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Dannic Fonks It Up

Mar 15, 2017
Dannic Fonks It Up
Between his own standout productions, his growing label’s quality productions, and his outstanding weekly radio show, Dannic is setting the standard for quality big room sounds. Dannic continually strives to deliver music meant for clubs and festivals, and his latest track “Fonk It Up” is no different. Developed as the intro track for his shows, “Fonk It Up” is now available and Dannic joined us to discuss the track, his label’s progress, and his Miami appearance at the Revealed Recordings event.   

Can you talk us through the production journey of “Fonk It Up,” going from initial sketch to final production?
I needed a new intro for my shows and wanted to have a groovy club track that would immediately set the mood. After making a couple of demos, I wasn't happy with them. When I was on holiday in September, all relaxed and everything, I gained the inspiration for “Fonk It Up.” I literally finished the version on the plane and finalized/mastered it at home.  

What was it like for you premiering the track at the Fonk Recordings showcase during ADE?
Just an amazing feeling. I start my show always with “Fonk It Up” and the energy of the audience is just fantastic. Always a good way to get the party started.

That night was a big milestone for you with regards to the label, and Fonk Recordings continues to impress with quality releases. How is the label progressing in your eyes?
I'm really happy with the quality on the label so far. So happy to have these amazing talents releasing on my label. It's a dream come true. We are aiming to become bigger and better at what we do every day. Our priority: bringing quality groovy big room sounds to the clubs and festivals. This year we will focus on pushing boundaries and releasing more single releases and EPs to show more diversity in terms of the genre we're aiming at. It's exciting!

What was your experience like this year listening to demos at Dancefair?
It's always great to do this kind of face to face demo sessions. I was surprised by the age of some talents. Starting at 14 years old, it's crazy to see how popular my job is :). There's one kid that caught my attention and we will release a track of his.  

You’ll be playing at the Revealed event during MMW – what do you like most about getting back together with and playing alongside the Revealed guys?
I have never left Revealed. All of my big songs were released on this label and I can't be more thankful to be a part of this amazing family. It's just that I had to spread my own wings and show the world what Dannic is about. Hardwell really supported me in this decision and he's still a big mentor for me. I'm still open to release on Revealed as long as I produce something that fits their label.

Is there any music from you or any Fonk artist that you want to highlight as potential big hits in Miami this year? Maybe your Fedde collab will be played by him on the Ultra mainstage?!
Well, there are definitely some tracks that I'm very, very excited about. The collab with Fedde is one of them and we are really proud of it. It's more of a funky track instead of a banger, but it would be great if he can drop it there. :)
“Fonk It Up” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today! Make sure to check out Dannic's Fonk Radio to stay up to date with his music [all mixes and tracklists]!
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