillaz, Flakkë and a few Brazilian artists. A few things coming out on my own label. I was concentrating on things in Brazil, even during the pandemic, and now I’m back to focusing on the global market. A lot of things in conversation, I’ll keep you guys posted.
What have been some of your favorite moments in your career so far in terms of your original and remix productions, and the artists that you've had the opportunity to work with? 
I’m so thankful for everything that has happened to me, it’s hard to pick just one, I always end up listing almost everything! lol. So here goes. 
One is my first big release, “So Simple” which put me on the map in Brazil for making different music at the time. Another is definitely my EP on Spinnin’ Records, and having Alok requesting four remixes for his biggest hits (as a bonus we worked on an “Ocean” remix together). The remix I did for Autograf that ended up having us collaborating on a track (“Waiting” on Armada) and the remixes for NGHTMRE & A$AP Ferg, and Tropkillaz with Anita and J Balvin. And lately everything I’ve been putting out on RushPuppy Records, and the Who Knows EP, which sums up all of my influences for club tracks.
Thinking back to the world of live music, what are some of your all-time favorite performances, and what made them special? 
God I miss that. So, Rock in Rio, and I think this one is self explanatory. Laroc and Green Valley, for the importance of those clubs on the EDM scene (locally and globally) and Marquee Las Vegas, because it was pretty much my first show as Scorsi.
And once traveling opens back up, where are you most excited to travel to? Do you have any dream gigs that you hope to perform at some day? 
I wanna go swimming with dolphins in Hawaii for sure. But before that, go back to LA, really miss that city, the vibe, friends that I have there. As far as shows, at this point ANY show would be special, but my dream is EDC.
You can stream or download Scorsi & Gabi Saraceni - "Sober" on your platform of choice today! 
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