Apr 06, 2017

KURA Talks New Music

Early on during Miami Music Week we sat down with KURA to get an inside look at his new productions. Best known for his hard hitting big room tracks like his Hardwell collab “Calavera,” he excitedly shared the story behind “Paper Roses,” a track that showcases a new side to his productions and will be out tomorrow on Spinnin’ Records. We also got the inside scoop on his signature jungla sound and looked closely at his new remix for Laidback Luke & Ralvero. Read on to learn some of the artists whose music he’s really enjoying playing in his sets at the moment and get some info on one of the most watched ID tracks on 1001Tracklists!
Let's talk about your new track on Spinnin’ Records with Melody Noel. What does it mean to showcase a different side to your productions?
It’s a little bit of a challenge and I felt like I needed to change gears a little bit. I use some sounds that are very characteristic to my name and people are starting to go, “Oh these are the same sounds over and over again.” Of course, the songs were not the same, but I felt the need to change something and try and reach a broader audience. So that’s where the idea to make a proper song comes from.
What was your involvement in the songwriting process through the final production?
When I met Justin and Melody, they already had the vocal written and I built the song around that. Just a great summer vibe.
Have you played it in your sets yet?
I haven’t tested it out. There are types of music that you listen to and others you can play live. I guess could rock it today live at a pool party, which is really a show more in the concept of “Paper Roses,” but maybe I need a remix or edit to play it in the club. I‘ll just see how it goes, if it becomes really popular I could definitely play the original.
Let’s look at your huge remix of “XOXO” for Laidback Luke & Ralvero. How did that remix come about?
Well as you know, I did a collab with Laidback Luke – “Mad Man” last year. He just hit me up and asked me if I would be interested in remixing his new track and of course I jumped at the chance. I really like the track because the vocal is really mellow and the track is a proper production. So he sent me the stems, and then in like one day I had the idea, and then from there, I just tried to sort all of the details. I really wanted something a little different and not just the 128 stuff.
Exactly, and you really nailed that with your “Jungla” remix. Can you talk a little bit more about what making a jungla track means to you?
Jungla is 140-150 BPM, must have the tribal influence, and my melodics inside. It’s basically myself improved to the 140-150 BPM range, but also has to have that trap section. The idea is to mix it up, making something totally crazy.
What can you tell us about your ID collab with Angemi? It’s one of the most watched IDs on the site!
Unfortunately, it’s been very, very hard to find the right vocal for that track and we are still trying to find one. We feel like the track is a beautiful song and it has all the elements in a song I want to play out – it’s emotional, it has instruments, and it’s powerful. It’s fun, it’s not too hard, not too soft, it has the perfect balance, but it still needs that vocal and then we will get it out.
What are a few must play tracks or artists for you at the moment?
Most DJs would probably say their own tracks, but I really, really enjoy playing other people’s tracks and that’s what being a DJ is to me. There can often be a lot of confusion. Many people think, I’m a producer, I’m an artist, so I’m going to play as many of my songs as I can. I don’t necessarily like that. I like to find songs. That’s one of the reasons I go to 1001Tracklists. I know some DJ will play a track there that I can only find there and not in a demo drop or some other hosting service.
Man it’s a tough question, If I play a 1.5 hour set I’m going to play around 40 songs. Hmm, let me think. I guess if I have to pick one artist it would be either DJ Kuba or Tom & Jame. These guys make great stuff and I’m playing a lot of their music!
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