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Jul 06, 2017

Troyboi: Left Is Right

At the end of last month TroyBoi announced his debut album, Left Is Right, and the accompanying Left Is Right North America tour. He also dropped the first track from the album – Hooper” featuring NYC rapper Healthy Chill, which is a track he’s been rocking stages with since his The Mantra tour. We talked with TroyBoi to get an inside look at his new release, his Left Is Right concept, and what to expect from his can’t miss album tour!
Can you discuss your decision to name your album Left Is Right and what that mantra means to you?
Left Is Right represents taking the alternate route in multiple aspects; creating your own lane, but still achieving the end goal no matter the risks. My music is quite hard to place into one genre and is considered 'Left' of center, but in my mind it works and feels 'Right.' It means a lot to me because I have worked extremely hard to maintain and evolve my original approach to my music. I feel eternally blessed and grateful that it resonates with such a large number of people around the world.
What does releasing your debut album this fall means to you?
It's a big moment in my career. I have never released an EP or an LP until now. I'm extremely excited and I can't wait for everyone to hear what I've been cooking up.
What was the initial sketch and what was the inspiration behind “Hooper”?
Healthy sent me an email with some acappellas. I went through a bunch and heard that 'OOH OOOOOH' line and it immediately stuck out. I took that section and built the beat around it. As I progressed I checked out more of the vocals and found the Hooper line and it fit perfectly with my production. After tweaking it a few more times, a mix and master later, “Hooper” was born.
What did you like most about working with Healthy Chill?
On top of him being a talented rapper, he is a very good human. He's very hard-working and his manager is also a very good man. I strongly believe in working with people with positive energy, it's the food for clean creativity.
What made “Hooper” the right track to lead off the album and tour announcement?
I had made “Hooper” in the beginning of my last tour and during the run, I tested it out every night... and every night when it got dropped the place erupted! After The Mantra Tour finished I had so many messages and comments from the fans wanting the release, so it made perfect sense to start with it for the new album.
What should people expect from your Left Is Right tour shows?
A completely unique experience. A 100% original set with all tracks produced by myself, my own visuals/lighting/stage team and many other surprises throughout the show. The Left Is Right Tour is an absolute MUST for anyone who likes my music!
You’ve played Paradiso and Electric Forest recently – what were those festivals like?
Incredible. The atmosphere, the locations, the people, the productions were next level. They were both excellent festivals to test out new music. Mad love to both for having me, it was an honour.
What are two must play tracks in your festivals set this summer?
TroyBoi feat Healthy Chill – “Hooper” and TroyBoi – “What You Know (Left Is Right).” 
You can find full tour dates and pre-sale information for TroyBoi's Left Is Right tour at
Connect with TroyBoi: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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