Sep 27, 2021

Discover: Bashment YC

Bashment YC is a rising star in the Korean dance music and K-pop scene. He works with a talented family of up and coming artists, who he tells us about in our interview. He's also fresh off the release of a massive EP titled 'Gotham Seoul', with much more on the way in the months ahead!
Thanks for joining us today. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? When did you get started with a career in music and what made you want to get started? 
Hello! I'm Bashment YC, and I'm based in Los Angeles and Seoul under the motto of "LA TO SEOUL." In 2012, when I was 20, I happened to encounter the music of my role model Diplo, and I naturally started with an interest in electronic music.
I started out with the brand Bashment YC in 2016, and my music career has grown through releasing dance music tunes on more than 35 large and small labels. My DJ career has seen me perform at World Club Dome, EDC, and many clubs in South Korea. Currently, I am making K-pop and Billboard tracks with my team members in a music production group called The Hub and I am working with DJ Korea and as a writer / track maker for Sony / ATV Publishing. 
How would you describe the dance music scene in South Korea at the moment? How has it changed over the past few years? 
Currently, the Korean dance music industry is exposed worldwide due to pop stars BTS and BLACKPINK working abroad based on an EDM sound. Therefore, I think EDM is still playing an important role in K-pop's growth. And as large festivals such as UMF and EDC are steadily held in Korea, electronic music continues to be exposed to the Korean public. 
However, there is no legitimacy yet like the Netherlands, the birthplace of EDM. I hope that Korean EDM artists will interact and communicate more. I think Korean EDM musicians will be able to create a more desirable culture when they see the future by growing together.
Currently, EDM culture is stagnating around the world due to Covid, but many talented artists are emerging in Korea during this period. I hope that world-class DJs will also come to Korea and to popularize EDM. Of course, I'll help play that role!
Who are some artists who you are currently drawing inspiration from? Who are some Korean artists that you think we should pay attention to? 
I'm inspired by the fellow DJs/producers who are working with me.
KARIN is a talented female producer and DJ. She stands out in the K-pop scene as well, and makes high-quality tracks by collaborating with various vocals on soft and strong tracks.
Scrum and MeekMatt are Caribbean bass music artists and are growing by signing contracts with various labels in Korea and abroad. 
illusïn is a real house head. He is enthusiastic about modern house music as well as old classical house tunes and is eager to reconstruct classic grooves with a modern sound. When it comes to working on a new track, the way he is inspired is interesting and makes me look forward to his next track.
Riss Yeno is a rapidly growing Korean rising star with progressive and melodic house style, and is supported by various artists from Korea and abroad.
HARXY has a style across many spectrums of dance music. 
Mighty Min and 01 are 17-year-old new artists with the highest potential to be considered the future of EDM in Korea.
Achievehouse and GO.AT are an electronic duo who incorporate many different electronic music styles.
VLANCO and Lazy Wanderlust make great house music. 
So_So is a growing artist producing future bass music. 
What is your favorite gig that you ever performed at, and what made it so special? 
My favorite performance was EDC Korea, which took place right before the start of the Covid pandemic. The stage production and lineup were fantastic! And I am currently in contact with UMF Korea so I hope to meet with fans at UMF Korea next year!
You recently released an EP called Gotham Seoul. How'd you come up with this name, and what made you decide to release these tracks together on an EP? 
Haha! Isn't it a gloomy situation all over the world? This situation compares to that of Gotham City, and because I am currently in Seoul, I named the EP Gotham Seoul.
Can you pick out one track from the Gotham Seoul EP and take us through the production process, from the initial idea to the final track that we hear today? 
I want to introduce the second track, "Sxxxers," and I really want to introduce the artist 01 who I collaborated with on this track. He is a very talented 17-year-old EDM artist. Based on an acid groove, we tried to create a new style of music through crossover hard rock elements. The BPM changes by 10 in the middle of the track! It is very experimental music. 
Future Cuts · Bashment YC X 01 - Sxxxers
What can you tell us about your slogan LA TO SEOUL? 
Currently, I travel back and forth between Los Angeles and Seoul, making and playing dance music, and serving as a stepping stone for the dance music scene between Korea and America. The tour name is also named LA TO SEOUL.
We hear that you have an album on the way as well – can you talk to us about that, and what it's been like working on a larger body of work for the tracks on the album? 
I'll be releasing songs with different styles through FVCK GENRES, and tracks with my bro Valy Mo will be released through Teamwrk Records and big labels! 
Also I am planning big projects with my family that I introduced earlier. You can look forward to it!
And lastly, as we close out the year, how does the rest of 2021 look for you and what has you excited for the months ahead? 
There are many big projects in progress, so I'm going to work on them, and I'm working on songs with large artists in the K-pop and Billboard markets. I’m looking forward to meeting my YC fans next year!
You can stream or download the 'Gotham Seoul' EP on your platform of choice today! 
Connect with Bashment YC: Spotify | Instagram | SoundCloud
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