John Dahlbäck On His Productions

Jan 05, 2017
John Dahlbäck On His Productions
Ahead of his album release later this year, John Dahlbäck took some time to catch up with us and discuss his most recent tracks. We hit on his multifaceted approach to his productions, from his big club track “Candy” to the great pop track “Won’t Back Away” ft. Nick & Simon. Enjoy his interview and get excited for his upcoming album!
Can you talk about you initial inspiration and sketch of “Candy”?
I wanted it to be sort of a follow up to my song “Raven,” but 2.0. I really like contrasts in songs. The breakdowns are very melodic, and in this case, old school but still nu school, and the drop is very intense!

What was the process like getting it to the final product that we hear today?
It started with the breakdown. I did the chords and the vocal hook pretty quickly because I was in the zone. For the drop, I just wanted it to sound as big as possible without being too EDM-y.

How have you been using “Candy” in your sets and how has it been going down?
I've been playing it ever since I finished it and it's always sounded really good! I have a very good feeling playing this out.

Showcasing another side of your productions, you’ve got a great pop track in “Won’t Back Away” ft. Nick & Simon. Can you talk a little about how that track came to be?
It started off as a track for their TV show that they recorded in Sweden. Armada then heard it and wanted to put it out. It's a very unusual song for me to release, but I've come to a point of my career where I want to experiment more with the tracks. The guys are also super nice!

What’s your involvement in the songwriting process?
I had nothing to do with the vocal itself. I did the backing track and basically that's it!

Your recent track “Bapalapa” has been picked up really nicely by other artists. Did you think you were on to something that so many other DJs would play when you were working on that track?
You know, some things just happen for a reason. I never really know what's going to happen with a track in advance. Most of the songs I make, I make for the dance floor, and this one really worked out!

Now reflecting on your year a little bit, what have been one or two must plays in your sets throughout your year?
To be honest, most tracks that work best for me are my own. “Raven” is a sure shot for me, and “Candy” as well!

What was one of your favorite gigs of the year? What made it stand out?
Oh that's a hard question! Sometimes it's an intimate club show or a festival! I leave most shows with a smile!

What do you have in store for 2017?
I'm finishing my next album which is going to be released sometime before the summer! Very excited about this one. I experimented a lot with different genres and the end result sounds amazing!
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