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Sep 15, 2021

Get To Know: Marvinmarvelous

Today we’re joined by the multi talented DJ, producer & musician Marvinmarvelous. Read on and enjoy an inside look at his DJ sets, which have brought him around the world as we highlight some secret weapons in his sets and favorite gigs. Our look at his productions highlights his album releases and use of live instrumentation, and our talk about life during Covid spotlights some new opportunities and experience for Marvin scoring music for movies! 
Hey Marvin, thanks so much for joining us today! To start off, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your background in music production and DJing?
Hi, I’m happy to be here. Well, I’m Marvinmarvelous, DJ, producer, and musician. I’ve been DJing since I was about 14 years old, and producing music for myself and others for the last 15 years or so. I produced a lot of hip hop, r&b, and jazz when I started, and later I really fell in love with house music, and so I started working more in those genres. I released my first album Calihousefication in 2019, and I’m working on a new EP of club music, which should be out before the end of October. I’ve been working the dance floors throughout the Caribbean, Europe, USA, and South America full time for about the last ten years. 
How long have you been working on the Marvinmarvelous project and what have been some of the defining moments in your career?
I’ve been Marvinmarvelous, and developing that brand, for about the last ten years. I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to work consistently. I have a few residencies that I’ve been able to maintain over the years. The people really enjoy my sets, and they continue to come out to see me. The pandemic has hurt a lot of performers, and that has been a defining moment for all of us. Fortunately, I’ve been able to pay the bills by producing for other artists, and doing music scoring for some film projects. I’ve also been making music for a few social media channels. So, I’m blessed to be able to still make a living doing what I love to do.
What sounds does Marvinmarvelous represent today both as a DJ and as a producer? Are there any major inspirations and influences on that sound?
I come from a r&b and jazz background, so I tend to focus on the musicality of a song when I’m producing. Most of my music is played live by myself, or other musicians. Even if it’s a simple three chord part, I really like to have it played live. There’s something about the inaccurate playing of a real person that gives a track a special feel. I’ve seen how guys like Louie Vega and Zedd utilize real musicians, and it gives their music a great feel.
As a DJ, I go for feel also. Many things help me to decide on what to play on any given night. Sometimes I’ll go into a venue thinking I’m going to play a tech house set, but the crowd will push me to play deep or afro. It’s all about the feel of the night, and watching the people, that’s what determines the sound for the set.
On the production front, what releases are you most proud of and why?
When I did my album, I decided to make the music that I liked. I didn’t really make it for the dance floor. I felt good about it when I was making it because I didn’t have any pressure to put out any club bangers. So, I made what I was feeling at the time. Also, I wanted to be able to go back to it years later and say that I made a good record with music that was diverse and had great songs. I’m also really happy with my latest afro house remix of my song “All I Do.” It made it to #8 on the Beatport afro house release chart, and it’s having great radio and club success. The DJs seem to really like it, and people enjoy singing and dancing to it.
Reflecting on your career as a DJ, what have been a few of your favorite all-time gigs and why?
About five years ago I did a pool party in the Dominican Republic at a resort called Chic. It was wild and the people screamed on every song I played. That gig led to an annual New Year's Eve party for Viva Hotels that I do every year. My second favorite gig was another pool party in Ibiza a few years ago. People danced so much that they had to jump in the pool because it was too hot to dance in the sun. I guess I like playing pool parties.
Looking closer at your DJ sets, who are three must play artists or tracks for you and why do they stand out?
“Deep End” by John Summit has been a great track. For some reason, girls like to sing it loud when they dance.

“Vibrate” by Sonny Fodera and Biscits has been a people mover also. The kick really pushes the air and the bass line is catchy.
I also like Fab Massimo. I usually have a couple of his songs in my set. I like the way the vocals work with his beats.
While quarantine and Covid life have been very tough, we’ve found a lot of positives bubbling beneath the surface. Besides the above we’ve discussed, what were some of your highlights over the past year?
Covid forced me to open my eyes to other areas of music production and performance. I was based in Los Angeles in the beginning, so I was able to use my contacts in the film industry to secure some film scoring projects. I’m starting work on a new horror film project with director Felicia Mead, with whom I’ve worked on past projects. It’s something different, but I enjoy the process.
What are a few goals that you still hope to accomplish in your career as Marvinmarvelous?
I want to expand my touring schedule to more countries, I miss playing out, and I want to visit some new places where I haven’t been. I also want to do some collaborations with a couple of producers that I admire.
And as we look ahead to the fall, what’s coming next on the music front and what has you excited for the rest of 2021?
I have an EP that is being finished up, and should be out by the end of October. It has music that I can play in my sets, so I’m really happy about that. I have my syndicated radio show, The Marvin Show that’s on about 10 stations worldwide now, and we are gaining new stations every week. I really enjoy making that. I got the Covid vaccine, so I finally feel comfortable booking more shows, so I’ll be coming to a club or festival near you soon!
Connect with Marvinmarvelous: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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