Jose De Mara & Crusy Exclusive Mix

Apr 05, 2018
Jose De Mara & Crusy Exclusive Mix
Today we celebrate two star Spanish producers who’ve hit the number 1 position on our Top Newcomer chart with their Corey James collaboration “12 O’Clock.” The release on SIZE records is an immense milestone in each of their careers and there was no better way to celebrate than with an Exclusive Mix packed with new material and their favorite club weapons. We sat down with both guys for a great in depth interview to round things out, and the passion and energy of these two was hard to contain!
How did you guys approach your Exclusive Mix and how does the track selection compare to your live sets currently?
Jose: We think that this is the perfect moment to show our fans something different from us, some forthcoming IDs to check people’s reactions and get some feedback, our most popular songs too and of course it is the perfect time to show all of the new ideas ready to be listened to. I think it’s more about us than ever before.

Crusy: We tried to put as many of our own tracks in as possible to be honest. We knew that this would be a good moment and place to show everyone our latest tracks and the ones we’re going to go for next. In our sets we try to do the same; we are concerned that people go to see an artist because of their music and although we consider ourselves DJs also, we try to play as much of our own music as the gig allows us to!

Can you highlight three tracks or artists and why they stand out to you right now?
Crusy: Antoine Delvig is doing a great job! His unique and updated sound makes some of his tracks (for example “Disciples”) essential in every set that I play. D.O.D’s “Satisfy” is also a ‘no question’ track when it comes to standing out music. I’ve been hammering it in my sets and it is always a guarantee played live. My last choice must be one of my favourite productions to date, “Things At Night.” I absolutely love to play it in a club, brings that dark vibe into the people and definitely makes the crowd go wild!

Jose: I really love what Sunstars are doing right now. For example, their collab with D.O.D, “Morph,” has been in my sets for a long time! Corey James and Will K are also killing it right now and we play a lot of their stuff in our sets like “Make The Crowd Go” and “Tasty.” They are top producers!

The reception to “12 O’Clock” has been massive! The track has climbed into the top position on our Newcomer chart and saw an Ultra Mainstage play by Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano [check it here]. What’s the response been like through your eyes and is there any artist support that is most meaningful to you? 
Jose: Every DJ support is special to us, but to see your music played in the Mainstage of a festival like Ultra is mindblowing! Of course we had some really important support this time like our first Afrojack support and I really hope our next releases will be getting bigger and bigger.

Crusy: We couldn’t be happier! The support has been overwhelming and it’s something we are so proud of. Every support has a very significant meaning to us, but I must say that Steve’s support is something special. He was the artist that inspired me to start on my musical journey, and is one of my absolute references, so it’s very motivating to have his approval on a track.

Taking a deeper look into the production of the track, what was the initial inspiration?
Jose & Crusy: Everything started in Marbella this past Summer. All three of us were staying together during a show and we talked about how good it would be to do something. Later this past year, during the Arcadia Night in Madrid, we had a first idea to show to Corey. Working with him is very easy and after that, we sent ideas and stems back and forth. The track was actually made in less than a month!

The track has such a sick breakdown, almost reminds us of a Prodigy track. What was your thinking there?
Jose & Crusy: Corey, Jose and I are three people that do not want to release an average track; we were both thinking about how we could make it different from the rest, and after listening to some old school music we ended up with the inspiration to make that. And to be honest it is our favorite part of the track! Haha.

What did you guys like best about working with Corey and what do you feel is his biggest strength?
Crusy: He’s such a creative person! It was very easy to develop the collab while having the idea fresh because he’s a very fast and easy to work with producer.

Jose: I especially love the way that he works with vocals, but in my opinion his biggest strength is definitely his character. So humble and a guy really open to helping you!

What does releasing on SIZE and having the support of Steve mean to each of you?
Crusy: As I said before, he’s THE REFERENCE for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to copy him; but I started in this because of Steve, and he has always been the guy I look at when I need some inspiration. Having a track on his legendary SIZE label feels even now like a dream come true, which also motivates me to keep working hard. I remember the moment that we received the approval from him when we sent the track, it was truly magical! I literally jumped out of the studio chair hahaha.

Jose: This is a dream come true. I remember now sending to Steve a track I did lots of years ago (by Myspace! lol) and he told me that he loved it, and now finally releasing a song on his record label, it’s just wow…To spend tons of years working hard has a meaning now after reaching this goal, but this is only the start for us!

Can you discuss some of your plans for the coming year, from your label Jose, to the Arcadia Nights in Spain, to some more planned music?
Jose: As many people may know, my record label Arcadia Records is actually on a break time. I really felt that I needed some time for myself, and I didn’t want to release meaningless music. I like to do my things with a purpose and I can’t be 100% focused on that project now.
However we decided to focus on the ‘Arcadia Nights’ project in collaboration with the biggest Spanish dance music community, EDM Spain, building a new concept bringing proper club music and artists back to the Spanish market. We’ve booked some artists like New_ID, Corey James and Sebjak, and we’re definitely getting huge support from the people! It’s getting bigger each time so our main goal now is to establish this brand and to think about the record label in the future.
Corey James x Jose De Mara & Crusy – “12 O’Clock” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Jose De Mara: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Crusy: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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AU/RA & Camelphat vs. Supermode - Panic Room vs. Tell Me Why (Crusy Mashup)
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Illyus & Barrientos - So Serious [TOOLROOM]
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Third Party vs. Eric Prydz - Get Back vs. Generate (Crusy Mashup)
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Third Party - Get Back [RELEASE]
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D.O.D & Sunstars - Morph [PROTOCOL]
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Dada Life - Do It Till Your Face Hurts [REVEALED]
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Jose De Mara - Karma [SINKA]
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Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes - Cafe Del Mar
Corey James X Crusy & Jose De Mara - 12 O'Clock [SIZE]
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Promise Land & Adrien Mezsi & Noizy Mark ft. Don Cash - Good Things [SPINNIN' PREMIUM]
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Jose De Mara - ID
Pendulum - The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn) (Acappella) [WARNER UK]
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