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1001Tracklists Spotlight: SOLON

Nov 18, 2020
1001Tracklists Spotlight: SOLON
Today we’re joined by SOLON, an artist fast on the rise who's been earning incredible DJ support after having just launched his project earlier this year. SOLON delivers a massive Spotlight Mix, showcasing some of his favorite tracks as well as some unreleased goodies. Read on to learn more as you dance away to his mix! 
Hey SOLON, thanks for joining us today! How would your sound as a producer? 
Thanks for having me! I believe my sound is a mashup of synth-pop, house and techno. I think it is usually called “melodic house” and it also gathers influence from techno.
Let's jump into your latest release, “Tell Me” with Macon on Heldeep Records. How does it feel to have the support of Oliver Heldens and the Heldeep team? 
I am forever thankful for the enormous support that Oliver Heldens is showing to the track. Being one of the top world DJs, it gives my song a lot of exposure and credibility. Couldn’t be happier.
How did “Tell Me” come to life? What spurred the connection with Macon on this track? 
Macon is a very talented producer who was already collaborating with me on some of my previous tracks. We finally decided to join forces and release a track together and things were very smooth. We both have similar musical tastes. 
You've been enjoying really big time DJ support on each of your releases. How does that feel, and are there any artists supporting you that stand out as especially meaningful to you? 
I am very proud of that and it encourages me to continue my musical career. It was especially meaningful when my idols and references have supported me, like Oliver Heldens, Armin van Buuren, Benny Benassi, Hardwell, Sander van Doorn, Dash Berlin, R3HAB, Plastik Funk, and more.
If you could spend 24 hours in the studio with any artist, who would you choose, and why? 
I really admire Oliver Heldens, ARTBAT and CamelPhat. I believe that they seek to innovate with every release.
Is there anything that you can tell us about upcoming music projects that you're working on? 
Perhaps the most interesting fact is that I am experimenting with genres and it seems labels don’t like that. I feel like they should take more risks and not be married to specific genres.
How did you approach your Spotlight Mix? What kind of vibe were you looking to achieve with this mix? 
I want to transmit my musical vision, which is a mix of the current trends on the market and hopefully has the right balance of energy and emotion.
Can you highlight three tracks that you included in the mix and what made you want to include them? 
I’ve chosen to include two unreleased tracks that I finished recently. One is “Inside Out,” which is a very emotional tune I really love, and the second one is a cover version of “Missing,” the famous hit from Everything But The Girl. I made this cover version because it was one of my favorite songs growing up. The third track would be the Mathame remix of ZHU’s great song “Risky Business” because I think it comprises all great things from this genre.
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Full tracklist info available at SOLON - 1001Tracklists Spotlight Mix 2020-11-18
CamelPhat ft. Ali Love - Spektrum [RCA (SONY)]
jam7cv (39.8k)
33 Save
Lexer - Gemini Bridges [THIS NEVER HAPPENED]
jam7cv (39.8k)
6 Pre-Save
SOLON - Missing ft. Chacel
[20-12-05 02:19:18]Guest
BRONSON ft. Gallant - Know Me (Cassian Remix) [NINJA]
jam7cv (39.8k)
32 Save
Cassian ft. Zolly - Magical (Vintage Culture Remix) [ROSE AVENUE]
jam7cv (39.8k)
29 Save
CamelPhat & Elderbrook - Dance With My Ghost [RCA (SONY)]
jam7cv (39.8k)
46 Save
The Journey - Secrets [UGENIUS]
jam7cv (39.8k)
13 Save
ZHU - Risky Business (Mathame Remix) [COLUMBIA (SONY)]
jam7cv (39.8k)
6 Save
Eli Brown - Killer [POLYDOR]
jam7cv (39.8k)
49 Save
Macon & SOLON ft. Chacel - Tell Me [HELDEEP]
jam7cv (39.8k)
19 Save
Reezer & Antdot - Chemicals [BRASLIVE]
jam7cv (39.8k)
18 Pre-Save